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Moar of Zetsubou

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Just like my other "Moar..." posts on SoE, Giant, and DE, this post is about breaking the marathon busywork ZNS map into small survival maps for quick games. I like thinking them up and trying them out, which I know most players will not do if left to their own will, but if I make them up and point out what makes them special, and I pre-define the parameters and borders, then maybe some will dare to venture my Zetsubou Survival Maps.


Things to consider: 


GobbleGum: Maybe you want to bring power to your survival map. Maybe you wish to play offline to not sully your stats, but maybe you want those Liquid Divinium too badly. Or you could skip GG altogether (or bring the whimsical Eye Candy, turn zombies into green army men and just play the game like that since EC never runs out; the monogreen spiders and thrashers amuse me).


Mystery Box (?box): This spawns by Propellor Trap Room or by the SoNS Altar. By leaving these doors closed, you could force reliance on wallbuys and Blue Water Reward Plants, which becomes its own new mode. Or you could use the ?box for your best guns should you so desire, especially on a tiny map.


Power, Shield, Gas Mask, PaP, KT4/Masamune: If you open the Bunker for these, you are essentially just playing ZNS, so I'll mostly be pointing out games/maps that never open the bunker, but there may be a few eventually as I suss out whether or not they are worthy. Example: Get GM, Shield, Power on, build Shield in Hanging Corpse (cocoon/Purple Water) Room, and just run that room with Jugger and Bowie and guns until dead.


Perks: Quick Revive is live for solo, and powering Lab A and/or Lab B lets you buy Stamin Up, Speed Cola, and/or Double Tap 2 (this is your survival PaP perk).


This post is a work in progress, more will come as I playtest them for worthiness. But I'm so verbose that I'll need to work on a little at a time, so let's get started; Each new map basic design starts with "#(Map name)". One "#" means "real short", "##" means "short", and "###" means an hour or longer game.


####### Survival Maps #######


#Start Room: Everyone loves the Start Room challenges (yes, you do. Shut up and like it): No doors allowed. RK5, Shieva, GGm, 1 Plant which can be watered once, 1 Spore. Short games.


Option: Open whichever Room Quick Revive falls in for bonus lives. 1. Path B door for that Stone Room running area, another plant, LCAR9, and Spores. Or 2. Path A door for that Drop Room (power up room) KRM, Plant, and Spores.


Option: Fight only while swimming.


Option: Can't go past Shieva (no RK5, GGm, or Plant). Horrible loads and Shieva for you tough guys.


##Box and Bottle: In B+B, open to the ?box. When QR falls (first room, either side of Start Room), if it is not in your map currently, open the Start Room door to it. Random guns, some unwatered Plants, Spores, GGm, and 4 lives. 1 box and 1 bottle, until box moves and perk leaves.


Best scenario, I feel is; Box by Propellor Trap, QR in Stony Room (but it is random, of course). This makes a nice tiny map with a few Spores of concern, but fair training.


Option: You can open both sides to each ?box location, even open Lab B area and Lab B upstairs without encountering water. You will add training areas, better guns, spores, plants, Trip Mine, GGm locations, all while still avoiding busywork of buildables and water, for a fairly short game still.


###Lab A, Powerless: (This is quite fun and changes up the normal zombie playstyle by utilizing Plants as your ?box. Some planting and watering is involved, but it is minimal). Open Path A at start, stay right, open Lab A area (Lab A upstairs is closed). ?Box locations are closed (Propellor Trap and SoNS Altar areas).


A few wall buys, with your best guns coming from Plants. No ?box. You water about 3 plants per round max, very little busywork. GGm is at start, along your Plant-path, and water is in back, forcing you to utilize this whole map. Train around Lab A or camp the back steps of Lab A.


Option: Open Stony Room for a cul-de-sac near Start (and a possible QR) for easier flow at this end. (Recommended).


Option: Open door between Lab A and the Bunker for VMP and Bowie Knife, and a decent training area. (Recommended).


