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Richtofen’s Grander Scheme

Electric Jesus

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Alright, just a quick idea that occurred to me. 


Richtofen is going to try to get back into the MPD. 


So, we learn in a radio in Classified that the post-moon Ultimis cast arrives back in the pentagon in 1963, with a comatose Richtofen. He’s most likely just a soulless body, since his body was formerly occupied by Sam. Eventually, Zombie Richtofen emerges from a portal, touches post-moon Richtofen, then turns to ash, at which point Richtofen wakes up and laughs. 


My interpretation of this is that somehow Zombie Richtofen transferred his mind / soul into the post-moon Richtofen’s body. If this is the case, we might have a real problem on our hands. 


Zombie Richtofen is the same Ultimis Richtofen that originally entered the MPD in samantha’s body, was booted out by Maxis, trapped in a Zombie’s body, and then ran errands in the comics. 


So, we know that entering the MPD basically turned Richtofen into a full-blown puppet of the apothicons / the shadowman, who spoke to him as a voice in his head. and now, that same Richtofen is occupying a body in Groom Lake hangar 4, on Classified. We know that the playable Richtofen on Classified just came from Shang, so he clearly has the golden rod and the focusing stone in his possession. They even go out of their way to mention this in Richtofen’s opening quotes on the map.


It just seems like too perfect of an opportunity for ex-zombie Richtofen to go nextdoor, kill his other self, collect the artifacts, and pick up his grand scheme exactly where he left off. 


He literally played the longest con imaginable. 


I wouldn’t be surprised if this all culminates in a huge war with the apothicons, with an evil Ultimis Richtofen in the MPD fighting on their side, among others. 

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Is it Zombie Richthofen who touches Richthofen's body in the radio? Because what I understood, it was a regular zombie carrying Richthofen's soul touching Richthofen's body and actually creating Zombie Richthofen, which would mean that him chasing Victims would happen after these events, instead of prior. A big difference, though I am unsure. 


If you are right, though, it would be an interesting new scenario. But IF he, or it,  would attack Ultimis and take the artifacts, it would change history, changing future that way that Buried, Origins and everything after that would be different/not happen. And it would be no one else then the Doctor who would have omnipotent Aetherial control

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