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Dead of the night impressions thread

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Heyo so I just got done with a fun solo round of the new map and I have to say: This map is the best Black Ops 4 map so far. It looks great, it sounds great, it feels great and it is super fun.


Honestly the only thing that is a bit tedious is the pap but that is just a minor complaint.


I was a bit hesitant because they threw this map out just two months after the launch, so I feard a lot of bugs and glitches like in ZNS and Revelations, but the only thing that I noticed were some trees poping in. Other than that it is a smooth map and I love it.


Thank you Daddy Blundell. ❤️

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Yeah, I thought I was done with BO4, but this map came out a few days ago on PC and honestly, I'm really loving it. It's got that creepy feel that has been missing in zombies for a while now. I've always loved vampires & werewolves, so that's a cool addition. The layout of the map is nice, it's big but you never feel lost once you've played a few times. The set up is a little long as you said, but we've seen much, much worse.

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21 hours ago, ZombiesAteMyPizza! said:

The layout of the map is nice, it's big but you never feel lost once you've played a few times. The set up is a little long as you said, but we've seen much, much worse.

Yes, once you know where everything is you can navigate the map easily. I think pap should always have the difficulty level of this map. It is not too hard and not to easy and it stays in it's place.

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