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(11.17.2020 update).


Hello fellow zombiers! Welcome to my fortress of text on early round camping spots. This fantastic site has always been a haven for top-skill zombiers, but most players (less than 3% by my reckoning) do not make it to round 30 on zombie maps. So I compiled some early strats, mostly involving easy camping to get anyone a round 20+ solo game on the leaderboard. Some will be good on high rounds, and some will definitely not. Some can be used for 2+ players. Some differences between old/new gen consoles are mentioned.


This thread also has a later post about relatively easy high round strategies without camping.




Camping tips:


For solo "stand in one place camping", I recommend Turned and Fireworks. Use an LMG with FW, only switching to Turned gun when your current "turned" zombie dies. Obviously many of these can be done with the map's wonder weapon as well.


For most of these, I simply run Classic GGs (so you know Mega GG are not necessary, but you can enhance your game with Megas for sure). I usually choose between Sword Flay, Anywhere But Here!, In Plain Sight, Alchemical Antithesis, Stock Option, Armamental Accomplishment, or Eye Candy GGs solo.


Remember Trip Mines can watch your furthest recesses of your camp spot, or can be used for higher movement rate (if carrying 2 lmgs) or to stab very quickly without hesitation between stabs (especially with an empty gun in hand, which "lags" your stabs), which is often important if you love stab kills.


Perks need to be considered for camping. Reload time is a huge factor, so Speed Cola can be very important with many weapons. Deadshot Daiquiri is extremely useful if you alternate triggers with many bullet weapons, but it's useless with shotguns and wonderweapons. Double Tap II fires bullet weapons 20% faster and each bullet becomes 2, effectively doubling points and damage, and having zombies die fast is important when camping. Widow's Wine stalls zombies, giving reload time, it could act as a replacement for Juggernog in certain situations even. Everyone loves Juggs, so that's always an option in camping, to take extra hits while you reload. Quick revive could replace Juggernog if you plan to switch to training perks afterwards. Lastly, Mule Kick might be considered for the quantity of bullets it brings to the long rounds.


If you usually train to 50+, then try using some of these to camp until you're overrun for a shorter game if you have constrained time. Play offline to conserve stats if you desire.




#######Shadows of Evil#######


This is not a great camping map on NextGen. Mostly it is a training map. I put most of my efforts into the 360 version of this map, back in the day, which offers a camp spot:


OldGen Canals camp: Leave barriers closed on walkway by Canals Perk machine (you can drop steps and open to Fuse). Walk into Canals from Junction, walk straight through first arch, stop directly under second arch. Face Junction, all zombies come from first arch or climb up from broken rail on your right. None will come from behind until you back up the steps by Molly cart. Once backed up, go to rift to Subway, then rift to Footlight, then make your way back to Canals. Good to 35ish with PaP'd guns, Turned and Fireworks.


Ruby Rabbit: The top floor of the Ruby Rabbit works, by the drop off to the Train/workbench. But if you get too hurt first, the drop off can be lethal.


Subway Camp and Loop: Decent for AS use, or for just thinning the crowd before moving around the map. (This will not work if you just came from Waterfront through the rift or ABH! GG, or if other players run through Waterfront near the WF/Subway rift). In Subway, head to the WF rift (the lone rift on balcony behind W'sW) and stand in front of it, face away from it, headshot or use AS. If overrun or hit too much, simply back into rift to WF, then shoot them as they enter WF from rift/Subway, before moving off. You could do a loop through the Canals or Footlight rift back to Subway, or simply loop down the Junction/Subway steps, just be sure to take long enough that no zombies are still in Waterfront, backing through the rift. Reset at Subway/WF rift and repeat.


With multiple players, lots of places in any map become campable, but I want to point out this spot for 3-4 players: Waterfront, by Rift to Subway. 1 guy watches window (AS player probably) by Rift, 2-3 players watch away from window. Keep the doors with the lone pod closed and the barriers on the walkway above closed. As long as nobody travels through the Rift during the current round, no zombies come out of the Rift (OldGen at least). You can use the Rift to escape, or to jump through, activate GG (IPS) and jump back to revive or grab drops.


Footlight: Keep Junction-Footlight door closed, camp there in Footlight. Good for AS camping, or MP. Bad for a solo bullet camp.


Waterfront: Keep Junction-Waterfront door closed, camp there in Waterfront. Good for MP, or AS Solo. Mediocre at best for solo bullet gun camping.


Tram Stations are decent for 3-4 players. GGm and possibly Bootlegger. Especially WF and FL.


#######Der Eisendrache#######


There are quite a few and they vary between OldGen and NextGen. With the right bows, everywhere is campable, so I'll mostly point out "gun campable" spots if you want to skip bows and play like Der Riese. I recommend using Ragnarok, if you can get them.


Start Room Quick Revive: Leave this door by QR closed. Decent length view for AATs or Bow use. No escape, bring ABH! or IPS for when trouble comes.


Church: Up steps near Speed Cola, leave upstairs debris and barrier closed. Zombies only come up one side as long as you don't approach the other side. Stay on flat area up top as shooting zombs on the steps is less effective; just headshot as they round the corner, use Rags at top of steps. NextGen-they come up by Wunderfizz. OldGen-they come up the opposite side, you can open the barrier behind you as an escape and you can open the balcony debris, which will make zombies line up less well (harder solo, but okay with friends) but will funnel the Panzer in that debris-doorway for easy killing (drop Rags at top of steps when he arrives). Trip Mines can let you know when you have backed up too far and zombies come up the other way.


