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Why do Origins Richtofen knows this much?

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Obviously, Origins Richtofen is present in every BO3 map so far, what makes me suspicious is that he seems to be:

1. Somehow aware of what is going on and what should be done to "save the universe"

2. Somehow clear about much of the things in TG/DE universe

In case I might have some mistakes of fundamental information, please also help check if the following statement is TRUE/FALSE (according to knowledge of the majority of community)


TG/DE universe is a universe different from the Original(WAW/BO) universe and the Origins universe, i.e. the 3rd universe.

And if this is the case, why killing the TEST SUBJECTS in this universe helps? Shouldn't they go to the Original universe instead?


The note from SOE, which is presumably written by Richtofen, seems to serve as a reminder and a systematic plan of what he must do to "save the universe", but from whom these pieces of information are from?


"I have traveled.  I have seen many things, many futures, many histories...  Trust me, there is something else out there.  Something worse than me."

I think the clue to this question is WHAT HAPPENED AFTER ORIGINS ENDING, where the gateway to Agatha was opened. i.e. the first issue mentioned above maybe due to Richtofen's being informed by Samantha, persumably, after they "stepped into the light". But Richtofen in TG, regardless of his continued respect for Maxis, seems not have changed his attitude towards Samantha in Origins.


"Did you put these chalk drawings here Samantha?"

"Are we still keeping score, Samantha?!"

Yet there maybe a reason for it, which again, remains a mystery until now.


"She taunts us!  She... or someone else?"


So to the second issue, multiple quotes suggested that Origins Richtofen seems to be very clear about the universe right now - the TG/DE universe.


"Hmm, these machines were definitely not here on our last visit."

Tank Dempsey:  We gotta piece it all together Tak.  Why the fuck did he come here, again?!

Richtofen has been to TG, even Dempsey knows it. This get me pretty confused. Firstly, as a scientist from WWI, he should never had had any clues on a research facility during the WWII. Secondly, in case he was indeed informed of it, what was he about to do the last time he visit? Highly suspicious.

In DE, Richtofen appears even more acknowledged of this universe.

He claims to have worked in DE, which to me, makes no sense at all.

He knows the castle very much, "Eagle's Nest", the living area (Rooms of Samantha, Maxis and himself, or "himself"?), the Dragons, and the paintings.

He knows Dr. Schuster, Dr. Groph, Operation Shield, Security Protocol 935.

He knows the MPD.

He seems so prepared that it seems abnormal. Dempsey asked Nikolai:


Richtofen says he's been here before. Was that crazy evil Richtofen or this new man-with-a-plan Richtofen?

Nikolai also speaks to Richtofen:


I am beginning to think you're not the Richtofen I once knew.

Given that Richtofen has again started to show sign of insanity, I suspect that the theory which suggests the characteristic of the old Richtofen is "bleeding into" the Origins one may turn out to be quite true. If that is the case, the question above will also be clear, he knows it because the other part of him knows.


The shape of the story right now is still so vague that I find so many details are confusing and head-scratching when dug, I can't even mention all of them in this one post right now. I hope discussions will help me understand more, since this is what Jason Blundell meant "holistic story-telling".

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Very good points.

It at times seems like Richtofen has lived the life of his WW2 self, just the amount of knowledge he has. Although, he was gone for 2 years after the events of Origins, it's possible he went to all these places, or maybe has done all this before. Nikolai does mention about killing several Richtofen's, so this may not be their first attempt.

About Samantha, there is definitely something up with her. Richtofen's Power-Up quotes seems to suggest that isn't her, and just someone impersonating her. She was seemingly in charge during Shadows of Evil, even though that seemed to be the work of the Shadowman.

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