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Travelling the New World - Map Concept - Plaza

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Well here we are. Armed with everything except for intentionally undisclosed information and an actually drawn-out map, I present to you the first map concept from the story Travelling the New World; Plaza. A small map; just a square plaza of stores and a small underground area, taking place just a few days after nuclear retaliation is called in on the area due to ever-spreading contagion not even Broken Arrow could fully identify with decades of research behind them. Naturally there is debris covering areas of the parking lot area so it's not a huge open train spot, but areas are diverse and some stores and shops may prove useful to surviving the horde....



After the orders were given from Broken Arrow and confirmed by the Pentagon, Tyler rushed to the surface of the plaza to warn the citizens of the incoming nukes. Most disregarded his warning but after the shadows started to loom over the plaza people began to run for the elevator. The elevator was descending when they made impact, and most did not survive in the coming days. The only survivors were Tyler himself, the coffee shop owner Doug, the mechanic Shawn, and postal worker Dean. Out of supplies and out of options, the four head to the surface in HAZMAT suits only to find they are not the only "survivors"....



            August 21, 2023

            Franklin, Massachusetts, USA

            Dimension 2014



Juggernog – 2500 Points

            Juggernog Pro – 25000 Points, after getting hit 115 times without getting downed.

            Effects: When health goes critical, instantly recover 50 HP. Health must completely recover before the effect is usable again.

Speed Cola – 3000 Points

            Speed Cola Pro – 30000 Points, after reloading empty mags 115 times.

            Effects: Speeds up the use of Equipment and Specialist Weapons recharge at a faster rate.

Double Tap II – 2000 Points

            Double Tap II Pro – 20000 Points, after firing [large cumulative amount of] shots.

            Effects: Missed shots have a chance to regenerate stock ammo.

Quick Revive – 1500 Points

            Quick Revive Pro – 15000 Points, after recovering from red-screen 15 times.

            Effects: Gain a short movement speed boost after health regeneration; reviving grants both players a short movement speed boost.

Stamin-Up – 2000 Points

            Stamin-Up Pro – 20000 Points, after sprinting for [long cumulative distance].

            Effects: Unlimited full sprint, can fire weapons while sprinting.

Mule Kick – 4000 Points

            Mule Kick Pro – 40000 Points, after trading out weapons 15 times.

            Effects: Switch weapons faster; carry a fourth gun; after losing the perk and rebuying it the player will receive their lost weapons back.

Misfire Mixture – 5000 Points

            Misfire Mixture Pro – 50000 Points, after obtaining 15 weapon drops.

Effects: All weapon drops are Packed; can now drop Unique and Special Weapons even if normally incompatible or inaccessible.

Golden Wünderfizz Machine* – 1500 Points

            * (Requires Main Easter Egg Completion)


Starting Weapons:

M1911 → Mustang and Sally

Fragmentation Grenades


Wall Weapons (9):

M14 → Mnesia

Olympia → Hades

B23R → B34R

Remington 870 MCS → Refitted Mechanical Cranium Sequencer

MP5k → M115 Kollider

VMP → The Impaler

AN-94 → Actuated Neutralizer 94000

Bowie Knife


Box Weapons (28+2):

Sawed-Off Double Barrel → The Snuff Box

KSG → Mist Maker

Spectre → Phantom

MP7 → Micro Pixellator 7000

MSMC → Mind Splitting Mass Collector

Peacekeeper (BO2) → Renegade

DIY 11 Renovator → IKEA Toolkit

Commando → Predator

Galil → Lamentation

M8A1 → Micro Aerator



LV8 Basilisk → Venomous Glare

RPD → Relativistic Punishment Device

RPK → R115 Resonator

HK21 → H115 Oscillator

SVU → Shadowy Veil Utilizer

L96A1 → L115 Isolator

Marshal 16 Dual Wield → Perun and Veles

CZ75 → Calamity

CZ75 Dual Wield → Calamity and Jane

KAP-40 → Karmic Atom Perforator-4000

M72 LAW → M72 Anarchy

Ballistic Knife → Krauss Refibrillator

Melt Gun Dual Wield**Spray and Pray

Ray Gun → Porter’s X2 Ray Gun

Ray Gun Mark II*Porter’s Mark II Ray Gun

Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23** (After Building) → Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 115

CMP (After Building)

Monkey Bombs

* (Only one player can have this weapon)

** (Each player can have one weapon with this indicator, and only one player can have each)



Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 (Weapon)

                         Cycle Engine: Underground Lab (one location)

                         Handles: Car Crash (Spawn) / Parking Lot Debris / Shawn’s Auto Shop

                         Pressure Gauge: Shawn's Auto Shop / Doug’s Coffee Shop / Post Office

                         Wire Rigging: General Store / Underground Lab / Post Office


Carlift Trap (Buildable Trap)

