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Your thoughts on Infinite Warfare Zombies so far?

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So I gave Zombies in Spaceland a shot at my mates. I actually a really interesting system/thing going on there. Although I won't be purchasing the game, I could easily see myself enjoying the game mode.


I really enjoy the unique melee animations for each character. Definitely gives it more depth. And the buyback system. I'm not sure if it could work honestly with Treyarch's Zombies, might make it a bit too easy. But I won't lie, it was relieving not having to set up my weapons again. Just have to go to the Lost and Found and you've got them. That little robot thing giving you challenges is an interesting thing, though I think it should just be on from the start. Not something you have to build.

Although I still hate it being zombies and the PaP being called PaP, I really do appreciate what Infinity Ward have done. I like the Extinction system they still have going on, with the ammo/grenades/points on the ground. The whole movie set scene can literally have any scenario. While I thought full on dragons in Gorod Krovi was a bit to fantasy-like for me, it could easily fit in Infinite Warfare.

Fate and Fortune cards are just reskinned GobbleGums which eh..., but I like you can have multiple active. The boss was very tough, couldn't take him down. Hopefully the team learn the bullet sponge bosses (AKA George) are not the right answer.

So anyway, what do you guys think of it so far?

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14 hours ago, zombies69.com said:

I think its straight forward a dissapointment.



How so? Given IW's past for trying to add game modes to compete with Treyarch's zombies that fell WELL short of the mark, I don't see how anything but utter crap could be expected, and I was actually pleasantly surprised with what they've done with this as it's actually pretty good. Sure, if they'd released it about 5 years ago to complete with Black Ops 1 zombies, I'm sure we'd have all been like "WTF is this...." but I'd sooner play this than Zetsubou No Shima, Gorod Krovi, Die Rise or Tranzit, for example.


I love the scenery, I've always had a bit of a thing for cosmicky stuff and a space-themed fun park is right up my street. Plus the 80s setting complete with music backing track to match, brilliant. Definitely not a fan of the fact that you have to do silly quests just to get a sub-par wonder weapon, but apart from that, in general you're not forced to do a bunch of crap just to get set up like you are with some of Treyarch's later maps. The whole thing has got such a fun vibe to it which has been missing from zombies for quite some times now, Treyarch zombies used to be a little scary and eerie but it lost that a long time ago and became much less exciting, I guess IW could have tried to replicate that but I imagine it'd just feel like an old, stale, done-over approach and it's good to see them going in a different direction with it.

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