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The Order of Forgotten Mysteries #16: The Dropa Stones


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Guten tag leute, it's that time again! The 16th episode of our Order of Forgotten Mysteries again, man how far we've become. Honestly, upon creating the first one I honestly didn't knew what to think. I didn't knew if people would like it or not, react on it or not, and discuss about it like I imagined. I wanna say I really appreciate all you crazy story fanatics that have caused our Order to have reached this far.


Anyway, that saying, I'll quickly move on to the real matter we'll discuss this time: The Dropa Stones. I'd like to credit Cal and Rich for noting this topic, as well as @MixMasterNut, along as TheFlame150 from the PlayTheGame Forums and BcR151 from our sisterforums Se7enSins. It is y'alls research I have merely written down. 


Our journey begins deep in the mountains of the Bayan Har mountains, on the boarders of China and Tibet. This location actually kinda ties with the coordinates of Shangri-La given by the 31-79 JGb215 ("31 10.72N, 79 2.15E"), as well as the location of Shangri La on the Broken Arrow map in Alpha Omega. In the 1930s, a Chinese team of archeologists were conducting a survey of a series of interlinked caves. Their interests had been excited by the discovery of lines of neatly arranged graves which contained the skeletons of what must have been a strange race of human beings; strange because they had unnaturally spindly bodies and large, elongated skulls. At first, it had been thought that the caves had been the home of a unknown prehistoric species of ape. But as the leader of the team, Professor Chi Pu Tei pointed out, "Who ever heard of apes burying each other?"

It was while studying and excavating the skeletons that the team stumbled on a large, round stone disk, half buried in the dust on the floor of the cave, perhaps appearing the most similar to how one would imagine a 'Stone Age Gramophone record'. There was a hole in the center and a fine, spiral groove radiated to the rim. Closer inspection, however, showed that the groove was, in fact, a continuos spiralling line of closely written characters: The object was a 'record'. Only nobody at the time possessed the key to its incredible message. The disc was labeled and filed away among other finds in the area. Even those who knew of its existence knew nothing of its meaning. Many experts tried to translate the hieroglyphs in the many years the disc languished in Peking. They all failed. It was not until another professor, Dr. Tsum Um Nui, broke the code and started to decipher the 'speaking grooves'. While the outside world remained in ignorance., a selected group of scientists was given acces to the information about the Gropa Stone. For the professor's conclusions on the meaning of the disc were so shattering that they were officially suppressed.

Storyline | Playthegamehome Wiki | Fandom

The Peking Academy of Prehistory forbade him to publish his findings. Two years later, in 1965, the professor and four of his colleagues were finally given permission to reveal their theory. It appeared under the long- winded but intriguing title, "The Grooved Script concerning Space-ships which, as recorded on the Discs, landed on Earth 12,000 years ago". The 'records', as 716 of the grooved discs were later uncovered in the same caves, told an astonishing story of a space probe of the inhabitants of another planet who crashed in the Bayan Har mountain range. The strange, spiral script told how the peaceful intentions of the 'aliens' had been misunderstood and how many of them were hunted down and killed by members of the local Ham tribe.



According to Tsum Um Nui, one of the lines of the hieroglyphs found in the caves the Ham tribe resided in read, "The Dropas came down from the clouds in their aircraft. Our men, women and children hid in the caves ten times before sunrise. When at last they understood the sign language of the Dropas, they realised that the newcomers had peaceful intentions...". Much of the information seemed to corroborate the bizarre story recorded on the discs. Legend still preserved in the area spoke of small, gaunt, yellow faced men who 'came from the clouds, long, long ago'. The men had huge, bulging heads and puny bodies and were so ugly and repellent that they were hunted down by local tribesmen. Strangely, the description of the 'invaders' tallied with the skeletons originally discovered in the caves by Professor Chi Pu Tei. On the walls of the caves themselves archeologists had uncovered crude pictures of the rising Sun, the Moon, unidentifiable stars and the Earth... all joined together by lines of pea-sized dots. Along with the discs, the cave drawings had been dated around 12,000 years old.



The cave area was still inhabited by two semi-troglodyte tribes known as the Hams and the Dropas. The frail and stunted tribesmen averaged only about five feet in height and were neither typically Chinese nor Tibetan. "Their racial back-ground," said one expert, "is a mystery."


But even with the publications of Professor Tsum Um Nui's amazing translation, the story of the 'space discs' was not over. During the 20th century, Soviet scientists asked to see the discs and several were sent to Moscow for examination. They were cleaned of rock particles which had stuck to them and then put through chemical analysis. To the surprise of the scientists, they we found to contain large amounts of cobalt and other metallic substances. That was not all. When placed on a special turntable, according to Dr. Vyatcheslav Saizev who described the experiments in the Soviet magazine Sputnik, they vibrated or 'hummed' in an unusual rhythm as though an electric charge was passing through them. Or as one scientist suggested, "as if they formed some part of an electrical circuit". At some time in history, they had clearly been exposed to extraordinarily high voltages.

