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The Chicago mobsters - An interactive post


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I found a few connections between real life events & characters and elements in the aether story.

I'm aware that some of them have been known but I think that a few significant ones are not known. 

People in the COD zombies forums know a lot when it comes to connections of the story to real life, so I hope the information in the post will be new. 


Due to limitations on my end, I'm going to make the post interactive. Instead of directly showing all the connections, I will only leave the sources, leaving you 
to search for the connections.


Mob of the dead & Blood of the dead ciphers - a significant source, make sure you read the ciphers before continuing. 

Valentine's day massacre

Johnny Torrio

Al Capone

Dean O'Banion


The Chicago outfit


North side gang












More sources are already linked within the Wikipedia pages. The major one are linked.  Let me know what did you manage to find. 

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18 minutes ago, RichKiller said:

Thanks, but the question is.. what can you guys find? ?

There are a few obvious connections, like The Fox. Others like "your soul" require a bit more digging...

Ohhh, my bad, I thought this was a research resource! My stupid. I'll  bookmark this for the weekend!

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