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Studio "Firing Range" Theory


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 Studio "Fireing Range" Theory


Ray Gun Mark III

We first saw the newest Mark series Ray Gun hinted in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 MP map Studio. A remake fan favorite multiplayer map Firing Range from Call of Duty: Black Ops. 



                                                                                 On Gorod Krovi



This is a picture of what I presume to be The Ray Gun Mark III. I apologize for the size, but you can see a dual wield weapon that resembles the above picture in Studio. Though in this picture the guns are over lapping each other and are more visible.  


This map had brought a lot of curiosity in me, but at the time I couldn't put it all together. I just want to share these pictures from Studio and relate them to the right now.



 You see Wild West, but I see a town and will pair it with Shadows of Evil. Bare with me it gets better at least for me it does. ? As we move along to The Giant using the War of The Worlds style robot in place of our escape robot in Black Ops 3..




From here we end up in Der Eisendrache. The Castle being my reference and this is all still in "Studio." The poster detailing the encounter with us bringing back the MPD and destroying the Moon.

*Takes drink of Water*


I know your secptical, but we move on!



We see our selfs leaving on a boat which we end up where? That's right were in the jungle baby!!! Actually Zetubou No Shima minus the T-Rex. 



We have made it through!! So we head to Gorod Krovi The City of Blood.. That leaves me with my last place in Studios Map..


I note the drone bottom left, but do not doubt it is just there.



My friends keep in mind this is a theory. A little food for thought or spark for speculation/descussions. The way it has flowed together is something Iv thought about for awhile and wanted to share. Please for give my IPhone Post as I to am currently without a PC. ? 


I will ill update here and there. Hope this will get some friendly chat going!!



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4 hours ago, KlowniiN- said:

Hinting of the mark 2 ray gun was in world at war der rises :P

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I believe I said hinting of the Mark 3 Ray Gun.

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34 minutes ago, KlowniiN- said:

I have to disagree on this one. The picture from black ops 2 is definitely the og ray gun

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Fair enough I respect your opinion.


I think it's 2 Ray Guns, but when I see the new Gorod Krovi Mark III Tease picture I can't help ponder this idea.

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My problem with this theory is that you cannot take something, change most of it and say it predicted something. 


If you were to say that the old west part of Studio predicted Buried that'll be fine but to say the piratepart of the map predicted ZNS is a little  ridiculous. Hell, I'd give you though about the castle and DE but the two Ray Guns are just that, two mk1 Ray Guns. 

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