Option: Open Lab A upstairs. This adds GGm, and M8A7. Improves the camping of rear steps by zipline.


Option: Open Stony Room and front of Lab B (training, Trip Mines, Vesper), even open upstairs of Lab B (HVK30?, GGm), and/or open this end of the Bunker area to make the map a loop, all without changing the basic game of "farm for guns, have no perks".


Option: Open upstairs Lab A and fill the generator. This will power the Lab A perks. Best scenario would be QR in Stony Room, 2 perks by Lab A (2 random of; Speed Cola, Double Tap 2, Stamin Up). DT2 and SC with assault rifle improves rear steps camp and lengthens game.


###(power on) The Pit:


Just like other 'The Pit' maps of mine, the idea is to enter a closed off area and never leave nor open a way out.


Map rules: never open either (vine) door to Green Water behind Lab B. Get power on, get what you can on your class before entering. Then head to the KT4 Labs, and ride the sewer to the Green Water area. Don't leave.


(You cannot build nor upgrade the KT4, nor the Gas Mask due to part locations unless you plan ahead and use Anywhere But Here! GG to get the green KT4 part, Gas Mask Part, then return again for 1 bucket of rainbow water. This could be done with 2 uses of 1 ABH!).


Once ready, enter The Pit and stay until dead.


Honestly, this offers no real great fun. You can get weird zombie spawns by climbing the hill to the vine door at the highest point. The training is tough, but I know that some of you love challenge, so I posted this tidbit.




Spider Pit: You may attempt to close yourself off in any small area by having a Spider wall off the entrance. Results may vary, but you could theoretically create a "pit" map with Spiders for an odd game. Spider webs are sacred, you can't slash them in this mode.



Lab B thoughts; You can open and run this area as your training map, but I haven't found any real worthy builds of interest beyond "open some areas, kill zombies" so here are some thoughts on Lab B:


Vine Door to Bunker (from Lab B): Opening this gets you the Bowie and VMP, if desired, but leaving it closed is a good camp spot on the Lab B side (be wary of spore on right path), and if you stay backed up during a spider round, each spider will spawn in the center of this path, you literally shoot the ground until all spiders die, making them even easier than usual.


Lab B Steps: If you go up the long front steps and leave the actual Lab B door closed, 1-2 zombies spawn on the roof, but the rest all walk up the steps. This can be used in a survival map, or in a full game. Good for after buying Bowie knife, for early camping. With the Green Water area closed, most zombies walk up from beneath you, around and up the stairs, this is kind of cool to see and hear.


Training Lab B front area: Running under the Lab B works, but don't stay under the Lab, run around by the tree hill, and the wet area, and past the rear steps (mind that spore there), only passing under the lab. This is best with Green Water closed, but not necessary. Watch out if you plant a plant by the water as it can block your path.


Green Water: Using Green Water in a survival build nets you lots of zombie-holding plants, which are unecessary in this type of play. Much less intriguing than Blue Water for survival quick maps.




Purple and Rainbow waters: You could quickly power both labs and open the Bunker to toy with Purple and Rainbow watered Plants.


Purple: in Bunker, go to PaP room, open right side door. Purple water is in here. This can create the "Monkey Bomb Flytrap" Plants.


Rainbow: in Bunker, go to PaP room. Go to opposite door from entrance, go below 'yellow things' room. There is a flooded part. Go in, spend points to activate sewer to Green Water (behind B). Rushing through the tunnel you will pass 2 blue-lit areas, then after the second blue-lit area 3 tiny blue stones are floating on your right, hold X/xb1 (interact button) exactly as you pass them for rainbow water. Various effects.


######## More to come...Happy Gaming and Happy New Year!


(I'm currently playing Zombie Training Simulator 4, which has taken me from bo3, but I will be back to conquer Gorod Krovi eventually. Watch for text guides from these 2 games).



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Interesting ideas! I will definately do sone when my pal moves his PS4 with Zetsubou to our student room. I'll give feedback

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