OldGen Church: You can camp the other church steps fairly well on oldgen (doors up there closed), but I think the SC-side steps are better.


OldGen Solo Clock Tower Parapet: Keep "Void Room" door closed to courtyard and Start room. Do not come from Bastion (electric arrow weathervane area) during this round or this gets messed up. Start in courtyard at round start, walk up steps to the open parapet next to Clock Tower (landing pad and Wunderfizz machine are there), stand in corner next to Clock Tower (wunderfizz to your right) All zombies will come up from the courtyard steps and out of Clock Tower. Easy headshots, Rags dropped at top of steps get all zombies (Ragnorok also lasts much longer on OldGen). None come from Bastion or from behind/over wall if Void room closed and if you did not just come from Bastion area (you can move through clock tower or courtyard area and return without issue). This will work with friends, but if they go to Bastion, you will likely get flanked by zombies. Does not work on NextGen.


Jump room: By Pyramid is the jump room that throws you up to the courtyard above. You can stand here and face out and headshot. It is not amazing, but it works. If pushed back, you get flung up to courtyard. Panzer spawns in here, be wary.


Wundersphere above Double Tap: another mediocre camp, it is fairly hectic and sometimes the WS will not activate if too many zombies are on you.


#####Zetsubou No Shima#####


Lab B to Bunker spot by vine door: Leave this door between Lab B and Bunker closed. Stand on the Lab B side. Be wary of the spore on the right path below. If backed against the vine-door, all Spiders spawn in the center of the path in front of you for easy kills.


Lab B front steps: Early on, you can go up these steps (from vine door by Bunker) and leave the upstairs  door closed. About 2 zombies per round fall from the roof, the rest come up the steps. (You could have a Spider web this door closed later in the game too. This would be the same set up as the HVK30 Lab B spider Camp below, but outside).


Lab A by Zipline (to Docks): Best with door open to Lab A (so most zombies jump to catwalk between buildings and walk mostly straight at you). Drop off by ladder for escape. This is the rear steps of Lab A, between Kuda wallbuy and Blue Water.


Juggerniche: Use Skull of NS to mesmerize the left-side wall of the Juggernog/GGm area (Elevator). (Front-left of room if looking at Juggs).


Main Quest Elevator: After defeating the Main Quest/EE, stay at the long hall and camp there. Late game camp.


Start Room: 2+ players. Get a Spider to close off the door(s) to Start. If you stay near the doors, zombies only come in the 2 windows. This can be used at game start of course, with doors closed. This could be a camp spot with the door to path B open if 2-4 players stand by the sp


Lab A Workbench Camp with Spider web: Go to the workbench in Lab A with spiders. If they close off the rear entrance (by workbench, GGm, and zipline outside), you have a nice little camp spot by the workbench/GGm. Stand on the far back corner and watch for the occasional ceiling zombie. Zombies eventually break the webs, just move to the Zipline Camp spot outside when they do.


Lab A HVK30 Camp with Spider web: If you get a Spider to close the front entrance of Lab A with a web (hvk30 room), then you can camp by the spider cage and they come from window and connecting bridge. 


Early Camp: Open path B, continue past Bunker to Lab A, then open the Propellor Trap Room from Lab A. Now fight by the Start Room door, but not in Start Room, but in the figure-8 shaped room with the perk machine. Stand and watch the window (very few zombies) and headshot the horde. None come from the left by the cliff. Good for when setting up and you need a spot over here before roughly R15.


#######Gorod Krovi#######


(I never got around to this). 




Kino Projector Camp: Enter the Kino section from the Wunderfizz cavern (from Shangri La side) or from the blue jump pad from Verrückt, making sure to leave the door between the pyramid and kino projector room closed. Stand just outside of the Kino Projector room, aim past Widow's Wine toward the gradual incline. No zombies come from behind you up the steep hill from the stage. This is fairly slow and easy, camping to 40 with just PaP'd bullet guns is feasible. The zombies round the doorway oddly, be wary. It is best to stay back like 20 feet from the doorway. Be careful of shooting zombs too far away due to difficulty in grabbing 'drops' (x2, Max Ammo, etc).


Kino Steep Steps: If you climb up the steep steps from the stage towards Widow's Wine, stop just above the drop off spot (zombies climb up here) and face the stage. This is much faster than the W'sW camp spot above, but it is brutish; you can't headshot the train. It is good for early stabs or brutalizing with an lmg (another good Turned spot). So you can't camp high rounds here, but you can burn through lower rounds quickly, then move up top for later rounds. I'd suggest using this spot just after buying the Bowie Knife. If you go up to the wall-light with vines under it, you may get an occasional zombie from the W'sW window from behind, so stay below that.


Wonder Weapon Camp: Take the Squid Gun, Thundergun, Lil Arnie, and Ragnaroks to Origins. In Origins, head to the jump pad to start room. Stop just inside the door/short hall to the jump pad. As long as you stand by this doorway (away from the jump pad, in the first quarter of this 'room'), rarely will zombies come from the jump pad. GGm and Keeper Protector nearby. Drop Ragnarok, when it is done, toss LA, fire Thundergun to refill Rags. When LA depleted, use Squid Gun. I was holding this in the 60s with ease, just standing there, without upgraded Squid Gun.


