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The gameplay trailer has been released! Some neat stuff I noticed:

  • At 0:04 and 0:30, you see (four) pods containing humanoid beings. Are these Richthofen's test subjects? We know that at some point in the original timeline, House Maxis contacted one of the Richthofens  that "The test subjects must never be allowed to be awakened, the havoc that could be wreaked upon the future by such simple-minded individuals would be catastrophic". We also know that in 1945, after Sam's takeover, Ultimis Richthofen awakens Nikolai, Takeo and Dempsey at Der Riese.
  • Some nice shots of the Siberian Facility. It appears to be built upon weird '115-vines' or something, and is also seen to have Electricity Towers connecting it with the outside world. As the nearby like is most likely Lake Cheko, I am curious if the 115-vines somehow grow out of the Tunguska meteorite.
  • Primis dolls
  • Red-eyed zombies, and it isn't fully clear but it seems to be that they wear Nazi suits. Does this mean this map takes place before the Soviet takeover?
  • That final shot of the lake interested me
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