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Question regarding Der Eisendraches loading cinematic...


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I haven't seen alot of people talk about this.


Why is it Der Eisendrache is the only map to have the Comic Book style opening cinematic.



You could say Treyarch were "Lazy" on this one, however I find that hard to believe. Mainly for the fact both "The Giant" and "Shadows" were animated followed by "Zetsubou" and most recently "Gorod Krovi".


I personally believe the reason being, is that's the only map to have a direct reference to the "Children" being there. 


I also think, that being the "First" DLC map and Dempseys Memory being "Last" wasn't done by mistake.



I'm curious to know what you guys/gals opinion on this is.



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I asked myself that question as well cause I was so annoyed by it.


I assume kinda like Spider said that the comic style was financially cheaper and easier to do.


Just because of the Giant running after the vehicle and then having the arm fall off the body after the rocket's impact.


Maybe it would have been a bit too much.


Although I do like your thought about the children more. hehe

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See I would agree if it weren't for the fact Gorod Krovi, has an animated opening cinematic way more in depth than that of Der Eisendrache. 


Not too mention the fact Jason Blundell stated DLC 4 was completed already when G.K. Released for PS4.


That could be the case but personally I find it hard to believe.


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