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So basically if you finish Origins the characters go through a hole. The same hole in the Gorod Krovi cut-scene is the same as the ending of origins cut-scene. And since they're the same characters as B02 i was thinking thats how the story lines connect. But if there are dragons and robots in the same timeline then what timeline is it really?

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I think it would be a really interesting twist, b ut it'd be very odd, because these characters in Gorod Krovi would have to display extreme lack of knowledge, which I don't suspect will be the case. In a DLC 3 where we have a lot of potential story information, and implications, doing that seems to throw things off more than help bring things to light. I'll gladly eat my words if I'm wrong, but that's what I suspect :p


Welcome to the site by the way!

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I stick by my personal theory of that this is hell.  And yeah that DOES look like a sort of reverse tower of babble. 

This isn't exactly credible but look at the hell portal in this for some obvious similarities: 


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