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Zombies Cipher [ SOLVED ]

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Already SH games have been really sneaky. The image that they showed earlier on at the reveal of WWII for nazi zombies seems to include a hidden cipher. The letters can be seen just under the zombies helmet on the left side.


These have been solved to read as the following. 




Official steps on solving the cipher


Step 1: Head over to callofduty.com/classified


Step 2: You will be taken to a page where you have some sort of type writing machine in front of you. This is where you will input your words.


Step 3: Input the word IUFDJ into the machine and then click on the little white switch just to the right of where your letters where inputed. You will notice that the letters will spin and stop on ANEWH.


Step 4: Next input the word BHLOP and click on the little white switch again. The words will spin once again to reveal the letters ORROR.


Step 5: Finally input your last word JMUBA and click on the white switch. Once the words have stopped spinning you will get your final letters that are RISES.


Once you have completed all of those steps your screen will dim down and you will be taken to a page with a document on it. Click the document to open it and you will be greeted with two images. One showing a character named Frederick Barbarossa.


Now if we look at all of the letters we where given when we spinner the machine it reads




This one is pretty easy to tell that if we split it up it clearly says




It also gives us a set of coordinates. These are:


FORM - YMF - 212514 12123 131


These take us to the Dunkirk Battle.


Thats the little quick and easy guide on solving the zombie helmet cipher. I hope you guys can have fun with this and hopefully even find more little clues within this new page!





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I found a site where IUFDI and JMUBA are associated, in order, to distinct life paths, being 2 and 4, a peacemaker and a planner, maybe hinting at the personalities of the upcoming characters?

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Updated thread with complete steps on solving the cipher!




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Link is rather long, but tells how the painting on the right went missing after Germany's invasion of Poland. Also, Operation Barbarossa had to do with Germany's invasion of the Eastern Soviet Union, so that may explain the left image.

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This is interesting but you should update the op with more info when you can. Still it's pretty cool though

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Nice work, @ImagineBagginz! I am truly fund on the fact that WWII Zombies will be about real life events and war mysteries. So what do we all know now?


The cipher, solved by @Blurryface, saying "A NEW HORROR RISES". Entering the code on the CoD site gives you also acces to two pictures.


The story is about the Third Reich's desperate attempt to create an army in the final stages of the war. Therefore, I guess WWIIZ takes place in the last year(s) of WW2.


Source: https://pvplive.net/c/call-of-duty-wwiis-zombie-mode-based-on-real-events-heightened-horror-theme?utm_source=Social_PIK&utm_campaign=IP_PIK&utm_medium=POST&utm_term=IP&utm_content=COD


@ImagineBagginz has pointed this out: One of the pictures on the site of CoD is actually a portrait of Raphael. The painting is missing ever since the German invasion of Poland (1939), but since WWIIZ probably takes place at the end of the war, the painting was not destroyed during the German invasion of Poland. They stole it, or perhaps used it for something. Maybe the portait holds a secret story or code hidden in it.


Source: https://pvplive.net/c/call-of-duty-wwiis-zombie-mode-based-on-real-events-heightened-horror-theme?utm_source=Social_PIK&utm_campaign=IP_PIK&utm_medium=POST&utm_term=IP&utm_content=COD


Something found out by @Blurryface, immediately after he had solved the code and gained acces to the pictures. The other picture is Frederick Barbarossa, a German king in the medieval era. "Barbarossa" may also hint to Operation Barbarossa: The German Invasion of the Sovjet Union (1942-1943).



What I notice, is that both Frederick and Raphael are from Northen Italy.


Last but not least: We have coordinates. The coordinates of Duinkerke (Dunkirk). We know of the famous battle of Dunkirk(1940), but with the developers having told that the story is taking place at the end of the war, I think we may better look to the lesser known "Siege of Dunkirk", 1944-1945. This was a aggressive and bloody battle as well, and perhaps the Nazi's first attemp to use a new undead wonderweapon...


Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siege_of_Dunkirk_(1944–45)


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