MotD Section Pre-Corruption Camp: Enter the Corruption area of the MOTD section, do not do the Corruption Engine ritual here yet. Go to the closed "power door" (opens when corruption engine ritual is complete) by Al's Hat. Camp here. If you start a round standing here, all zombies come only from the right side. KN44 above the cafeteria room in the tunnels. If you leave this area (for ammo, for example) and return during a round, zombies will come from left and right while standing by Al's Hat. Good for racking up points before doing the CE.


Ritual locations. Most of these can be camped solo or mp. Just find the lone zombie entry point and camp that side. If the red door is active, you may get occasional zombies through it, but it is safe with the red door closed. Also, if you travel through NDU you will definitely get red door visitors.


#######WaW Reprints#######


#######Nacht Der Untoten#######


Grenade Wallbuy Camp: Same as WaW, keep the steps in start room closed, go up steps near ?box/KN44, go to the grenade wallbuy. This is an easy camp, with the KN44 and Locus wallbuys you should get 20-30 rounds easily or 40 with Wall/Crate Powers and Bullet Boosts GGs. Even with the steps open too, it works well enough.


KN44 Camp: Not the best, but one can open the start room steps, leave the steps by the KN44 closed. Stand against debris by KN44, all zombies round the corner from your left for easy headshots for about 20 rounds. Unlimited KN44 ammo.


Stupid Start Room Camp for Lulz: By the HELP door, go behind the small filing cabinet by the bright lantern, face the HELP door (you can open the HELP door or leave it closed). All zombies will come around to your front, despite being able to rear-attack you, until they get too numerous. If you open HELP door and leave start room steps closed, it will last a little longer.


Start Room Camp and Move: Open start room steps, leave HELP door closed. Stay near the lone window but close to the HELP door. Keep checking window, headshot main room, fall back to "stupid start room camp" above if crowded or circle  the horde and reset for headshots. With 2 players, 1 stays on lone window, 1 stands near bottom of steps, aimed near GG machine window, line up nice as zombies round the bend.




Tip: Anywhere But Here! GG will let you switch sides at start if no doors have been opened. Most spots involve opening Juggernog side to power first.


Bootlegger Room (behind Quick Revive): No way out simple camp. Bring an escape GG and put Trip Mines in the back. In games of randoms, this is the fastest zombie spawn area, I'll usually hang in the room behind Quick Revive (with window) until it gets hectic, then I'll squeeze into the Bootlegger room. Bootlegger reloads slow and there are no other decent wallbuys near, but you do have GGm access.


Speed Cola Room: Open Jugg side to power, no further. Open Quick Revive side to Speed cola, no further. Buy HVK30 and ICR1 (wallbuys there for infinite ammo). Stand by grenade wallbuy, face out past Speed Cola. Good until near round 30. Prioritize the zombies that come from your left door. You can grab HVK30 ammo mid round easier than expected; go counterclockwise, get ammo, come out door by SC, reset. Fall back to Kitchen Camp if needed then to power (full map open).


ICR1/Vesper Camp and Move: Possibly the easiest solo camp in Verrückt. Open Jugg side to Speed Cola. Open QR side to Trip Mine/ICR1/Vesper. Door between Trip Mines/Speed Cola is closed. Place 2 Trip Mines by SC door (to protect as you grab mid round ICR1 ammo). Early on you can use Vesper, but I'd trade it for Wunderwaffe or LMG later. Use ICR1 and buy ammo for it as needed. Stand along fence between Vesper and ICR1 wallbuys, no zombies come around the fence unless you go to the ICR1 wallbuy (so grab ammo fast, usually no zombies come, but Trip Mine will get them if they do). Your Widow's Wine (if used) will keep triggering on hits and affecting all zombies on stairs, slowing them and giving continuous spider drops. If forced out, you can run counter clockwise around the fence, usually without issue, run a zigzag by GGm and then reset to camp stance. About round 20, start hitting the balcony trap. Good to almost 30 with classic GG.


Kitchen Camp: Open Jugg side to power. Open QR side to Kitchen. Stand by table, next to wall with window, aim towards speed Cola. If pushed back, go on balcony or open power. Wallbuys and GG are inconvenient here. Good room for multiple players though.


L-CAR-Room: Open Jugg side around to L-CAR-9 (Door by QR is only closed door,  except maybe Bootlegger room). There is no set spot, the zombies from the hole on the right make this spot a camp/train spot. Stay near the KRM wallbuy. Good for 2+ players.


Multiplayer camps: Take the Speed Cola Camp above, 1 guy on window by SC, 1 Guy by Vesper. If 3 or 4 players, place one by Trip Mine, and 4th plays "shortstop", going where needed to help others. Always a good wallbuy near, and Speed Cola at least if you get downed.


Multiplayer camp: 2+, open QR to power and no further. Open Juggs to WF/STG/Kuda, Camp by STG, 1+ guys on window, 2+ guys on hallway. Use balcony trap.


Multiplayer Camp: Open QR side all tge way around to DT2. 1 guy on back wall opening, others on balcony. Use traps. The zombies will path through the trap and not head towards the wall-hole guy.


