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In the Beginning... (Kronorium Theory)


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In the Beginning... (Kronorium Theory)


Alright, so we have all seen these excerpts from the Kronorium and heard the quotes from Dr Monty. Note that this is my personal interpretation/theory on the gaps in the excerpts that we have read. Now to get started.


In the beginning there were an unknown amount of entities existing in the fourth dimension known as Aether. These entities could manipulate the third dimension on a whim just like we can draw on a sheet of paper. They created their own small iterations of the third dimension, and these are commonly referred to as the "dimensions of creation", or simply dimensions. Then, a group of these entities decided to come together to create something greater than their own dimensions. They created the living, breathing universe that we know and love. Then they decided to bring life to the third dimension, so they created the Keepers. Upon one entity known as Monty's suggestion, they gave these beings free will. However, not all of these Aetherial entities were what we consider moral and good. Many regarded their creation as their own personal playground, and just screwed with the Keepers and their universe. These cruel entities were forced into a deeper place in the Aether, which became known as the Dark Aether. At some point either the entities of the Light Aether or the Keepers decided that it was necessary for the continued survival of the universe and its inhabitants to shut out the other dimensions and the entities that inhabit them. However, this was not entirely successful. At some point the influence of the entities of the Dark Aether seeped its way into the universe and corrupted the minds of some of the Keepers. These Keepers became the first Apothicons. The Apothicons then created the Summoning Key and used it to bring influence and life from all other dimensions into the universe. The Keepers ended up fighting a Great War against the Apothicon forces, which they eventually won. After this war, the Keepers ascended to become the wards of the universe against all corruption and chaos. The defeated Apothicons were banished to the Dark Aether. After a long time of exile in the Dark Aether, the Apothicons evolved and mutated into hideous Lovecraftian horrors.


Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think of this theory.

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1 hour ago, AetherialVoices said:

These entities could manipulate the third dimension on a whim just like we can draw on a sheet of paper.

Very well said, havent thought of that. Like we, in the 3th dimension can create things 2D (like drawing on a sheet), things and creatures from the 4th dimension, the Aether, can create things 3D. This might be an explanation of the manipulation of the 3th D creatures and humans, like Monty do. Think of the powerups and wallweapons

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