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Fire Plunger loses fire effect???

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hi guys,

does the fire effect dissapear after a certain time? i played today and tried to get the fireplunger. went back in time, took the plunger and then killed a panzer with a claw. no fire effect. then i have killed the next two panzers with the claws to get the helmet. after this i killed the next panzer with pop shocks. no fire effect. the next panzer i took out with a packed kuda. yeah, i finally got the effect and was pretty happy but the nex round, ore one round after the next it was gone again and i couldn one hit kill the panzer with that. went down on round 41 :-( does anyone has an idea about this?

i played on pc btw





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You only get the fire plunger when you actually shoot a panzer to kill it. You get a minute of flame effect, so you have to utilize it quick. The best use is during the boss fight of the EE. Kill the first panzer with a gun and then take out the rest with the plunger. I highly recommend it.

As far as the skeletons thing goes, there is a new way to do it that is the actual way it was intended to be done. If you are only shooting at random spots, then you won't be able to actually do it since the patch. You must use In Plain Sight to reveal floating skulls in those same places and shoot those with the bow. If this is something you already know, then I'm not sure if I can help you.

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16 hours ago, HansLanda420 said:

Hi jaysta, no i didnt know that both. Thank you very much for this information. 

I thought once aquired, the fire effect lasts till the end of the game :-(

never tried to do the easter egg. Maybe i will give it a try soon.




I actually posted a video in a post about two tips on the boss fight. It's shows the use of the flaming plunger very clearly.

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