Multiplayer WaW Strategy Revisited: Open QR side to Wunderfizz. Open Juggs to DT2, stay by DT2. 1 guy on balcony window, 3 on balcony. Use traps.


MP Reverse Kitchen: At least 2P needed. Open to Kitchen from Juggs.  Open QR side to Speed Cola. 1 on window, others watch balcony. If you use Megas, get Turned on a gun and he will wreck in this skinny balcony. With more players, open Juggs to Speed cola (door between SC and Trip Mines/ICR1/Vesper closed). 2 on windows, 2 watch balcony, HVK30 wallbuy in Camp.


#######Shi No Numa#######


Under Steps Camp: Just like WaW, open the start room door (not steps), go down into the alcove beneath the start room steps. Open Fishing hut first, and most zombies come straight across the courtyard. Once Doctor's Quarters and Storage are open, there will be lots of traffic from the right. You are temporarily cutting off the Comm(unications) Room and the perk, so you really want 2 of the 3 remaining huts to have Speed Cola and double Tap 2, get Widow's Wine from Storage's Wunderfizz machine (and maybe QR, then switch to training perks later). Best to have Mule Kick in Comm, but Jugger in Comm is okay too.


Doctor's Quarters Camp: Go out to DQ, when you get to the hut, go left outside behind a few trees. If you stay near the hut and trees and not too close to the water, all zombies come only in front of the hut (if you go near the water an occasional lone zombie will come behind the trees: place a trip mine). It is not great due to uneven ground on the approaching zombies, but it is not terrible. You can fit several players. Trap in hut can be used.


MP Camps: Any 2 window hut, with traps.


MP Upstairs camp: Leave start via steps, go up other steps, 2 on windows 2 on steps. SlideNride might need to be unactivated in bo3.


#######The Giant#######


Catwalk: Let's just state this and move on: Go to Teleporter C (by Bowie Knife) get on the catwalk and headshot until bored. KN44, GGm near.


TP C Camp and Move: Stand by KN44, face the tunnel. Headshot away. If needed, drop off and run up to catwalk or circle and reset by KN44.


VMP Camp: (best on old gen. On next gen the zombies often juke to your left inconveniently as they get to you). Open Ramp side of start room to power. Open VMP room from stairs only (door with trap is closed). Walk down steps, turn right, stop and face VMP wallbuy. All zombies will come through the opening at the bottom of the steps, even the right window zombies. Run around the barrels and reset as needed, or open the door and activate the trap if needed. Fair on old gen, best with 2 on next gen.


Slow Train Camping: Open Steps side of start room to power. Open TP A (M8A7 there) from upstairs (leaving 'trap' door by Flytrap/L-CAR-9/GGm closed). Stay in the dead end by closed 'trap' door (inside hallway). Many zombies and dogs will load outside in "aisle 4"/Flytrap/LCAR9 hallway and they end up respawning. You need to occasionally jump up at the door to shoot the stuck zombies through the little window with AAT effects. In a 2 or more person game, the game will start to stutter from too many stuck zombies, so kill them regularly. It is a slow camp spot with a chance to safely exit at the end of every round (due to stuck zombies). Kuda, GGm.


Multiplayer camp spots:


Bridge: Debris by Trip Mines closed, 2 on windows by perk/TM, 2 on Bridge. No easy escape for windows, no wallbuys though.


KRM Hall: Open ramp side of Start room to power. Open VMP from top steps, leave 'trap' door closed. Camp by KRM. 2 window guys basically shoot same zombies (PaP KRM), 2 watch hallway to perk/Vesper (zombies drop off 5m away too). Escape door with electric trap.


Any teleporter room, 2 on windows, 2 on approaches. Assault rifle wallbuy in camp.


VMP room, steps closed. 2 on windows, trap option from start area. VMP, KRM, GGm.


LCAR9/"Old Aisle 4" camp: Start room ramp side closed, LCAR9 'trap' door closed. 1 on window, 3 on hallway. 'Trap' door or start room emergency escape. GGm. No good wallbuys (LCAR9).


#######Black Ops Reprints#######


#######Kino Der Toten#######


Start Room Steps Camp and Move: Just like BO1 but easier. Open to power from lower start room door. Keep upstairs door closed. Fight on steps near Quick Revive. No zombies come across the top balcony until you get on the balcony. Very easy 30+ rounds. Turned keeps them away and Fireworks clears the room. I hit 37 easily with a pap shotgun and spamming for Alchemical Antithesis between dog rounds. Have Trip mines on balcony, when pressed back, run across balcony, slide-jump down steps by Shieva, then reset on QR steps.


Start Room Balcony: Go up the Shieva-side steps in the start room, turn right, walk past ?box to column (by QR steps), stop, turn around and face the upstairs window. None will come up the Quick Revive steps unless you back up behind the column. Headshot and watch for crawlers. I recommend getting Turned by 20. After that, it is quite easy to 30 or so. This is amusing with the crawlers coming down past you and on the wall, but don't shoot the column crawlers or they might leave an unreachable drop. You can shoot the dogs from this spot as well, aim under the bannister and shoot as they reach the bottom of the staircase. Let the last come up top for ammo delivery. Easy exit. GGm nearby. QR. No nearby wallbuys of value though, so plan accordingly.


Juggerniche: Stand by Juggernogg, headshot. Strangely difficult due to crawlers. Good for 2, 1 headshotting, 1 de-crawlering.


