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Tag Der Toten high rounds strategy (needs a Perkaholic)


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The major downfall of this strategy is that Perkaholic is required, as you have to keep the door to the boat power switch closed or it ruins the strat. This may be off-putting for some, but a lot of the high rounds players are likely gonna have some Perka's stocked by now and this map might be a good time to use them. No power does mean no PaP as well, but it's just as well as you don't need it.

This strategy works very much like Ashy's Alpha Omega strat - you sit on top of the ledge, and catch the zombies with your ballistic knife, using the Electric Cherry modifier to charge your damage giving you 1-hit melees.

I'd advise using the specialist whenever it's charged, as it really speeds things up. Might even be faster with another specialist like the grenade launcher one. Also I took the sph of this strategy in the high 50s and the spawns do still speed up a bit into the 60s, so the sph might be closer to 10-11sph by the time you get into those rounds.

As a secondary weapon I'd recommend the Thundergun, you could use it to get yourself out of danger if needed.
Also note that dogs do fly up onto the platform next to you sometimes, just keep an eye out and just quickly turn to swipe them, they're generally not a problem.

The video starts with the dog rounds strategy as well, if you stay up top it really slows the round down so for dog rounds I advise going downstairs like I do.


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2 hours ago, Lenne said:

I was expecting you to get the VoD 100 before this, but I'll take it. ?

Yeah, just haven't really felt like playing zombies this past month tbh, been on Blackout mostly. Obviously this new map got me hyped though!

Side note, this strategy is basically redundant as Sulky found one that's like twice as fast lol.



I'm actually really liking this map. Again not too much by way of new content, but I loved COTD so much so this time I don't mind that much, layout still nice and simple. Though I did find George kind of annoying so good to not see some sort of replacement back. Love the new lighting. The setup is simple and a lot of the stuff is optional, you can get the WWs out of the box which is always nice. The Wunderwaffe doesn't seem very good so I would never bother with it, looks like Hellion and Thundergun combo is best for camping.


Looking forward to 100 on this one.

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