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The V-R11 and Apothicon Blood Theory


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The V-R11 is a classic, odd wonder weapon from Call of the Dead with a great deal of mystery surrounding its origins. There has been a great deal of speculation and theorizing, but I think I may have a connection to help a few more things make some sense. Let's start with what we know:


The name V-R11 is obviously leetspeak for Vril, the mysterious and somewhat vague substance created by the Vril-Ya which is able to bring about life, just as the V-R11 seemingly brings Zombies back into a living form. Let us not forget that Vril technology has not been completely retconned from Zombies, but rather has been embraced. To this day, the Golden Rod is still called the Vril Rod, and we were introduced to the Vril Vessel in Tag Der Toten, a component to the Agarthan Device.


We also know that Dr. Maxis, and Group 935 at large had been working on projects regarding Vril, Richtofen referred to the MPD as an ancient Vril machine, and several Vril artifacts were found on the Moon: 


Edward Richtofen: "I have found many interesting vril artifacts here. I have decoded some of their language, all signs point to this device being a stable gateway to the Aether."


Doctor Schuster: "Dr. Richtofen, I am aware of a project being run by Dr. Maxis at Der Riese concerning vril."


Edward Richtofen: "As am I. I am going back to my port at Group 935 to continue the charade. I will be finding out just how much information Dr. Maxis has on vril. Once the machine is operational, I will enact my plan and return. Gentlemen, let the games begin."

Nowadays, this Vril Pyramid is a Keeper/Apothicon Pyramid, an ancient device hidden away on the Moon for Richtofen to discover. Same concept, different terminology.


A while back during Alpha Omega's release, I theorized and leaned in heavily to the idea that the V-R11 was powered by the Elemental Shard, the Shard making up the spinning rock-like-thingy on top of the gun. Looking back, that still could be plausible, given Richtofen's invention of the Shard in Siberia, and its similar effects on Peter McCain upon revival.


However, I'd like to now propose that the V-R11 is powered by... Apothicon Blood.


This idea was actually sparked from a very hard to read comment on Youtube, so thank you, that guy.


Let's examine how Dr. Yena describes the Blood:



Yena: I understand, but there was one more thing. He warned us to bring him the blood straightaway. When exposed to the elements for extended amounts of time, it becomes volatile and unstable. He warned us the blood is alive.


Anton Gersh: How are the experiments coming, Doctor Yena?

Harvey Yena: Fascinating, Anton, truly fascinating. The blood is not so much fluid as it is very much alive. It moves, it changes shape at will, reacts to our touch.

Gersh: Alive? How is this possible?

Yena: I'm not sure. One theory is perhaps the creature itself was more of a vessel and that its blood is made up of million different organisms that control it. Like a crew piloting a ship, the creature died but the organisms inside survived, trapped at the bottom of the ocean.

Gersh: Is it sentient? How is it able to move?

Yena: The blood uses negative space which exists between the molecules. This negative space provides an influx of energy. Which we believe fuels the blood, giving it the ability to move.

Gersh: Do you still believe that this blood is suitable for our primates? For rocket testing?

Yena: Absolutely. The blood gives them rejuvenation abilities, making them more powerful, stronger. If a monkey is on the brink of death and given an injection, it makes a full recovery in a matter of minutes. The only trade-off is they become more angry, hostile, even violent in some cases.

Yena describes the blood as having rejuvenation abilities, bringing them from the brink of death back into some form of living, with the tradeoff that the host becomes angry, hostile, and violent, especially when exposed to the elements. In some ways, it is similar to the effects of the V-R11. It very quickly restores the bodies of its targets, however, with their bodies exposed to such harsh cold air, they run like mad towards the water and freeze to death in a panic. Also take a look at this very poor quality image of the ammunition used in the weapon: image.png

It looks to me almost like a canister filled with blood. As the blood is loaded in, the small orb on the top begins to spin infinitely, with little dots moving around in a circle. I want to make it clear, however, that I do not believe Apothicon Blood is the same thing as the "Vril" substance, but rather they work in tandem to make this device work. I say this because:


1. The final component Richtofen needed for the Agarthan Device, which he was never able to collect, was the Apothicon Blood. This shouldn't have been too hard to get if Group 935 was already working with it.


2. Group 935 was working with Vril, yet Pablo instructed the Ascension Group to retrieve the Blood from a specific location rather than from the many Group 935 facilities they took work from.


