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Stop Mocking Me0

BO3, DLC 2: Return of the Damned

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-Payback's a bitch...-


Richtofen: The plan did not go as we predicted... 

Tank: I'll F***ing say... 

Richtofen: I had no idea Doctor Shuster would have designed such an elaborate trap... Saddly... Without the artifact... We're doomed in here. 

Shuster: A peculiar device... Looks eerily similar to the one we used to prime the MPD... I wonder if I... 

*Portal opens

Shuster: What the hell?

(in an earth-quake infested Buried) 

Marelton: The integrity of the earth is compromised! It's caving in on it's self as if it were hallow! 

Richtofen zombie: (as a crawler) I told you sammy. Should have stuck with me.... This all could have been avoided... 

Misty: Guys the big guy isn't going to keep the zombies at bay much longer! 

*marelton's watch beeps stutters and then glows bright green flashing red.

Russman: Has... has this gumball machine always been here? 

*Portal opens 

Misty: What the hell... 

Marelton: NO TIME FOR QUESTIONS! IT'S A WAY OUT! Lets use it! 

*Big guy gets crushed by falling debris in foreground while the characters and zombie richtofen make it through the portal in the background. 

The four appear in front of Dr. Shuster. who immediately sees them as a threat and fires on them, killing them. 

Shuster: Ah good... Now how do I turn this portal off.. YAAAH! 

ZR: Excuse me Doctor, but your leg seemed so tasty!  Also... Do you really think you can just STOP those four like that... (Bang) Shuster kills zombie richtofen. (Flash of purple light) Samuel: What? We're back? 

* An injured shuser goes for his gun again. 

Russman: OH NO YA Don't VARMENT! *Kills shuster. 

Get those pistols back out boys... We're not out of the woods yet! 




This map takes place in a remote island in the south pacific, where the four tranzit characters have been miraculously ripped from their timeline and brought here. But for what reason? 

The destruction of the moon has caused numerous issues with water arround the island, however the base is fully functional. 

The island is somewhat small, and ring shaped, with a massive pond like area in the center, housing the underwater base. 
There are 5 main areas of this place:

-The lake, which is the center of the map and can be used to access any part of the map quickly enough, there is a large raft in the center housing a  

-The under-base: Which is under the lake. 

-The observatory: On the far east of the island, there's an observatory, perfect for viewing the night sky. 

-The dark jungle: Without the moon's helpful glow, you'll need to stick to the dimming lights to survive in this area. 

-The flooded river: The lake's main source of water from the ocean, that's recently become hyper-flooded due to the moon's sudden change. Be wary, the flood will occasionally send out massive waves that will knock your player off any bridge across and push them down stream either to their death or into the lake. 


You spawn in a research hut near the docks (not an important area, but there nearby the observatory.) There is a quick revive machine here. 

Perks on this map: 


Quick revive 

Speed cola


Vulture's aid

Mule kick

Hydro-lics: Speeds the player up immensely in water, it also makes one immune to waves and can use fire aspects like blast furnace, the purifier, and thermite underwater. 

WW, EC, and double tap. 


4 New gobble gums: 

Human Shield: Spawns in a sheild you can use for 3 rounds, note: it can not be used for boosting, just back protection. 

Chill out: Zombies in close proximity will slow down the closer they are to you. Lasts for 3 rounds. 

Flash floor: Creates a shock wave from under the player, knocking all zombies to the ground and temporarily disorientated. 5 Uses. Rare. 

Ultra-rare: Flame war: single use: spawns in a bonfire sale power up. PAP ALL THE WEAPONS!




Scuba gear: Allows you to breathe underwater for long periods of time. 

Thermite: a tactical you can use. It's basically a moltov but zombies avoid walking through it, so if your freind is walking down an ally, throw one, and the zombies will stop dead in their tracks. The fire effect can last a long time. 


New weapons: 

C4- lethal grenade

Purifier:(upgrades to the cryo-lyzer) A specialist weapon used to burn zombies to bits. 

X-2 : with it's own weapon kit! 

Ray gun Mark 2: The fan favorite returns, note: You can bring this into any map as long as you've unlocked the first weapon kit for it which you can only do on this map. 

Wave-gun M2: Gamma-gatlin: Three barrels, 3 times the fun. The gun has 3 modes: 

-Singular fire: Fires one zap killing one zombie. 

-Focused fire: Concentrates the beams so that any zombie hit by it, and any zombie behind them, will die too, takes up 10 zaps for each blast though. 

-Flash-fire: Fires a large blast of energy that takes up 5 zaps, but will put every zombie on screen's life on a timer: 2 minutes. After which it will die off. However hitting the zombie twice with this, HALFS that so it's reduced to a 1 minute time frame, then a 30 second, and 15 second time frame depending on how many times you push fire. Keep in mind you only have 75 ammo. 



What do you think of this base idea?

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I like it.

Good to see the N4 back and No moon --> floods, havent thought about that.

Could be something Treyarch actually takes account of.

One question, are the buildings old/Japanese/wood or modern?

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It sounded good, but your facts could use tweaking. The group come back in a purple light in Die Rise because they were A.) Teleported there and B.) Their return after death occurred because of the TIME LOOP.

Also you can't kill the Big Guy man, I want him to go with them and for their to be an EE where its a painting made with him riding on a raft with Zombie Richtofen, holding a bundle and clapping at his future.

Plz Treyarch, end their story like this.

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The easter egg I was going to do actually involved you saving him and using him to release the O4. 

As for the time loop aspect, I feel that wasn't explained well enough. So I'd put some insight to it in this map explained by zomb-tofen quotes. 

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7 hours ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

The easter egg I was going to do actually involved you saving him and using him to release the O4. 

As for the time loop aspect, I feel that wasn't explained well enough. So I'd put some insight to it in this map explained by zomb-tofen quotes. 

Yeah but they wouldn't just come back in a purple light (who even did that too them?), that is just how they were teleported. In actuality, the loop would reset and the group would appear in Buried again and escape.

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