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Zetsubou No Shima opening cutscene full transcription

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For the cutscene HERE

Again I am not Japanese, there might be some however, insignificant mistakes.

Also credits go to my friend za for working together on this.

Here we go:


Japanese Officer: 密航者共をデッキに上げろ! (Bring those stowaways to the deck!)

(Takeo is punched in the face)

Japanese Officer: この恥じさを知れんか!(You shameless rat!)

Japanese Officer: 日本を裏切り、 陛下に仇なすとは !(You dare betrayed Japan and the emperor himself!)

Dempsey: Take it easy Tak.

(A Japanese solider hands the summoning key to the officer)

Japanese Officer: どうやって手に入れたんだ?この遺物を?(How did you all manage to recover this lost artifact?!)

Richtofen: I am sorry! I don’t speak Japanese.

Japanese Officer: 誰か答えられないのか?(Are none of you gonna answer me?!)

Dempsey: The object in your hand, it’s gonna bring you nothing but pain. Believe me, I know!

Japanese Officer: 鼠ともを海に叩き落せ!(Throw these useless rats into the ocean!)

Takeo: I am an envoy of the emperor himself!

(Storm and waves come, the ship swings dramatically, the 4 take over the situation)

Takeo: I am no traitor!

(The characters fight against Japanese soldiers, the summoning key rolls towards the edge of the deck, all four of them go for it)

Richtofen: No no no!

(Takeo succeeds in grabbing the key, with other 3 supporting him)

Dempsey: It was close.

Richtofen: Yes, a little too close.

(Nikolai notices the lit canisters)

Nikolai: We must go, now!

(The four brace and jump into the ocean. Regrouping on a floating boat. Richtofen signals the other to swim towards the island in the distance, and they move)

-End of cutscene-



Edited by DragonGJY

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Thank you for this!

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