Here are some ideas with multiple players or no power:


No power: Using wall power, bullet boost, and perkaholic (or similar), one could leave the power off for no creepy crawlies.


No Power Start Room, downstairs; Stay by unopened door, all zombies line up for headshots.


No power open downstairs door of start room. In the next room, stand in the far corner by the door, headshot. One can use this with power on, but it is hard to deal with the crawlers, even with the fire trap.


Multiplayer Speed Cola Room: Open from Stage/Dressing Room, top balcony door closed. Facing SC, 1 player goes up right steps to window. Other player(s) stay on those steps. No zombies come up other steps unless window guy backs up to corner. With 3+ players, have 1 on the top balcony watching towards the other steps.


Power Switch/ICR1 MP: Have door here closed. 1 guy on window, 3 watch approaches. 


4 man camp: Open top door at start to stage and the next door upstairs. Open lower start room door to DT2 only (Fence closed). Go upstairs from stage. 1 by fence window, 2 on upstairs windows, 1 on Stage entrance. Lots of room for each player to deal with his zombies, upstairs window players can help each other if needed. GGm in room. M8A7 wallbuy + ?box location.




W'sW/GGm Landing Pad Camp and Move: Open start room from top, go right to landing pad. Stand behind GGm, almost all zombies line up for headshots. Eventually switch to training here.


Start Room Camp: Camp by the lander in start room. Stay by the Yellow Pipe (+ yellow sign behind you) between the lander and the window beneath the steps, face towards the door to Juggernog. Open Start Room from upstairs, open Start Room door to Juggernog, leave door above Juggernog closed (for Monkey control). The actual camping and headshotting is very easy until at least round 30 with PaP'd headshotting guns. The pros are: All zombies approach in an easy to headshot manner. You have room to move left and do some zigzags if under pressure, and you can use the lander to escape. GGm is in sight. The cons are that there are no good wallbuys near. It is a long run for perk protecting or buying ammo and you need fast reloads. Additional info: You want headshot guns, preferrably with fast reloads in case you can't protect or recover Speed Cola. HVK30/KN44 are way over by Speed Cola but work well. It is difficult (solo) to keep a shotgun/raygun for monkeys as you need 2 headshot guns, and Mule kick is hard to protect for a third gun. The rounds are fairly quick which often means that you kill the last zombie in a crowd, so be prepared to keep a few alive for ammo runs. Monkeys will only come into start from above, so by 30ish, you may just want to protect Juggernog/(+ maybe Quick Revive, and just repurchase your other perks) by going up the steps to the catwalk above, lay down and face the Start Room entrance so each monkey has to run a straight path at you, which your headshot guns can easily deal with while prone. W'sW is okay here, but Stamin Up may serve you better due to running for ammo/perks/monkeys, but you could play barebones with Double Tap 2 and Deadshot daiquiri (from Wunderfizz) and Juggernog/(Quick Revive) with wallguns with Fast Mags. Dead Wire may function well here with all of the zombies rounding the corner from the right, but I recommend Turned and Fireworks as usual. Gersch Device can help (The Doll bomb arms too slow and may blow you up). Besides standing in the corner by yellow pipe (+ yellow sign behind you), you can also move slightly forward and left to line up the heads of the zombies that fall from above, depending on how many are approaching from Juggernog at that moment. This is a surprisingly good spot if you can deal with monkeys and ammo/perk runs.


Power Steps Camp: Open Power room from Mule Kick Side, leave other door closed. Go under power from Kuda entrance, zombies come up steps and in 1 window. Power Room door or GG to escape. Good for MP.


Before PaP Open Camp: Go to closed PaP door (rocket pad). Walk up small hill so that you are between main building wall and a support structure. All zombies come from in front of you. Simply back up and go right to escape. Good for sickle.


MP camps: Door from start to Jugger closed. Go under Jugger, 1 on window, others watch steps. VMP, LCAR9.


Jugger above: door above Juggernog closed, door to start room open. 2 on windows by jugger, 2 at bottom of steps. VMP, LCAR9.


W'sW Lander: 2 on windows, 2 on steps. GGm but no good wallbuys. Lander escape option.


Rocket Lander: 2 on windows, 2 on approach from Speed Cola. SC, HVK30 close, with KN44 and ?box starting location not far off. Lander escape option.


Trip Mines Lander: 2-4 can camp the lander pad. Or 1 can watch the window (on Trip Mine wall) and others watch his back from that side of lander. ICR1 wallbuy at lander. Lander escape option.


#######Shangri La#######


Bowie Niche: Open non-maze side to power, leave other power room door closed. Stand in the space by the closed power room door, in power room. Headshot to 30ish, fire zombie is your trap.




Tunnel 6 Camp: Open T11 to power, open T6 from power only (door to LCAR9 closed from GGm/Kuda side). PaP and Hack Kuda for cheap AAT ammo. Stand near GGm and headshot. Turned does some serious work here. Lots of room for MP.


Tunnel 11 Camp: Open T6 to power, Open T11 to Stamin Up. Stand near GGm/SU, next to center boxes so that window zombies walk in front of you, not behind. With 2+p, 1 watches window, others watch single line of zombies from door/ceiling spawn. Alternately, a solo player can stand behind the blue framework near the window and all zombies come in front of you that way, but it is erratic.


