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  1. That would be really cool and a better incentive to play the other maps aswell.
  2. in ascension i just let the monkeys take all my perks, at around round 40 monkeys get a bit hard to defend all your perks, it better to just rebuy them. in other maps i don't see it as being overpowered, if you really want to stay true to the old forms of the maps just don't buy them,
  3. Some Templar zombies will spawn in invisible when trying to charge a station on origins. If you buy soda fountain on ascension and use the wonderfizz perk machine monkeys will not attack the perk machines you got the extra perk from. in the starting room of ascension if you go upstairs and to the right and slowly walk to the edge of the drop off section you can latch onto the wall and the zombies will not be able to attack you. in moon its possible to glitch the moon man into a infinite walking position in the spawn room with the power open, he just needs to be walking at the corner of the pad missing in the floor and he will always be stuck there. EDIT: Some staffs become stuck and you can no longer pick them up from the pack a punch area thing. also lighting staff wont upgrade when doing the steps were you shoot the piano on the wall.
  4. i think virtually infinite. it all really depends on what gobble gum you use, you could use power vacuum and get drops i think forever, maybe there is no drops on earth? or you could use that gobble gum that cycles through weapons each 15 seconds, maybe even pack a punch your gun super early and use the max ammo power up as needed.
  5. KlowniiN-

    Unseen EE

    other then the original founder and in the video i dont believe so. i would LOVE to test this out but i dont have my ps3 anymore sadly
  6. KlowniiN-

    Unseen EE

    I wonder if this works in other spots and or maps? im thinking Der riese has a couple because of all the open ended questions
  7. The fact you need Distills kinda kills it for me. Sure its a nice new addition to players who have loads of unused gums and brings back SOME replay-ability. But it kinda makes me wana not play anymore. Mindless grinding just isint the same anymore.
  8. I think only buried on black ops 2 you could do that. Maybe you saw him have a gun with a lot of attachments that looked different from yours?
  9. i believe theres 3 or 4 different things you could do but the MAIN EE for Zombies in space land is pretty short and easy. Its not needed i dont think but you could build 4 wonder weapons, upgrade them and make the boss fight a bit easy. You could upgrade neil aswell to bring down a civil protector type deal also known as the hoff
  10. Cant really decide after that so heres 5 1. Call of the dead 2. Der Riese 3. Ascension 4. Shangri la 5. Zombies in spaceland
  11. i cant be bothered to follow the story line anymore. i personally think they had it perfect with ending black ops 1. maybe even 2. i cant say much about black ops 3 but from what iv seen online and through the community. the Easter eggs are almost forced to be done with the players and that just kinda kills my motive to even try out the maps.
  12. i feel like the "mathematical ciphers" Are the ones on the der riese chalk board. The last time i looked at them they were just labeled as "Some sort of equation" Edit: I think he talked about it in the Part one of his video
  13. Well, in game its a root beer becasue you can hear Tank say " Double tap root beer, my favorite "
  14. i wish last gen had this map. i would of totally won :P
  15. ok so i found a really shitty way to record. i have my iphone set up in a poptart box as a tripod and its sending a video to my computer. i can livestream my computers screen. would that work?
  16. If I were on a PS3 how would I go on about doing this? Like how would I live stream it? Maybe I could just take a pic of the power switch on the round I wana quit? Last gen hasn't had zns yet but they have der and the giant. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Russman - Reach between round 25-49 in Solo Zombies please. i couldof gottin higher but my friend was being pissy and wanted to play csgo :C
  18. I ment some medals like " use a custom zombie camo " or " complete all nightmare missions " last gen dosent have those :L
  19. i forgot one more medal No mans land Rank 3 - 250 Kills
  20. yeah i thought so, i just wanted to be sure. its a shame i cant get some of these medals without a Next Gen console
  21. I'm not sure if the "Takeo Nikolai Dempsey and Richtofen" are like medals that get upgraded or are awarded normally. also with the "150 head shots" is that 150 on the dot? or more then 150? First pic is " Kill a career total of 10,000 zombies " Second pic is " Complete the side quests in Black Ops II in favour of Richtofen " Third pic is " Nikolai - Reach between round 30- 39 in Co-Op Zombies " Fourth " Takeo - Reach between round 20-29 in Co-Op Zombies " Fifth " Dempsey - Reach between round 40-49 in Co-Op Zombies " sixth " Get 150 headshots in a single zombies game "

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