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Plunger Charge Strike & Panzers'


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So the Plunger Easter Egg has been fixed, and now you can 1 hit melee the Panzer to kill him.

I believe this will be essential for Solo players going for a High Round, in combination with the Claw Helmet, should make dealing with the Panzer a breeze. 

*So talking with G.Q. just now, she told me the effect still only lasts about 2 minutes, once you've killed the Panzer. However, she did point out that during the Keeper battle, it would be a good idea to have this equipped. She also told me the official name of the Easter Egg itself, which I've fixed in the Title.*

Here's a video thanx to GlitchingQueen showing it in action. Thank you for always saying yes to let me to use your content here :-)




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9 hours ago, JJMFP said:

So, the plunger was meant to be a one hit kill?  I am going to have to try this.  Keep getting to Keeper Boss and last night failed once again.  Panzers on fourth go round is a mutha.

Yes sir, the animation is pretty cool as well. Should definitely help with that final battle.

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36 minutes ago, Drewxke said:

Glitching Queen posted a vid of a EE using the plunger. Apparently the newspaper in the main entrance changes as you plunge zombies with the upgraded version. The plunger teleports the zombies to London!!




Yea she had told me about this when I originally made the Post, but I don't talk about anything like that, until after she's already made the Video for it. She trusts me enough to tell me things, and in return I keep my mouth shut.

Now if only I could get internet where I lived so we could actually play together...

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