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My thoughts on Der Eisendrache

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So I went ahead and spoiled everything for myself. I won't have access to my xbox for a while on release, so SCREW IT I just watched it all.

Here's everything I've noted about the map: 


-HOLY OHMERGERD GROPH. One of my favorite scientists from all of 935 returns! NOW IF ONLY WE COULD FIND SHUSTER! Also, TOTES going to change my profile pic to a picture of his face. WE SEE GROPH! I'm nerd-ing out. 

-Ok... We blow up the moon. If there's a map set in the islands, like people keep saying... That's going to cause some major issues with the tides. Which could be cool if water mechanics are finally implemented. 

-Gobblegums BORED me. No further note. 

-As predicted, the wonderfizz still seems to be the only way to obtain Electric Cherry. 

-I love the low-gravity room. Such a cool concept. I'd love more rooms like that in the future. It's similar to how I'd think that water mechanics would work. (Zombies move slower, greater vertical maneuverability.) It's just missing the holding and breathing concepts.  

-Ok. I'm conflicted, there's a lot of evidence that shows maxis is in the MPD, but, we clearly see a keeper in the MPD.... Curious...

-Golden Rod outta NO WHERE. 


-SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS. Personally, loved this easter egg. This one and the disco ball are WILDLY impressive. 

- Good to see all-perks reward is back. 

-Boss fight is OK, but I feel it would be better if there was a way to purchase ammo inside the fight. Even if it was permanently alchemical antithesis, earning no points, but ammo. Bit too hard to conserve ammo as opposed to an epic fight. 

-Ragnarok is an excellent weapon. Love it. Bows too. 

-It made me cry honestly, when I saw richtofen pat Tank's back.... He's got my trust now ^_^. 




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There's actually an explanation for the Golden Rod. It can be found right beside the rocket, having fallen out after crash landing. I wrote an thread on it, because a lot of people tend to forget that the Golden Rod and the test subjects come from the same place. 



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