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Thoughts about Groesten Haus

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So thought it would be fun to get some discussion going on here. I'm pretty interested to hear others thoughts about the map so if you have played the map I'd appreciate if you share your thoughts :D


Personally, I like this map. It's very small and close quarters, which makes it difficult as well. I got to round 26 with my brother and it starts to get chaotic, and difficult. I know some people won't like that, but for me that's what zombies is about. The game getting more difficult every round, until you can't go further. Then you try again. I like how you can upgrade the mystery box too. Random blitz machine is nice too, maybe I'd prefer to choose what blitz I buy, but in a such small map it would get pretty overcrowded if they had all the machines there so it's understandable. There's not a lot of options with the wall buys, so you're basically forced to go with the box, and after upgrading it it's more efficient anyways. That too reminds me of the old zombies mode, it keeps the game interesting. 


Is this the best map of all time though? Not really, but I'd like to see small maps like this more in the dlc packs. 

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I like the map being so detailed, among with so many creepy objects. Creepy in the right way: the puppets, the toy horse and some other stuff. The house is completely decorated with kit chen, piano, open fire, etc. There are lots of small jars, cans and bottles, most even movable and not stuck to the tables. This is one aspect I am really fund on. 


What I dislike is how suddenly the zombies can pop up in this map. I believe (correctly me if I'm wrong but it felt this way) that zombies can spawn at the roof and suddenly jump down in front of you. Barriers cannot be rebuilt. This causes that the players cannot defend a part of the house (e.g. the upper floor, the box room, the fire room, etc). Not that that strategy would be very effective, but it's just nice to play this map with 3 others and that you together defend an area (like the camp spot in Buried, the upper floor in Nacht, the power room in Verrückt).


Furthermore, I really like the map. Shame that the servers don't allow me the play Nazi Zombie mode that often.

3 hours ago, jiipee95 said:

I'd like to see small maps like this more in the dlc packs

Definitely. I can imagine DLC 2 brings, among with the big German Island map, a small island or lighthouse map, similar like Groesten House is based on Mittelburg (the Final Reich). If this really will happen...time travel will tell.

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