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Favorite gauntlet?


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So today I played my second game of AE, and upgraded the four gauntlets to test them all out. They are fun as hell to use, and I can't wait to try and upgrade to the Exalted versions next time I play.


Me personally, my favorite is the Hand of Ouranos. While none of them are great for getting you out of a pinch when you are already trapped in a corner, Ouranos is great for clearing a path and preventing yourself from becoming trapped in advance. Just so fun to use.

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Surprisingly, not really. I managed to get the base version of the gauntlet in my first game with no video, but had to look up a video for Pack-a-punch at a certain step.


I won’t spoil it if you don’t want me to, but go up the the oracle in the spawn and she tell you a hint for the location of the part you need for the gauntlet every time you return. Once you find where she is talking about, you’ll want to do something that you would do in Dead of the Night.


Pack-a-Punch is simple once you know it, but I could not for the life of me figure out the the second thing to do.

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