Before Power, prelude to late game camp: If you open T6 and intend to camp T11 for high rounds in the 'as yet unmentioned T11 room', then you can do this: open T6, go to entrance to T11 by power switch, but don't open T11 door yet. Unlike BO1, no zombies spawn in the ceiling here. The zombies tend to get stuck in the entrance by power and Turned/AATs will wreck them handily.


Long game: Open Tunnel 6, open Tunnel 11 from power. Leave door by Stamin Up closed. PaP Zap Guns, bring Gersch, Hacker, and 'power up' (drops) GGm to hack. Aim between window and ceiling spawn with melded gun to get all zombs. Hack drops for ammo. Gun with Deadwire for when Skippy drops by.


#######Black Ops 2 Reprint#######




I really have not found any viable solo camp spots beyond the original "Camp by the Lightning Staff part above the mound" (or other Lightning Staff parts) by using the tank to get there.




Tips: RK5 pistol on round 3+4 is "fire 1 burst, stab" for points. Headshot round 5 (stab if they survived the headshot). And round 6+7 it is "fire 2 bursts, then stab". I leave the elo sight off so it appears to jump less. Quick draw (effects swap speed too) and Fast Mags recommended. This gun makes early rounds easy.


I pair the Bowie Knife/Sickle with Trip Mine in hand for fast stabs and fast movement rate and much less chance of knife-lunge. By standing still and clicking the melee button, you can shred crowds quickly (some slight back ups required).


If playing Classic GGs, later game hold Alchemical Antithesis if needed, or try to keep an In Plain Sight for reload/revive help.


Happy Gaming!

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I love strategy threads. Thank you for the read. Though I hate camping a lot despite it being the faster option most of the time, but that is just me.


Can I ask when you will be able to jump into BO4?

Oh and thanks for not calling us a dead forum again. ?


Happy gaming to you as well.

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On 12/13/2018 at 2:16 PM, Lenne said:


Can I ask when you will be able to jump into BO4?

Oh and thanks for not calling us a dead forum again. ?


Happy gaming to you as well.

1. Camping into training just mixes up the fun. Doing only one or the other is less than the whole.


2. Edited: I have BO4... I'm not a fan of Treyarch's new fake zombies game. I hit L55, won't prestige, and I see no reason to buy dlc for this major flop. If Treyarch wants zombies to die, that is heartbreaking.


3. Shhhhh... I would never type that. Who spreads these rumors? :]



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Non-Camping strategies that could help players inflate their solo high rounds with minimal effort:


(How's that for a post headline)?


Any map: Wall Power and/or Crate Power GGs with Bullet Boost GGs and a favorite camp/train spot. Get favorite perks, get PaP'd, go.


Shadows of Evil: Having trouble with rituals and PaP? You can always just get to 12ish rounds and build the Apothicon Servant, hold Alchemical Antithesis GG for ammo.


Der Eisendrache: Skip Bows, simply teleport the PaP together and train with rePaP'd guns. Without all the Bow steps, you can just burn through rounds.


Zetsubou No Shima: If you skip the KT-4/Masamune and concentrate on getting a couple of good PaP guns, then circle Lab B, you'll probably get past 30 fairly quickly without dying doing busywork. Make sure to carry a good "path clearing gun" with an AAT ready to proc.


Revelations: Immolation Liquidation  (the fire sale GG) at start into Thundergun and/or Squid Gun (Ragnaroks and Lil Arnies help too). Start room is a decent training spot, do the Corruption Engine and head into NDU for Juggernogg. That's all you need to hit 50+.


Kino Der Toten: Like Revelations, IL GG into thundergun, though you still need to open up to Juggernogg and such unless you can run start room steps without Juggernog for 20+ rounds.


Ascension: Again, get Thundergun + Juggernogg and run the W'sW lander area. Even forgoing the landers/PaP, you should get a decent round.


Moon: Simply leave the power off. Train zombies in the Biodome. No excavator BS. Go to Earth for PaP, Juggernogg, Speed Cola (even SC isn't necessary, but I recommend Juggs). My easy set up is: Grab VMP from the door to the Biodome, and grab the KN44 by the Teleporter, both easy to reach from Biodome (I never needed ammo, but I'd spam the VMP wallbuy for Liquid Divinium occasionally). PaP and rePaP these guns, get Dead Wire preferably on VMP (Fireworks on KN44 recommended, but Turned could do). Back on Moon, Keep grabbing the hacker and then a PES suit until the hacker respawns on the top floor (by VMP or by Dogshit Daquiri). Grab hacker, hack VMP (3000 points) to make VMP PaP ammo 650, grab PES. Run a C-shape at the big curve of the Biodome path (leading to the Biodome door to TP), at end of rounds, look towards the Labs for Skippy and kill him if there. First try, I hit 36 with ease, died by dumb mistake only. If playing no power with friends, you could hack other guns by being revived on the trip, do this early before perks.


Origins: One can skip staffs, activate the Generators, and double PaP "Crazy Place" guns, stay in the crazy place. No walls ever drop in the crazy place (until you take a staff crystal). Though this is not always as simple as it sounds to accomplish. Panzer(s) will be waiting if you leave. If shield is in Wind tunnel (and entrance open here to CP), you can run up and get it sometimes without being Panzered.


That's what I came up with. Anyone else have an off kilter noncamping strategy for easy rounds for newbs?


