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Quick update: my first BO4 match


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That's not entirely true: I got a controller pushed in my hands when I was at a nephew's birthday, where I played a quick 3 rounds Blood of the Dead. But let's assume that was a far too short and overwhelming experience to give feedback on. This week Black Ops 4 + the DLC's reached my hands and today I got time to play my first match. I decided to choose Classified, a map with a layout I assumed to be fairly acquinted with and a map in which I could more easily explore this new Zombies franchise's new features. On top of that, this map is chronologically the first, and it stands independant of the rest of the story that is revealed in Black Ops 4.


After a nice jazzy Shadows of Evil-style intro I spawned in the starting room. What instantly striked me was the apocalyptic destruction that seemed to have hit this facility, way more than we see in BO1's Five: the glass is smashed already, the clocks are destroyed, there is fire and debris everywhere. This make me believe that this map took place after Five, rather than before. The chaos I encountered upon spawn could be the legacy of JFK, Castro, Nixon and McNamara fighting the undead.

Anyway, baring this in mind I fought my way to the next round, where I got my first Double Points. Two things striked me: It appears that when a power-up spawns, it implode-spawns in the same way as an Apothican creature. Personally, I find this a very cool feature as power-ups are given to us by an Aethereal entity (be it Monty, Samantha, the Shadowman, whoever), just like the Apothican Overlords who are aethereal in origin as well, spawn in their Apothican infantery. Anyway, another thing that striked me was the voice that screamed 'Double Points', it sounded very different than Sam's voice. This Demonic Announcer sounds more manly and less demonic, in my opinion, so I let my thoughts roll and I concluded: could this be Yuri, the Pentagon Thief?


Going down with the elevator (Oh, I loovee that elevator music) I discovered the Magic Box was located in the War Room and hitted it a couple of times. I came to the conclusion that I like BO4's weapons way more than the exclusively futuristic weapons of BO3. Armed with a sniper and assault rifle, I travelled to the Southern Labs: A place that housed the same eerie atmosphere as Classified's predecessor in BO1. I'm really fund on the sciencific papers, objects and photos everywhere there, and I might do a deep analysis of it one time. Anyway, I turned the power on and teleported myself back to the War Room: For now it was time to find perks and the Pack-a-Punch. I could not find any Jugg and Quick Revive but I found out I somehow already had those perks. I did find other, unknown, perk machines of which I bought a couple of bottles but for the moment I am unsure what exact effect they had.


Now as for the defqon switches, I discovered there last switch near the Panic Room door was gone and I assumed the developers wanted to make access to the Pack-a-Punch this time a bit harder. I still have not find the final switch but don't spoil me in that, will try again tonight.


My conclusion: I did really like the layout of the map, and I feel like so many papers and screens with intel are out there. For example a couple of PC screens that used to have the same signal as the Tranzit Power Plant screens on it, now showed some kind of coding: global_log yadayadayada. I will also try to look into that, even while it might be just fill-up for making look it fancy.

I died in round 11 by using my knife to fanatic during an insta-kill, but as I said, I will try again tonight. Also look forward to the other maps. Any recommendation how and in what order I should play them?

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Nice write up, Anon.


Personally I'd say do BotD next and then AO and Tag der Toten. After you have played those maps, you should certainly give the chaos maps a proper chance as well. My personal favorite out of those is Dead of the Night.


Have fun discovering Bo4's maps. And be sure to give is some more updates as you go along. :)

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