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Easter Egg Glitch? (GATEKEEPER BUG)

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Ok, so me and a friend have been trying to complete the easter egg for Der Eisendrache. Well we get to the same exact point in every attempt and then the game bugs and we cant go any further. We make it perfectly fine up until you have to feed souls to the gatekeepers. This goes fine up until the gatekeeper moves to the location outside of spawn by the car, and it simply wont collect souls. We have tested many different things trying to prevent it from happening but no matter what, as soon as the gatekeeper moves to that specific location, its game over. The guy i play with has completed the easter egg solo and said he never once had a problem. Only seems to happen when multiple people play. We have had it happen with 2 and also 3 people. Same result. No matter which bow, or which player, its simply just that location?? We are just getting frustrated because of the time invested just to get screwed by the game. Anyone had this happen or maybe know why its bugging out?

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Did you go back in time and grab the Black Sun stone tablet? You have to place the tablet on that one because it is missing there.

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If not what Rissole suggested (most likely), I have seen this happen when the game is set to non-ranked and not all the bows have been built. Remember, each location requires the use of a different now unless you are in a ranked match. 


BTW - here's a zombies storyline fun fact. The Keeper is actually collecting energy, not souls. ;) I don't like to link my own stuff, but LMK if you want to know what I mean. 

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