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Hanging Up My Galil

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So I can't really play Blops 2 Zombies anymore. It's just a nerve racking waste of time. The player base has been reduced to nothing. My average games looks like this:


I start with 3 randoms.


First Round they fight each other for points. I park by Tombstone to tilt the spawns in my favor and not have to trip over others to steal their kills, breaking the entire purpose and meaning of co-op play (no one knows how to play anymore, lol). I do my thing, I get my points. Normally one guy has left by Round 5, for one of the following reasons:


  1. Went down.
  2. Didn't get points because they don't understand how spawns work.
  3. They didn't get shit from the box because someone broke it on Round 2-3.


And then there were 3...


By Round 7 I have a MP5 packed and I'm working on my perks.


By Round 10 I have a my first 3 perks and tombstone, and I have my Primary weapon. My team mates are lucky if they have Jugg, and are still hauling shit weapons out of a broken box.


By Round 13 I am now a Combat Medic. It's my job to look out for and take care of downs.


I'm just done...



If anyone out there wants to have a real match on 360, please contact me.


GamerTag: LocoMofo85


I'm also on GTA 5 if that means anything to you.



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I feel your pain and honestly it's always been like this with randoms.  You can look back at posts done right after black ops 2 launch and see its always been an issue.  In the olden days you would play 5 horrible matches and find one person with decent skills to team up with.


I would suggest when going into a random game to only look at it as practice.  Training zombies, reviving fallen people, and a small hope of giving some valued tips to those who are willing to listen.  Keep hardcore playing to designated groups you find.


The one small sliver of hope is that with every game you might discover something new or a mechanic of the game you didn't perceive before (such as the mystery box, without crappy people hitting it you wouldn't have noticed a difference).


Unfortunately, those people with skills you're looking for have mostly moved on from random play, broaden your team search online and you might find some quality people willing to make a return for old times sake.

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I never had this problem back in the day.


Sure there were inexperienced players afoot, but somehow it just wasn't this bad, not even close. These days even the high rank players won't even use a knife during an inst kill. I feel pumped when I see a player interacting with the Tombstone machine, thinking, "Oh my god. He has Tombstone. This could be the game I've been waiting for!!!"


It's sad how bad it's really gotten. I don't even need a mic for Town... Who needs a mic for Town? lol It's the easiest map Treyarc ever made... Like EVER. There is no plethora of strategic plays that can be made. It's ALLLLLLLL common sense stuff.


The way I look at it, if you feel you need a mic for Town, I'm talking about the general use of one, but feeling like it's a must, I really don't feel that confident going into a session with you. Town is one map I will never need a mic on. The only time I would need a mic, is if there was a player who needs coaching.


I can read any situation on that map as it plays out, lol.


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I've never played with a mic and honestly, never felt like I needed one. Though, I understand how you feel. Maybe playing Farm helps! From my experience, players in Farm are mostly more experienced than those in Town. The disadvantage is no PaP, no Tombstone and no Stamin-up

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I play Farm once in a blue moon.


My biggest issue with mics on Town is that is suggests to me, more-so than anything else, you find the map intense, and that it requires the level of communication (beyond the norm) and strategic planning you'd expect to see on pretty much any non-Green Run map.


I can understand just being able to communicate for the odd things here and there, it can be great. Ideally 4 players who know what they are doing shouldn't need mics. Some of the best Town runs I've had were micless from start to finish.


My main issue is when people get on the mics and start trying to Quarterback the session. I don't mind if they are being efficient leaders, talking sense, giving good pointers to those who may be struggling a bit or clearly less experienced than others.


But when random guys are trying to tell me what to do, telling me I need Jugg as if I didn't already know that, or trying to get everyone huddled in the box alley to waste our points jumping it to the bar...


No, lol.

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