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Are the Shadow man and DR Monty practically the same person.


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So after seeing the Monty memories segment i had a little idea. What if Monty and the shadow man are practically the same person. My thesis on this is sort of related by the fact they look and sound the same  But also linked in to the fact that there is a dark and light ether. I thought that maybe the reason they look the same is because they are the leaders/protectors of their related ether. (Monty for light and shadow man for dark). Maybe they were brothers and one got corrupted and turned into the shadow man. Just a small thought. Anyone else have any ideas like this?

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First of all, welcome to the site!


And as for them being literally the same person, that is not the case. We know that the Shadow Man was in the Summoning Key as of the end of Der Eisendrache. As for the people who have said that Blundell made a mistake, and the Shadow Man really isn't in the Key, (previously myself as well) there are two quotes from each character that activate upon the sacrifice of the Shadow Man. These quotes clearly talk about the Shadow Man becoming trapped in the Summoning Key. The chronology of such events just wouldn't make sense if that were the case.


Honestly, the two characters aren't really similar... at all.

The Shadow Man is dressed in a formal suit, very elegant. His facial structure is very well put together and collected. His facial hair is a bit on the longer side, somewhat pointed beard and curling mustache. He constantly plays himself off as a savior and the key to their redemption. He refuses to give any answers to anything, and begs for the assistance of the four characters.

Dr Monty is dressed as if he were homeless, or at the very least extremely poor. His facial structure is a bit more ragged, he has clear signs of stress in his face. His facial hair is on the shorter side, and not particularly full. He off-handedly claims to be an omnipotent being, he is quite blunt and rude, and he is trying to help the crew clean up their own mess. He answers tons of questions, even ones unasked.


Really, the only similarities are that they are both old, they both have unknown motives, and they are both seemingly nonhuman. But even the nonhuman part is different. The Shadow Man is an Apothicon being, whereas Monty was seemingly once human.

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I'd love for Shadowman to return in the final DLC, I think it'd be interesting to see a conversation between him and Monty. Monty could be the Keeper version of Shadowman pretty much. But they're also making him sound like a god, which Shadowman wasn't (he had overlords).

Monty does introduce himself with Shadowman's dialogue, so there might be a connection there.

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First thank you to AV for commenting .Coming back to this after playing the map for a bit. I actually believe there may be some validity to it. Not the fact that they are related but the fact they knew each other. We have now heard that Monty new the shadow man before he got corrupted per-say and that TSM was monty's best friend.Going to what AV was saying about them not being similar at all. Maybe that could link into something i have heard people talking about that monty and TSM were the same person but were split. Maybe Monty is the good half and shadow is the bad. This would explain why they look opposite to each other. (TSM smartly dressed whilst Monty is in rags)

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