                         Car Engine: Shawn's Auto Shop (one location)

                         Electrical Cable: General Store (three locations)

                         Metal Plate: Underground Lab / Post Office / Parking Lot Debris


CMP (Tactical Grenade)

                         Coffee Carafe: Doug's Coffee Shop (three locations)

                         Pulse Generator: Tyler’s Bedroom / Underground Lab (two locations)

                         Refined 115 Rock: Underground Lab (one location)


Horizon’s Dawn (Specialist Weapon)

                         Amplification Crystal: Doug’s Coffee Shop / Post Office / Underground Lab

                         Launcher Chassis: General Store / Parking Lot Debris / Car Crash (Spawn)

                         Sensor Pods: Underground Lab (1 location)


Changes to Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23:

    Now takes up a Weapon Slot instead of Inventory.

    Mobility now matches the Death Machine from Mob of the Dead (slightly more mobility from before but still one of the heaviest weapons).

    Players can still hover and pull Power-Ups while firing.

    "Awww Yeah! Press <Interact Button> to take Jet Gun!"

    Firing the Jet Gun will slightly accelerate the player forwards while in the air.

    Becomes visibly hotter at the back handle as RPM increases closer to the front end, giving a better sense of how close the weapon is to overheating.

    Overheating does not cause the weapon to explode into pieces; instead the cooldown from overheating takes 2 minutes while equipped (compared to ~1 minute, 40 seconds from highest RPM before exploding) before usable again.

    Can be Pack-a-Punched but takes twice as long (10 seconds) and has a special animation for Packing that keeps the player from moving (but still vulnerable to Zombies).

    Packed version starts killing at lower RPM (40,000 34,500 RPM), takes longer to overheat, and cools down from overheating in 1 min, 15 seconds even while stowed.

    Will appear in the Mystery Box later if a player loses the weapon.


Melt Gun Dual Wield:

8 / 8 / 64 Ammo – Semi-Automatic

Shoots globs of acid at enemies, quickly melting their bodies until they stumble over from a variety of parts causing imbalance before liquifying into a puddle on the ground (aesthetically, not gameplay like the Sliquifier). Cannot spawn power-ups.


Spray and Pray:

16 / 16 / 128 – Semi-Automatic / Full Auto (Beams)

Globs now splatter on impact, potentially hitting nearby zombies as well but also dealing small damage to the user if too close. Gains an alternate fire function to shoot beams instead of globs, allowing continuous fire. Shooting a zombie already affected by the beam will shoot through them, hitting any zombies behind it. Cannot spawn power-ups.



Throwable Tactical Grenade

A jerry-rigged grenade composed of a pulse generator, power source and sufficient container. Upon being thrown the device will pulse for ten seconds, each pulse with a larger radius than the last, neutralizing/pacifying zombies in the radius. Pacified zombies will remain passive by staying still or moving slowly and aimlessly until a player goes too close to them, sprints or shoots. Players in the pulse will have their HUD affected, and unable to use equipment during that time.


Horizon’s Dawn:

8 Shots / Specialist Timer

An amplification crystal harnessed by sensor pods creates a pod that fires lasers in the direction of anything that moves. Shooting them from an appropriate launcher chassis can prove very powerful against the undead. When fired, the pod will spin while airborne firing streams of lasers at zombies until hitting an object or reaching a far enough range, at which point the pod creates a small implosion that sucks in very close-by zombies. This implosion will also deal explosive damage to the user if close enough to it, so pay attention to where you fire it.


Misfire Mixture:

Upon killing a zombie, a Weapon Power-Up has a chance of spawning just like a normal Power-Up with a prompt to “Hold <Interact Button> to swap weapon for <Weapon Power-Up>”. The Weapon has a chance of being Pack-a-Punched and has an even greater chance if giving up a Pack-a-Punched Weapon in exchange.

Sidenotes: Special Wonder Weapons will not spawn as Power-Ups if you're currently in possession of one, nor if someone else currently owns a Wonder Weapon only one player can have at a time. (I'm also considering adding "knifing the Power-Up to make it available for all players" due to the convenience of it in the Mystery Box of BO4 but that seems to make it so only one player would need to get the Perk at all.)



“Main Easter Egg” – Golden Experience - “Penumbral Prologue” 

1.     Obtain the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23.

2.     Pack-a-Punch the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 into the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 115.

3.     Find 3 Keeper Totems around the map (outside the accessible area); use an explosive or a CMP to knock them over and use the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 115 on them to destroy them.