Happy gaming!





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Additional newbie tips:


Camping: I use this term for standing in one place (not circling), whether solo or with 2-4 players. The trick to this with bullet guns is the pathing mechanics; you want to adjust your stance to align every single zombie head as they path towards you (assuming not window-watching).


Example: Take Der Eisendrache QR niche. If you just stand in the back, the horde is too spread out and you have to change aim too much. So you must seek out a headshot sweetspot. In this scenario I stand directly in front of Quick Revive, at the centerpoint of the front of the machine, about a foot out, and I am lining up the path from the stairs' zombies, and the zombies from the right side also put their heads in that line. Shi No Numa under Start Steps, you can aim across the courtyard, or you can aim right, in both cases, you want to align it so that unseen zombies will round the corner into your crossfire. Verrückt ICR1/Vesper camp (SC door by Trip Mine closed). Here, you want to be shooting the wall-hole zombies AS you are shooting the zombies directly in front of you that are rounding the fence-corner. Aim at further zombies, knowing closer zombies will path into headshots.


For window watching, try to have "area effects" that can help hold the window; Dead Wire, Blast Furnace, Fireworks, (maybe Thunder Wall, but not Turned), Ragnaroks, Trip Mines (often behind you in case of breech), Wonder Weapons.


Camp and Move: This strategy is location-specific to a few maps. The idea is to hold a spot until pushed back, but then return and reset.


Examples: KDT start steps, Canal camp and move (on 360), Revelations W'sW Area, Der Riese "double tap ledge" (ledge by bridge by perk) and the drop off spot of the catwalk. On DR/Giant, I may use both spots in conjuction.


Camp and move may include "Looping". In 360 canal camp, I'll often loop the map through Subway and come back to reset.


Circling: This, in my lexicon, is running tight circles, basically to contain and constrain the zombies into an area of greatest effect (most kills per ammo fired). Often Cache Back or Alchemical Antithesis keep a wonder weapon fueled for this strategy, but this can be quite effective with basic guns, and a little forethought goes a long way. (Technically, this point also can apply to camping certain spots as well). With Blast Furnace, Dead Wire, and Fire Works, be sure to circle the initial spot the AAT (alternate ammo type) triggered for maximum return. Also, don't keep firing and wasting ammo at higher rounds; learn the timing of the AAT, only firing when you are fairly sure the AAT will "proc" (trigger), because at higher rounds the regular PaP'd bullets aren't doing much. By only using the AAT, you rarely need ammo re-ups. Dead Wire Procs the most often (but will not drop 'drops' on Wunderwaffe maps, iirc), then Blast Furnace, then Fire Works, if I'm not mistaken.


SoE Circling example: Build Shield by Ruby Rabbit AND PaP and re-PaP the M8A7 there. If you have no Servant ammo, or someone else has the Servant, you can still run circles here using Blast Furnace, Fire Works, or Dead Wire and have infinite ammo and Shield, with GG not too far away. By having ammo right there, you avoid unnecessary deaths caused by running for ammo mid-round.


Verrückt ICR1/Vesper Example 2: In this spot, I have infinite ammo for at least the ICR1, and a GGm 5m away in the same room AND a trap (which is nice since there is no PaP without Mega GG). Just behind this, in the Speed Cola camp, both the ICR1 and HVK30 are just feet away, with GGm and Trap not too far off.


The point being to camp/train near what you have, or buy what is near or in the best camp/train spots, for easy and speedy rounds. Use that nearby wallbuy the most, only switching to non-refillable guns if necessary (or max ammo drop nearby).


(Edited in): AAT additional thoughts; Often you can be forced from your comfort zone by zombies, Margwa, Panzers, or even a rampaging excavator on Moon. In this case, be conscious of the use of AATs to clear the way. Having a gun with Thunder Wall, Fire Works, or even Turned can clear a blocked path (Dead Wire and Blast Furnace are not good for this). Try to avoid firing this weapon while moving about to guarantee that when you do fire it, it procs and blasts a path for you. A poster here a long time back said he maintained a Mule Kick 3rd gun Shotgun w/Thunder Wall just for this reason; High movement rate and path-clearing. However, you can do this with a larger gun by running with Trip Mine in hand for movement rate and only pulling the gun out if required. (End edit).


In conclusion, a higher zombie skill level is easily attainable if you step back from being immersed and simply look at the game as a technical construct and exploit the programming within its parameters. I'm not suggesting glitching or cheating, just playing smart.


Watch your own theater games and critique yourself. See your errors and compensate. If you played with better players, in theater simply switch viewed player and watch how they played. Also, in theory (I haven't done it myself yet), one can go to BO3 menu, Manage Groups, and put in any GT (xb1) and watch that player's theater, if you know a good player or more.


And lastly: Don't waste Mega GG learning maps. Expect to suck until you figure them out. Grab Quick Revives, you can always stop using them and go for 1 life high rounds later. At first, just soak up them downs as a learning experience. Get used to 'winning' with the least of stuff. In over a decade of FPS gaming (I've played video games since late 70s), I noticed that nobody gives 2 shits what your stats are but you, so just play for the joy of playing it and ignore any stigmas.


I hope I gave some basic insights to anyone grabbing BO3 late in its life, and as always, happy gaming!



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Moar of Zombie Chronicles. 


