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Gorod Krovi/Shadows of Evil connection...


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Get your tinfoil hats out CODz this ones going to be a good one.




With the recent release of G.K. on XBone, I finally got to play first hand. 


Upon getting the Dragon Strikes i noticed a familiar symbol, one i haven't seen alot of people pick up on (anyone for that matter).




We have seen this very symbol way before G.K.






The first place is the Apothicon Rift Stone (PaP in Shadows of Evil. Which I don't find to be as important as the next one.


The one that stands out to me is the Blood Circle around the Ritual Altars within Shadows.




Now i know alot of you may think this is crazy, but look at them both (if anyone here can take both images and overlay them ill add it to the O.P.) they both have the 8 pointed star.


If you look at the Iron Cross on the Dragon Strikes, they line up perfectly with the Apothicon symbols on the Blood Circle. Hell even the Apothicon Symbols cirlce the outer ring.




Now im not sure the significance of this, I just wanted to point out the connection between the 3 different Symbols. 


Let me know what you guys/gals the think down below.




P.S.   I still believe we will go back to Shadows of Evil and finish something.


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Im talking about the 4 Large Apothicon Symbols inside the Blood Circle, lining up perfectly with the Iron Cross.




You could be correct about them being similar in nature, due to being of Apothicon Origin. I just find it unlikely they would've made them exactly the same.


Thinking about it now, I think this may be more important.



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