This also hearkens back to a theory from the BO3 days that the V-R11 was based off of the Apothican Servant, which is a theory I still rate an Eh/10, but it is something to think about.


This would also show that the V-R11 was not invented by Group 935, but rather by the Ascension Group after taking over the Siberia Facility, as the Blood had not even been found until the 60s.


On the note of the CIA agents that the zombies become after being healed, I think this could also be explained away as being one of the many Americans that had been trailing the Ascension Group as they collected the Blood:



Yena: Yes. 43 North, 180 East. The blood has a... fluidity to it that I find fascinating. We would have investigated further but we intercepted a transmission that the Americans were in the area. Somehow they'd been informed about the creature's location.

Gersh: Ah... these damn leaks! They will be our undoing.

Yena: It seems every step we take, the Americans follow suit.

Gersh: Mark my words, there is a mole in Ascension, Harvey. We must strike it out before it destroys us. Get a team together, people we trust. If we are to study the blood we must make sure the Americans do not find out.

Yena: Just study it? Anton, I think we should follow the plan and deliver the blood to the Siberian facility.

Gersh: Nyet, Harvey. We cannot. This struggle with the Americans, we cannot let them get the advantage. This blood is our only leverage. After the war and Group 935 disbanded, you came to us. You came to me. You saw a better vision for the future here than what your America was offering. We created Ascension on the principle of being better men. Of making this world a better place. If this blood is key to unlocking the future, we would be fools to not take this opportunity.


Harvey Yena: This is Doctor Harvey Yena, it's the 1st of January 1964. Happy new year. We are 15 minutes out from the abandoned Group 935 Siberian facility where I will deliver the blood as promised for the creation of the Agarthan Device. After I have secured it, I have arranged for rendezvous with my handler, who will take me back to American soil. 

As the blood was being delivered, the Americans were waiting in the sidelines to extract Yena and the Agarthan Device. The CIA agents may have been these Americans who were turned along with the ship's crew on this fateful day. After this point, the Apothicon Blood was either contained and utilized by the Ascension Group, or samples of it were kept at Ascension Group facilities, while the larger Blood present in Siberia eventually escaped or... perhaps even... infected George Romero? But that's another plate of cookies for a different day.


Anywho, what does everyone think about this? Does this solve the V-R11 mystery? What about the number 87, and its connection to the Wave Gun? How does this tie into the easter egg and acquiring of the Vril Rod?

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Interesting theory!


In what areas Vril is included in our story has always remained vague. We know for sure that the whole ancient aliens/Vril-Ya mythos are canon as for the story of the Keepers and Apothicans. We know that the MPD, the Golden Rod and (not unimportant!) the nameless Moon artifact are related to Vril, both in the way that they were designed by the Keepers/Apothicans and most likely as well in the way that they conduit the energy of Vril. There are also many conspiracies talking about the Nazi's investigating ancient Vril-Ya artifacts and Vril energy. Now one conspiracy interested me in particular: the one about Die Glocke's possible having the purpose to generate Vril and create supersoldiers with it. As Die Glocke was located in Der Riese, well, was this Maxis' project concerning Vril? Either the device never worked, or Maxis did succeed in receiving the energy.


Gersch and Yena's conversation about the weird composition and ability of the blood somehow reminded me of the usage of quantum entanglement by birds. To fly the right direction, birds can 'feel' the Earth's magnetic field by quantum mechanisms applied in certain proteins. 


Yena mentions the energy in the blood (which would be Vril according to your theory) is generated by the negative space between molecules, causing this influx of energy. We theorized before that the Casimir Effect/Mechanism creates a vacuum that theoretically could generate infinite energy. In the Moon Easter Egg, we charge the Vril Vessel with the Casimir Mechanism (note that it is named Vril VESSEL, like the energy it transports is actually Vril). I could certainly see a connection between generating Vril out of a vacuum and generating Vril out of negative space. However, I believe the blood can be seen more like a source of Vril, and not necaserilly the Vril itself.


Lastly, I always thought that the radio of inserting the blood in the monkeys sorta proved that Apothican blood might've been a component of PhD Flopper, as the effects of that perk and the abilities of the monkeys appear similar (the perk might be designed for primates to survive lander/rocket crashes). Thus, if your theory would be right, would there be Vril in PhD?

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