Making simple games simpler for short play times, and exploring weird game ideas. I've done every individual map except Gorod Krovi, so why not post my deranged ideas for ZC?




All maps:


Start Room only challenge: No need to type this for every map now. How long can you survive Start Room?


I, candy: Only use Eye Candy GobbleGum.


Box and Bottle revisited: If plausible, open to ?Box, shortest route possible, no other doors allowed afterwards. No power allowed. QR and Box until they leave your map.


Anywhere But Here! GG: Ban this on small maps, or try to get put in an "ABH! Pit map" if it takes you out of the allowed map parameters.




-------Nacht Der Untoten 


WaW III: No perks nor GG allowed. Back to basics.


Whatthefuzz: You must take whatever the wunderfizz machine gives you. Random is fun or not.


?Boxed in: You must hit the box every round possible, and must exchange 1 gun. If you get Monkey Bomb, no exchange that round. May only hit box once per round. No wallbuys allowed.


Wall Flower: No ?Box use allowed.






(2 Start Rooms) Option, QR Side: Open Bootlegger Room only.


Hall of the Dead: Open Juggs side to Kuda wallbuy, hold that hallway.


Columns of Woe: QR side, open LCAR9 Room only. Short lived training session.


Round Room: You must open 1 door per round, 1 door max per round. You must fight and stay only in that newly opened room that round. Once entire map is open, you win (go to bed, or may now play entire map).




-------Shi No Numa: 


Bad Ops Shuns: Open Start Room steps, open Storage + Storage hut only. Camp by KRM or train. 5 perk options; QR, SU, W'sW, DD, and 1 random. Electric Trap option.


Fishing Hurt: Open Start Room door, open Fishing Hut for perk. Camp under start Room steps or train. QR and random Perk. Flogger option, Electric Trap option.


Doc Der Untoten: Open either Start exit, open DQ. Keep DQ Hut closed. Camp outside left of DQ Hut. No perks allowed.




-------Kino Der Toten:


Kino-sabe: No power switch allowed. Open map as desired otherwise.


Half Fast: Pick a side, open only that side to power, no doors on the other side allowed. 


Round Room: You must open 1 door per round, 1 door max per round. You must fight and stay only in that newly opened room that round. Once entire map is open, you win (go to bed, or may now play entire map).






The Juggernogg's Bitch: Open Juggs room from Start, open above Juggs, open 1 door above to power and activate it. No other doors allowed.


Wanderfizz (map build): Open Upper Start Room door. Open door by RK5/Kuda. Open (Fire Trap) door near KN44. Open either door to Power Switch and activate it. No other doors allowed. QR, W'sW, Wunderfizz perks, a few wallbuys. Trap option. (Option: open Jugger door for Juggernog).


Wanderfizz 2: Open lower Start Room door, open door above Juggs. Open door above to power/Box. Open Kuda/RK5 door outside. Open door to Stamin Up. No other doors allowed. Juggs, QR, W'sW, SU, and Wunderfizz perks. Trap option.


The Ascending Giant (map build): Open lower Start Room door. Open door above Juggs. Open door by Fire Trap. Open door to Speed Cola/Bowie Knife. Open door from above Jugger steps to Power. A high rise convoluted map of bad training, J, SC, and QR with Bowie Knife and temporary Box.


Lander Pits (map builds): Open through Jugger and 1 door above to power. Buy Jugger (not QR). Ride Lander to random pad. No other door purchases allowed, no other Lander use allowed. 1. Jugger + Trip Mines. 2. Jugger, Speed Cola, Bowie Knife. 3. Jugger, W'sW, Wunderfizz perks. (Option: At Trip Mine pad, you may open door to Stamin Up and Trap). (Option: Allow unlimited Lander use. Still no PaP access. Add QR for long games. With this option, you could open to Power Switch through Fire Trap, and up past Mule Kick. This adds Fire Trap, Mule Kick, and PaP option).




-------Shangri La:


Shangri's Playground (map build): Open Start Room door near GGm. Open Start Room to Maze side door through to power, through KN44 Room, to the Waterspout Room (up to Mine Cart). No other doors allowed. Use cart, waterspouts, slide to get around map. You win the game when the Maze crashes the game, like any other bo3 SL game. PaP may be or become unavailable due to closed hallway.






Pit 51: Get to Moon, get Power and Perks, come to Moon and fight in area 51. No QR allowed.


No Power: See post above for details. Long game.


Wrecked: You may not hack excavators.


The Giant Moon: Get Juggernogg or Speed Cola at Start. Go to Moon. Open to Bowie Knife, and both tunnels allowed fully opened, no other doors allowed. QR option. (Option: Activate Power for DT2, and a shrinking map due to excavators. No Hacker allowed).


Angri-la Moon: Get Start perk if able and desired. Get to Moon. Fully open both tunnels, nothing else. Activate Power Switch. Excavators eventually shrink map. QR option. Possible Box option. (Option: No Power, no excavators).






Staved off: Activate generators, PaP, and train in Crazy Place (as above post). Long game.


Shangorigins: Open both trenches from Start Room until they connect. No more doors allowed (nor ABH! GG). Speed Cola, QR options.


Wanderfuzz: Open through Gen 3 (Speed Cola) to No-Man's-Land. Get SC, Jugger, and WF perks (until it leaves the map). No more doors allowed. QR option.




Happy gaming wrongly!

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