4.     Go to the door once covered in Keeper Runes and shoot the lock off the chains, opening the door and revealing the Golden Wünderfizz Machine inside. This Wünderfizz Machine still costs 1500 Points but has a larger assortment of Perks available all as Pro Upgraded with equal rates for each, even Perks not available on the map, and rotates the oldest Perk bought with a newly acquired Perk when buying the Golden Wünderfizz Machine with full Perks (how WWII Zombies handles Perks).


Perks Available through Golden Wünderfizz Machine on Plaza:


Speed Cola

Double Tap II Root Beer

Quick Revive (even after 3 uses Solo)

PhD Flopper


Deadshot Daiquiri

Mule Kick

Tombstone Soda

Who’s Who

Electric Cherry

Widow’s Wine

Banana Colada

Timeslip Tonic

Misfire Mixture


Achievements / Trophies (200G):

Golden Experience25G/Silver – Begin the journey.

Benchmarked25G/Bronze – Use every Crafting Table in one game of Plaza.

You Thought You’d Never See Me Again, Didn’t You?15G/Bronze – Reunite with “it”.

Packed and Better Than Ever30G/Bronze – In Plaza, Pack-a-Punch “it”.

Penelope’s Victor25G/Bronze – In Plaza, pierce 12 zombies with the Melt Gun Dual Wield.

That’s Just Headlight Fluid15G/Bronze – Flatten 10 zombies at once with the Carlift Trap.

It’s Not the Same5G/Bronze – Shoot the floor with the Melt Gun Dual Wield.

Adenosine Overload10G/Bronze – In Plaza, pacify 15 zombies with the CMP.

Rave Limbo30G/Bronze – Kill 10 zombies with an airborne shot of Horizon’s Dawn and kill a zombie with the same shot’s impact.

Perk Challenge! (Secret) - 20G/Bronze – Have 4 Perks not available on Plaza.


Lore that would only fit in a Playable Map (saving the rest for whatever path we take with the story itself):



Personal Log 1:

Tyler: “Log Entry 231. August 12, 2022. After failed attempts of creating a working model of the Thrustodyne Aeronautic engine, Broken Arrow has directed my attention to weaponizing the Model 22 engine. Yes, you heard me. Weaponizing a jet engine. Not many other things here have made me question both my own sanity as well as my superiors, but I digress. The jet engine was designed from lightweight materials, so with the right parts we might just be able to make this work.”


Personal Log 2:

Tyler: “Log Entry 365. October 7, 2022. After many weeks of tinkering, we have finally constructed a rig that will allow us to properly lift the weapon without much strain. However, the weapon is too heavy to reliably move with and takes too long to reach the desired speeds to be used as a directed assault weapon. However, when the engine reaches high enough speeds, it can pull in objects from a directed range of up to thirty feet! This may not seem like an effective range, but the destructive capabilities are quite a tradeoff! In recent tests it has been able to pull and destroy firearms as if they were paper through a shredder. (Reluctantly) A Private was also disarmed during testing when the weapon began to unexpectedly pull people towards the device. Thankfully our prosthetics team was more than generous in giving him a hand.”


Personal Log 3:

Tyler: “Log Entry 412. October 13, 2022. The higher-ups want to see the capabilities of the weapon in-person, and scientists want to see how to improve the time between use and reaching ideal speeds. I disagree with such crude tests so soon into the prototyping phase, but they’ve overruled it.”

*Muffled chatter*

Tyler: “Alright Private, you may begin.”

*Slow mechanical whirring begins, and starts to speed up*

*More muffled chatter, pens scribbling on papers as mechanical whirring continues to get faster and louder*

Tyler: “Wait, Private, stop the test! Something is wrong, the engine is going critical!”

*Sounds of metal scraping as panels start to rip from the walls*

Unnamed Man: “Keep pushing, Private!”

Tyler: “No!”

*Muffled explosion, then a splatter, and the sound of tempered glass cracking and horrified gasps*

Tyler: (angrily) Everyone out. NOW!”


Personal Log 4:

Tyler: “Log Entry 493. January 28, 2023. Months have passed since the incident back in October. The engine never went critical during our trials, but then again, we also knew better than to push the limits of a rapidly overheating weaponized spinning machine. Fucking Broken Arrow, ends always justify the means to them. Moving on, after several painstaking months and a transfer to one of the new “pop-up” facilities, I have finally worked out that issue to avoid further collateral casualties. The Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model Twenty-Three. It will stop at the point of overheating and trigger a failsafe to prevent it from going critical, instead of [REDACTED]. Models Twenty-Four and Twenty-Five are in progress being tested to maintain the higher speeds, but for now the speeds will still need to be manually gauged.”