Did the discs actually record an abortive space mission by alien astronauts 12,000 years ago? For once one accepts the proposition that aliens may have already have visited earth, then it follows that some of their space-probes must have failed and the astronauts must have been killed. There is even an old Chinese tale which speaks of tiny, yellow-skinned people who came to Earth from the sky. Additionally, some people linked the discovery to the story of the Vril-Ya,. Like the Dropa, the Vril-Ya are said to have long, elongated heads. Both Dropa and Vril-Ya held their religious ceremonies underground. Behind doors that were deemed 'immovable' by those who had not touched 'grace'. All those who were considered 'sinful' were not allowed into the catacomb areas. The doors were said to be inscribed with various 'warding' creatures, such as Nagas, which would ward off evil spirits.




To this very day, there are two tribes of people inhabiting the Bayan-Kara-Ula region who call themselves the Dropa and the Han. Neither tribe can be categorized into any known race, they are not Chinese, nor are they Tibetan. The people of both tribes are pygmy-sized with adults growing no taller than 3'-10" (the smallest measuring 2'-1") and weighing an average of 45 lbs. Their skin is yellowish and they have unusually large heads just like the remains of the skeletons found in the caves in 1938. Hair is sparse on their bodies and their non-Asian eyes are large with pale blue irises. The Dropa's burial service was very similar to that of Christianity, unlike other local cultures at the time they did not embalm the dead, instead they would bury the dead in the clothes they were wearing. (probably why the zombies in Shangri-La look as they do). They were said to bury the dead in piles (not multiple bodies) but instead feet lower than the head in an almost standing position. Their graves were said to have 'chestnut' shaped graves.



Now Shangri-La isn't the only place we encounter these disks. Let's do this chronologically:


Black Ops Zombies "Der Riese" Loading screen. - YouTube


The first possible encounter is in the Der Riese loading screen (see right under), aging from World at War! It is by some suggested that this is no Dropa Stone, simply because of it's way to small size, however I would like to note that Dropa Stones could vary in sizes.


The mystery of the Dropa people - Page 2 - Ancient Mysteries ...


Looking at the scissors, the circle would be too large to be a Reichmark coin, and what else could it be? So is this a Dropa Stone seen on the Der Riese loading screen, but a smaller version? I imagine that, if it is a Dropa Stone, Group 935 could have found the artifact during a Nazi-fund expedition to the Himalayas, or perhaps in Shangri-la itself, taken to Der Riese Waffenfabrik to investigate the sample.


Dropa Stone Discs found on Shangri la and Moon - Asylum - Call of ...Discussion Zombies - The Dropa Stones Mystery | Se7enSins Gaming ...


Next one: Moon, biodome. Personally, I think this one has the most important story behind it. You see, I don't think Richtofen took this one from Shangri-La to Moon, I think the unearthed this one at Moon. This is additional proof that the aliens went from Shang to Moon, as seen in the loading screens.


Shangri-La Loading Screen Music (Looped) - YouTubeBlack Ops Zombies Moon Loading Screen - YouTube


@FatedTitan once pointed out how these loading screens tell the origin of the Moon Pyramid Device. From the Timeline, we know the Apothicans brought the MPD to Moon with the objective to hide it for the Keepers. In the loading screens, we see the Vimañas travel from Shang to Moon. Now temples usually store valuable artifacts, so could this one have transported the MPD to the cave in Moon? The Dropa Stone would be another item that the Apothicans have abandoned there, perhaps like an empty accu, as the Soviet researches found out that the Dropa Stones once were exposed to extraordinary high voltages. Enough voltage to power the Mercury Vortex Engine of a flying Demon city? 


Continuing on Moon, I think the MPD itself might have been powered by a Dropa Stone. It would make sense, as the big circle on the front of the pyramid seems to be the power generator, charged with the Vril Vessel and lifeforce. Could this truly be an alien power conduit?


M.P.D. | Call of Duty Wiki | FandomSENSATIONAL.jpg


This centre of the MPD can also be seen on Moon's loading screen, with the following text:




Not dissimilar to the Aztec and Mayan calendars, the Mythos disc defines the celestial patterns for your practical and magical purposes. Cipactli, Ehecatl, Calli, Cuetzpalin, Coatl, etc. are represented in non-visible form. Abide by its magical powers and use


In this article, it is called a 'Mythos disc', defining the celestial patterns for your practical and magical purposes. This is huge intel! Can it manipulate the patterns of planets and stars. Can it, like, artificially set a planet, moon and sun in such way that it creates an Eclipse? Perhaps one of these Dropa Stones is connected with the four buttons in the Shangri-La spawn room. It could also be an answer for our hypothesis of CotD switching from Tunguska to one of Mars' Moons, as well as Shangri-La switching from the Himalayas to Mars. This is an alien teleporter, using the celestial patterns. Also reminds me of the planetary system on the Shadows of Evil paper.



Anyway, we move on to Nuketown. I suspect this one got here because of Nuketown being located at Groom Lake. American scientists might have secured this artifact during their expeditions to Griffin Station. Why it would end up in a nuclear testing area, however, I don't know.




And lastly, the Dropa Stone spotted in Hijacked. Some criminal kingping bidding the Shadowman or something? Perhaps he just found it a pretty artifact.


Please, share your thoughts!


EDIT: Maybe I'm just seeing ghosts. Maybe...but maybe..?


Bo3 Zombies: Shadows of Evil "Round 2 Pack-a-Punch" Solo Gameplay ...



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