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Shang solo camping strat


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I was doing a challenge for the Ancient Trials and accidentally discovered a really nice strat that would also work with more people. I got to wave 18 with no jugg and not really trying too hard. No GG needed. 



1. Get the turned re-pack on the L-car9

2. Camp at the bridge.

3. Try and always have the turned zombie at the upper end (more zombies)

4. Use the turned zombie to kill flamers



-pretty easy once you have turned. 

-ammo near by

-GG near by

-with more people and more turned this could be an amazing strategy

-turned zombie kills flamers and screamers in one hit



-L-car9 will get weak after wave 20 I suspect. only use it for turned. You will need a good secondary.

-relies on luck for the repack. I got it first try on wave 9

-you don't get many points because the turned is doing most of the work.


There were multiple times when I had the flame left over from a flamer on one side of the bridge and my turned at the other. I imagine even with just two players having one turned on each side of the bridge this would be high rounds easy. Add in GG and jugg (I didn't use jugg) and a deadwire secondary and bam, high rounds. 


I'll record it if I try this with more people

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31 minutes ago, Lenne said:

Thanks for sharing, I didn't know Turned kills the Napalm zombies in one hit.


Though I dislike camping, I'll still give you a like for posting a strategy topic.


Lookin forward to the recording.


I also never camp, but on Shang I am not good enough to train lol. I wont be able to try it for a couple weeks so anyone else please post your findings if you try this co-op.

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