Personal Log 5:

Tyler: “I thought I made myself absolutely clear! These schematics are to be followed precisely; we cannot take shortcuts on testing these prototypes. Even the slightest deviance can cause the engine to go past the point of critical and, well, you saw what happened to the last Private! I agreed to continue this project on the terms we would no longer be endangering the test subjects recklessly, but since you refuse to keep your end of the deal, I’m shutting the project down myself."

*Unintelligible Voice*

Tyler: "In that case I'll be out first thing tomorrow morning and I will see you all in hell!"


Personal Log 6:

Tyler: "Here, I will live. The very perch you had me sit upon to help the world before you chopped it down for a quick profit; I will rebuild it for my own ends. Here, I will hide. You don't know I've dug my way deeper than you could ever realize, your every secret now mine to look over; and you will never find me, because you have no reason to look for me. I have no traces for you to follow, no leads you can check on that would leave any suspicions of me. Here, I will watch. Your every move will be monitored, and I will make sure no more innocents have to suffer for your unjust cause; I will let the world - no - every dimension you've reached into know of your every misdeed. Here, I will redeem myself of the sins she never saw."


Radio 1:

Radio Reporter: “Just a few weeks after the mysterious mold began to grow, a government-funded operation named Broken Arrow has joined the CDC’s efforts to identify its origins as well as potential hazards it may present.”


Radio 2:

Radio Reporter: “The CDC confirms the mold originated from Providence, Rhode Island and is the cause of the rapidly rising cases of skin decomposition, delirium and violent outbursts reported as of late. The CDC also reports multiple cases of possible short post-mortem automation, but Broken Arrow denies these reports as there is no evidence provided with any of these claims.”


Radio 3:

Radio Reporter: “I saw them myself. Just one alone tore that poor person limb from limb, and there was at least a dozen more behind it. And those horrible, ungodly yellow eyes, all staring at me! I ran, locked myself in the spare room, hoping anyone hears what I’m saying over the scratching clawing and screaming on the other side of the door. I think one of them got me, but am I better off not knowing? The dead are reanimating, the CDC was right. Hide indoors, barricade your homes, do not allow anyone out or in. W-what? What do you mean they’re only the beginning?”


Radio 4:

Radio Reporter: (Weakly) “They’re breaking down the walls, they’re still trying to get to me. Guess I’m just human enough to still be hunted. *gun clicks* Those Broken Arrow fucks played us like a fiddle. Played our side to make us think you’re here to help, but you’re the reason we’re here fighting *cough, zombified growl* for our lives. He’s told me all about the operations. Hanford, Nevada, Shanghai, Angola, the goddamned Pentagon. And if even half of it is true, we are all fucked."

*Zombies scream as the wall breaks down followed by one gunshot, the loud thud of a body dropping and the sound of a gun clacking against the floor*

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Well here we are. Armed with everything except for intentionally undisclosed information and an actually drawn-out map, I present to you the first map concept from the story Travelling the New World;

Genuine love everything about this! @The MehMehcheck this out.   The 'Pro Perks' are like BO2's perma perks I guess, but without the effect that they still work in new matches, I assume? A l

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Genuine love everything about this! @The MehMehcheck this out.


The 'Pro Perks' are like BO2's perma perks I guess, but without the effect that they still work in new matches, I assume? A large range of weapons of which, perhaps, the IKEA Toolkit may be my favourite (a nailgun is very fitting in the setting of the map, too). Regarding the map's setting, would you mind posting some images that you have in mind how this map looks? Is it creepy and dark, or rather light and clumsy?


I like the detailed improvement of the Jetgun, and the almost classic clumsyness of the Melt gun (old WW's used to have horrific funny effects on zombies)

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16 minutes ago, anonymous said:

The 'Pro Perks' are like BO2's perma perks I guess, but without the effect that they still work in new matches, I assume?

Yup, you'd need to do each challenge each game you want them, realistically you could have the challenges for them done around round 20-25 (that's my goal anyways).


18 minutes ago, anonymous said:

Regarding the map's setting, would you mind posting some images that you have in mind how this map looks? Is it creepy and dark, or rather light and clumsy?

 I'd say it looks like the habitable areas of Tranzit; you have fog and particles affecting the air, but you can still see a lot in the playable area. The skybox would be similar to the Extinction map Exodus (multiple mushroom clouds due to Scorched Earth). The area is almost literally a square, and an assortment of stores of which some are too damaged to enter but some have various wall weapons / buildable parts / Perks / etc. The underground area is only a few rooms, and the only way to access it is through thick fog (no Denizens though) and navigate the small area to get to the emergency hatch. The only thing you'll be able to see are zombie eyes unless you're right in front of the hatch or enemies. The underground area has Pack-a-Punch and various stolen Broken Arrow tech (it's Tyler's "base of operations" if you will).

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