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[SPOILER] Ancient Evil End Cutscene

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Spoilers ahead...you've been warned.




For those that haven't been paying attention to the Chaos storyline up until this point, allow me to provide a very brief summary of what the new gang has been up to:



From what we now know about Ancient Evil taking place directly after IX, we learn that Scarlet recruited Shaw, Diego, and Bruno to find her kidnapped father Alistair Rhodes. Following the events of Dead of the Night, the Order - a mysterious group involved with occult practices and a legendary artifact known as the Sentinel Artifact that releases "chaos" to create zombies - successfully kidnapped Alistair. He left behind notes to group up with people he trusted in the event something happened to him.

Throughout their travels, they completed four trials of the Gods to get closer to the order and were led by a mysterious voice calling herself the Oracle. After completing these four trials, the Chaos gang went to Delphi with hopes of finding Alistair there.


Now from here, we come to a few realizations based on the cliffhanger ending.


  • The Oracle turned out to be Medusa, a Greek Gorgon who is infamously known for turning people to stone when they look at her. She has been the bad person this whole ride and the Chaos group has been helping to release her unknowingly.
  • The Order are actually trying to stop Medusa. That's right - they're the good guys.
  • Alistair is found, but turned to stone alongside a few other Order members who were presumably defending him.
  • Bruno and Shaw are now marked by the Order and are possessed.
  • Scarlet was the only person not turned to stone unlike her father and the other Order members, instead falling unconscious.
  • Diego is the remaining conscious survivor of the group despite rushing to warn Scarlet about the above.
  • Medusa put on the Order mask, likely to conceal her identity among them and protect her from the zombies.


At the moment, there is speculation regarding a few of these points.


  • Medusa may be exacting revenge for her two slain sisters, possibly by the hands of the Order.
  • Alistair may have been kidnapped because he didn't want to be involved with the Order anymore, yet they needed his help.
  • Shaw fell under the mark, but him and Bruno may be that way so the rest of the Order can accept them knowing they're on the Order's side.
  • Scarlet may actually be a demi-god, hence why she wasn't turned to stone.


While a few of these small theories have been hinted in previous maps, this really gave us a defined storyline and we can see how each character/group is connected to each other. Personally, I love how direct this path is compared to the Aether story yet keeps its mystery in leaving behind crucial questions while wanting a final conclusion. It's a breath of fresh air IMO.


What do you think so far?

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I'm surprised by the Chaos story! It is going to be agonizing waiting for it to come back in the next season. I wonder, will the new season come out at the end of this year, or begin around the time it would for the next game next year? The sooner the better, I would say, if they want to keep people invested.


I think these first four maps were a hook, or a taste, of what Blundell's team has in mind once they finish up Aether for good (Hopefully within the next 2 DLCs). 


With Shaw and Bruno no longer in control of their actions, and Scarlett incapacitated, we may see a new crew when the season returns. Or maybe, if the Order truly are doing all of this for the greater good, they will bring the group back together and help them along the way. It's also possible that in the next map Diego will enlist the help of some new characters to bring back Shaw and Bruno.


Only time will tell, and I am intrigued with what the writers have done so far. Not to mention the maps have been pretty stellar IMO. Looking forward to trying out Ancient Evil on Xbox next week.

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