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BOTD easy setup guide

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Step by step guide showing how I'd get set up for high rounds in an easy and repeatable way. This includes building the free Blundergat, upgrading it to the Magmagat and also building the golden spork in the process. Following this strategy, you'll have the Magmagat built on round 5 within 20 minutes, and the spork upgrade done on round 8 (then however long it takes to get your perks/box weapons).


This strategy assumes some basic knowledge of the map and how to build things, and is aimed at those struggling with certain steps or putting together a reliable strategy.


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39 minutes ago, Lenne said:

Thank you very much. Learned a couple of things as well. You don't have to hurry through the cat walk and the special weapon just despawning the zombies. Thank you. ?

I probably should have said in the video but just totally slipped my mind, but the zombies only spawn from in front of you on the catwalk run so yeah, you can take your sweet time and just let them come to you ?

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