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Who Controls the Keepers and Apothicons?


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So, the Keepers and the Apothicons. Technically they are the same beings, but one of them is just corrupted and corroded by the evil of the Dark Aether. What exactly is it that makes The Keepers and Apothicons who they are though? Is there someone in control of them or are they simple beings with free will similar to you or I? In this theory of mine, I will attempt to explain to you what I believe controls each of these forces of both light and darkness.


Let's begin with the Keepers. Intelligent life-forms that were around when time and space itself didn't even exist yet. Who was the first among the Keepers? One could argue that it was Monty or Shadowman. You could even say that there is no first, but the Keepers simply sprouted into existence at the same time as each other. But the concrete answer is within a cipher found in Gorod Krovi. Keep in mind that only 5 of the 7 ciphers have been decoded, so there could be more mentioned about this particular Keeper. "The Summoning Key is one of the oldest artifacts in all of creation. It was used by the First One to mix all the dimensions with life, giving each one its unique balance. Under certain circumstances, it has the ability to form bridges between dimensions allowing the transfer of life forces back and forth. It resides in the 63rd Dimension of Creation." -Kronorium Excerpt 349,561,223


Notice anything from that cipher? It calls a Keeper by the name of "The First One" implying that he was the first of the Keepers to come into existence, hence having the most power. Considering that the First One is confirmed to be, well, the first of the Keepers given this cipher, the Keepers are simply servants of the First One, correct? Controlled by him and his desires? Well, if that were true the Apothicons would never have come to be. If the First One was in control of every single Keeper, none of them would have messed with the Dark Aether to begin with. So that crosses off the possibility of The First One being in control. All leads show that the Keepers are simply beings with their own will and control. So if the Keepers are not controlled by anything, then what of the Apothicons? Are they the same way? Well, let's get into that now.


The Apothicons are a different case. The Shadowman even hints to them being controlled by certain Apothicons that have gone unseen (Or at least we haven't seen anything confirmed to be an Overlord) when you complete the rituals in Shadows of Evil. The Overlords are similar to The Great Old Ones seen in the Cthulhu Mythos created by H.P Lovecraft. Now the thing is, if The Overlords are meant to be the Zombies equivalent of The Great Old Ones then they are the ones in control of the Apothicons, deep within the Dark Aether. In Cthulhu Mythos, The Great Old Ones are deities that were once rulers of Earth who are now in a death-like sleep. Perhaps The Overlords are similar to The Great Old Ones in the way that they are in an eternal slumber within the Dark Aether or the Earth, forever resting hence why they can never appear before us. In Tag Der Toten, we hear of what can only be assumed as an Overlord residing at the bottom of an ocean. Jebediah Brown, the creator of the Pack-A-Punch Machine referred to the being as an "Elder God" and Harvey Yena calls it a being from another time. Now if you know the Cthulhu Mythos, you know that Cthulhu himself resides in an ocean underneath the lost city of R'lyeh. Sounds similar to this Elder God mentioned by the "Angels" who spoke to Jebediah Brown, right? Now as for these Elder Gods/Overlords being in control of the Apothicons, how do I have proof of that? Well, Monty refers to the Shadowman as the face of the Apothicons, their agent of destruction. Shadowman may be an immensely powerful Apothicon, but he is nowhere near the leader. The Overlords being in control of the Apothicons has no real proof behind it, but it is the most logical reason for the controlling of the Zombies.


What do you think? Let me know down below, I'll be sure to respond to all of you!

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Very neat theory indeed, @ProjectKMR! I self am unfamiliar with the mythos of Lovecraft, but I could see what you are hinting at. I would like to include a part of the Vril mythos as well. Here's a summary written by @Tac some years ago:


There were two inhabitable planets revolving around a star, Aldebaran, and the population of the Aldebaran system was divided into the master race, known as the Aryans, and subservient lower races.  However, as their sun expanded and the planets became uninhabitable, they left.  They visited many places in the Universe, with their first stop at planet named Marduk, in what is now the asteroid belt, followed by Mars, and shortly after that, they came to Earth and settled in Sumeria. They split into two factions, some migrating towards the Gobi Desert and the other heading north, landing in the mythical Hyperborea, which some say is modern day Siberia.  Eventually, they created the subterranean world known as Agartha, with the capital city of Shambhala, in the Earth’s Core, Hollow Earth.  As the center of intellectual progress and enlightenment, and is powered by the Black Sun, or Schwarze Sonne, a black star located within the Earth itself said to contain and radiate immense power, called Vril Energy.  It’s been said that there many entrances to Agartha, including Antarctica, the Pyramids of Gaza, and the city of Shangri-La in the Himalayas. Over time, evidence began to show that this Vril was the very lifeblood of the Aryans; the source of powerful psychic and technological advancements among their race.  When employing this energy source via Vril rods, they could achieve great telekinetic abilities and through great acts of medicine, could live up to the age of one thousand years.  However, if used the wrong way, those rods could be used for great destruction.

Now it is also said that Atlantis and Lemuria (which is, by the way, also believed to be R'lyeh) were civilisations created or at least influenced by the two distinct factions, eventually battling each other in a thermonuclear war which was the reason why they moved underground. In our story, this might be seen as the Great War. 


In these tales, it is said that they originate from extraterrestials, however I could see the human societies at that time were ignorant and could barely visualize the idea of beings out of space, let alone beings out of our dimension. So I guess one could take the entire part from before their settlement on Earth with a grain of salt. We also have that Timeline scrapt talking about Earth being a gateway to Agartha. Is this proof that the Keepers created Agartha from Earth? Might you wanna read more about the Great War, here is a wonderful thread by Tac connecting the Vril-Ya, Nordic and Lovecraft tales with each other concerning this event.


Back on topic, I have no idea about the controller of the Keepers and Apothicans, or if there even is one. Even the prime motivation for the Apothicans to consume universes and return to Agartha is unknown to me. Lastly, I want to say that in Origins, there is stuff said about both 'Elders' and 'Ancients'. Cannot exactly find what, though.


Once again, good theory!

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