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I have a situation and I wonder if anybody else is having the same.  Since we had access to 4 Zombie maps from the start, I have been finding it hard to play just one map.  I am an EE fan and really enjoy the challenge of doing them.  The problem I am having is that, there are two maps I am currently playing and have come close to EE as possible without completing them.  I seriously don't even play the Titanic and the was the map I was most excited about.  How do you play four maps, and now a fifth one, and not feel overwhelmed?  I think it is showing in this forum as well.  Normally full of buzz and theories, it seems as if the game has offered so much, that there is no time to do anything else.


What is the secret to sanity?  



Did Treyarch overdo it a bit?



Have you played all the maps?



What are your feelings about the gameplay and style so far?




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Heyo JJ, nice to see you posting again.


1. I am trying to figure that one out for years.


2. Yes and no, for me personally I am only interested in getting some decent rounds in, so I feel like the more maps the better, but the fact that there are so many of them now is a bit overwhelming as well, I still couldn't find all the shield parts on Voyage and on Dead of the night I have only build the silver bullet thingy. So if you want to complete everything and do all the EE's then I gotta say yes, cause memorizing everything is a pain in the ass.


3. Yes I played all of them. XI the most, then Classified, BotD, Voyage and then the new map. The latter of those quickly becoming my favorite one of BO4.


4. So far I am pleasantly surprised, cause all the maps are fun and offer some nice gameplay. Keep in mind, I always said between BO III's ending and BO 4 that Treyarch should do something completely new, but now I am gladly eating my own words, cause I am loving the mode more than back with BO III. I hope it stays that way.

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17 minutes ago, Lenne said:

3. Yes I played all of them. XI the most, then Classified, BotD, Voyage and then the new map. The latter of those quickly becoming my favorite one of BO4.

I have only played Classified once.  It was never a favorite of mine.  The only reason I played it before was because the cast was kind of cool.  With that changed, I really just have no interest.  Never have done the EE and don't even know how to PAP.

I played the Titanic 1 time and it was cool.  I just haven't started playing it exclusively due to IX and BotD.  I love Blood!  Loved it even more the first go round.\

I have not even been able to play the new map.  I will look at it later this week.  I am just to invested in other maps to start something new.

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