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AX7's Shepard of fire would have been a good song for this map.

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After listening to this the other day, I think this song would be a better fit for SOE. 

I mean in SOE we have a star, the law, a fighter, ect. and in the song, the shepard of fire is the shadowman leading the "weak". I don't have the lyrics in front of me and I can't really access the song right now to listen to it, but I'll try to update this thread later with my full analysis of the lyrics. 

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I totally agree! I honestly think that A7X has a song for almost every map in zombies. Starting at BO2,


Tranzit - Carry On (instead of that carrion shit)

Die Rise - Natural Born Killer (? iffy)

MoTD - God Hates Us

Buried - Buried Alive (you know i had to pick buried alive. puns, you know)

Origins - This Means War

Shadows of Evil - Shepherd of Fire or Hail to the King

Der Eisendrache - Gunslinger

Zetsubou No Shima - honestly idk at this point

Gorod Krovi - St. James maybe?

Revelations - we'll have to see...

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Honestly I'm starting to feel Shepard of Fire would make a good fit for Revelations too, referring to Primis. But looking back now, it made sense playing the song while Primis was fighting in the Origins cutscene too.


At least that's how I interpret the song. Some might interpret it from Monty's POV, which would still work in Revelations IMO.

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