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Dead of the Night music Easter Egg


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Heyo, friends.


So after reading a couple of strategy threads and guides from @83457 , I took a somewhat hard look at my own post history and then a thought crossed my mind: I never ever made a guide or anything that comes remotely close to it, which is a real shame when you think about it.


My account on here will be 7 years old in almost exactly two months and I haven't made a single guide or anything, as you know I always was more of a community guy, simply because I just love you folks way too much for my own good and because I never had really thought of creating strategy posts, cause I felt like there are already tons of strategy topics and videos out in the internet and mine wouldn't bring much to the table, but yeah I won't do a strategy topic just yet, but I will do something else instead.


So here is my little written guide on how to activate the new song from dead of the night.


Daddy Blundell decided to hide 4 gemstones or just light dots, I am really not that sure, around the map I am just gonna go with gems each of the 4 will have to be shot in order for you to listen to the song. Here are the locations:


The first pinkish one is in the main hall. It is sticking underneath the surface of the single table to the left when you are facing in the direction of the staircase. You will have to lay down in order to shoot it. It is a bit awkward.


The second green one is in the east hallway right before you enter the dining room behind the right door it is probably the easiest one to spot.


The third pink/red one is in the library, but you have to go upstairs to the gap in the fence in order to shoot it simply aim downwards and you should be able to spot and shoot it.


The fourth blue one is in the wine cellar take the west entrance to the wine cellar and go to the barrels on your right behind those there is also a damaged one in there lies the last gem.


The song mystery will start to play when all gems have been shot. Of course you can do all of these in any order.


I also wanted to write this as a little tribute to sherwood and of course our returning goddess Elena, cause I already liked shockwave from classified so much and Mystery is even better. I would even go so far and say that it lives up to Lullaby and The one.


Hope I could help and see you the next time. Maybe even in a strategy thread? Haha don't hold your breath though. ?



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