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Wunderfizz, perk bottles and unquenchables

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One thing I haven't seen discussed anywhere as of yet is how acquiring perks functions differently on Der Eisendrache compared to the other maps on BO3. On SOE and The Giant, all perks on the map can be acquired through perk bottles and unquenchables, with perk bottles granting the extra perk to all players, and unquenchable allowing a single player to purchase another perk via a machine. Using this method, all perks can be acquired on the map via either gobblegum as all 6 perk machines on TG (with stamina up and dead shot being interchangable) and 7 perk machines on SOE are present.

On Der Eisendrache, there are a maximum of 9 perks available, but only 6 perk machines on the map;Juggernog, stamina up, double tap, quick revive, speed cola and mule kick. The other 3 perks; dead shot, electric cherry and widows wine can only be obtained via the wunderfizz machine. The difference with Der Eisendrache is that the perks available via the wunderfizz cannot be obtained from perk bottles. For example, if you were to buy jug, stamina up, double tap and quick revive, then use 2 unquenchables to purchase speed cola and mule kick, any perk bottle gobblegum used after this point will result in Samantha's laugh and no perk being given (although other players in the game who don't possess all the perk machine perks can still receive a free perk).

This can be important for strategy. If you are not using perkaholics, getting widows wine can be a frustrating and long process on this map. One way to try and increase the odds is to use perk bottles and unquenchables to take extra perks, shortening the odds on getting the perk you want from the wunderfizz, but because of the mechanic of perk bottles on this map, it can be quite tricky.

If you have limited perk bottles and unquenchables, a good trick is to take electric cherry and dead shot daquiri from the wunderfizz as 2 of your initial 4 perks, as they are quite common in rotation and it will save 2 unquenchables later on. Another good tip is to not take quick revive as 1 of your initial 4 perks as this is the only perk that seems harder to obtain from the wunderfizz than widows wine, so you want it in rotation over a more common perk.

You can then use perk bottles for your 5th and 6th perk, which will not be widows wine but will again shorten the odds on getting widows wine, and then use unquenchables to fill the remaining perk slots or as many as you need to obtain desired perks. This means that if you can't be bothered to wait for widows wine, you can use 3 unquenchables at this point. Buy the 7th and 8th perk from the wunderfizz in the hope that it will be widows wine, or you can purchase them from the remaining 2 perk machines, either way the 9th perk will be widows wine.

I know that if you are going to end up buying all 9 perks on the map using perk and unquenchable gobblegums there is no need to stress too much about the order, but I am more than happy to only use 4 perks on this map but trying to get widows wine from the perk machines is time consuming. The main point of my post is trying to find a strategy to use as few unquenchables and perk bottles as possible to obtain widows wine, but to speed the process up, and also to note that once you have obtained all 6 perks that have machines on the map, perk bottles will be wasted if used.

Based on my experience with the wunderfizz machine so far, hitting it with no perks, I would catogerize the perks into 3 groups:

Common; Mule kick, Electric Cherry, Dead shot Daquiri

Rare; Juggernog, Double Tap, Speed cola, Stamina Up

Ultra rare; Widows Wine, Quick Revive

I'm also confused as to whether this is a game mechanic or a bug? In Origins, we could dig up perk bottles and use them to obtain perks from the wunderfizz machine, even if the perk machine wasn't present on the map.

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