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Image result for Kino der Toten PortraitsImage result for Shi no Numa loading screen Image result for Nacht Der Untoten loading ScreenImage result for Call of Duty Zombies loading screensImage result for Only the Cursed surviveImage result for Der Eisendrache poster


I have been thinking about something. There are many silhouettes without names, and faces without names. People have come up with many theories about these people, but there is one that I have not seen. 


What if they're all the same person. The silhouettes on the Nacht Der Untoten loading screen would be the first time that they showed up. This makes them the FIRST character introduced. Even before the Fab Four. A certain piece of evidence that they are the same person is the fact that they are connected with the Fab Four in Shi No Numa, and again with the portraits in Kino Der Toten. 


In fact, they're really all over the place. 


They're even connected to Shangri-La, thanks to that loading screen, as he is up in the left hand corner of the screen.

Image result for Shangri La Loading Screen


I do not yet know who he is, for certain, but thinking about him this way MAY be the key to discovering who he is. 


Now thanks to the fact that he is a character without a name, it is possible that we can assume he is the "Only the Cursed Survive" person, as well as the character who stands next to Tank in the First Strike poster, thanks to the fact that he is bald, as well as "Only the Cursed Survive" (or at least appears to be bald). 


Now... to figure out exactly what he's doing in all these places...


To me, it seems that he is at least a leading figure, if not THE leading figure in an organization akin to Group 935 and Division 9. He seems to be involved in projects regarding mind control, as well as various artifacts from around the world. Now, it looks like he's standing in a doorway in the Nacht Der Untoten loading screen... Is it really a doorway, or is a portal akin to the ones Edward began using in Black Ops 3? If so, he may be going anywhere in spacetime.


Next: What in the HELL could have been doing in Shi No Numa? Perhaps... he was merely watching the four and their progress. Maybe he was safe somewhere, with cameras pointed directly at them. Just... watching. For what? Well let's put it this way: Takeo, Nikolai, and Tank are test subjects. Variables in an experiment. Edward, who is PART of the experiment, but not a test subject, himself, would then be seen as the control. The silhouette character MAY have been observing the results, as Edward would be in no place to do so, being part of the experiment.


Next: Kino Der Toten. If all these people are in fact one person, and they are watching the experiment, then (and this is assuming that the whole story, at least up to Moon, was in fact A MAZE) then it is entirely possible that they would put SOMETHING to show the characters they're being watched. Edward would know who it was, and it is hinted at that he does when he looks at the silhouette portrait and says "Zhis vone didn't photograph so vell.". Takeo may know this person, as he had been part of the experiments the longest. Perhaps he liked the guy. He probably liked him more than he liked Richtofen, or perhaps knew something related to the man that only Richtofen would know. He says "What once was, is no more, but shall be again!" When Nikolai sees it, he says, "It looks like someone removed the image!" If this is in fact part of the experiment, the observer cannot be known. It would taint the results is the characters ACTUALLY knew they were being watched. Finally, Tank. He wouldn't know the guy. He had been part of the experiment for less time than anyone and so it makes sense that when he sees the silhouette, he says, "Hey look! it's nobody!"



NEXT: Ascension. What was he doing at that base? He was obviously working on a variety of projects, including missiles, test subjects (the empty cell), and some kind of teleportation, time travel, or portal.


How is that connected to Shangri La? ANSWER! HE WAS WATCHING THAT AS WELL. He would have followed the Fab Four's progress EVERYWHERE they went, no matter where they went. 


Next: Only the cursed survive. He is holding a card with the Mark of the Beast on it. He seems sinister. He seems to be at least part zombies. Who is he?


Finally: Last strike. The bald man. Remember... touching the radioactive beacon makes your hair fall out. He may have been at The Giant as well. 


Is he a member of Group 935? Is he a leader of an organization that Group 935 works closely with? Is he a standalone man? 


Only time will tell... But with time running out for the characters and all of the realities, I am almost certain we will know in the next Treyarch game. Assuming they have zombies still... I don't think we're done just yet.

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OP, your theorization is classic, but Im

afraid classical procedure is a bit outdated, these days, and Treyarch has been good enough to answer some little questions that we had regarding some of this stuff. 



The bald man on the First Strike poster has been confirmed to be the Ascension Group's Dr. Gersch, but the majority of the community has been in accord on this question since the map was released. 


The Ascension loading screen would be Dr. Yuri and Dr. Gersche, respectively. 


I'm not sure what you're looking at in the Shi No Numa loading screen, but if you refer to the silhouettes of zombies getting electrocuted, those are just zombies. 


@RequixEclipse that's a bold assertion, if I'm not mistaken. Am I missing a reveal?


Agreed, we are still not sure of the identity of the Cursed man, and he really doesn't seem to line up with anything we know at this juncture other than for the mark, which, as we know is now more or less meaningless due to the destruction of the Apothicons. 


The identity of the man in the Nacht screen may be clearer now, though I do not recall what makes me think that.


And as I said to Requix, I don't believe we have evidence of the identity of the silhouette picture. I believe we have concluded that it is actually a silhouette of Dempsey, but that does not necessarily mean it was ''intended" to be, for storyline purposes. 


Thanks for theorizing, keep studying and keep 'em coming. Definitely familiarize yourself with the Chronicles timeline, all the radios from WAW Shi No Numa to the latest BO3, and get to know character quotes. Those can be found on YouTube at @PINNAZ's Call of Duty Zombies Library. 

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