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The jack of all trades

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Ok, so I cheated a bit on looking at the DLC early, but dont' worry. I've seen NOTHING of Der Eisendrache, and I'd prefer there be no spoilers about that DLC until it's released on Xbox and PC in this thread. 

However, I did see this video by Ali A today regarding the MP map " : 



SO, there is a bit of a mystery to this. We know that the 9 specialists have story in MP this time around,We also know SOMEONE is being a big fat lying traitor to the rest of the group. Which is interesting as before this map, the only one even hinted at being the bad guy, was Spectre. NOW with Profit's name being crossed out, we have two possibilities, well, technically 9. 


But enough about that because I want to know who this guy is with his "Jack of Spades" calling, literal, card. I'm going to go ahead and start referring to this guy as the jack of all trades, and I'd hope to see him appear if not in DLC 2, or a patch between DLCs, then either DLC 3 or 4. 

Much like the gobble-gum I don't see this guy being unavailable for some players, as it wouldn't really be fair to players stuck with the original 9. But I could be wrong, wouldn't be the ballsiest thing treyarch's done this year. 

But what would this guy do? I have a few theories: 

-Grappler: One of the things advanced warfare had, and I loved,  was the ability to grapple in multiplayer. It was a great concept, even though it was glitchy as all hell. If it IS a grapple weapon or ability, I could see that, as it would make getting around the map easier for a brief period of time. However, I also feel this would be an opportune time for glitchers to use this ability to hide in walls again, which I'm highly against. 

-The swordsman: As we see in SOE, there is a sword weapon specialist item. And so far every specialist item in zombies has been seen in MP as well, aside from the swords. I wouldn't really approve of this as there's already Specter's Ripper which covers these aspects. 

-The big BOOM: While we have a character that holds the ability to spam grenades, we don't really have the ability to make one REALLY BIG explosion. It'd be cool if we had a guy who arms a REALLY devastating grenade and chucks it at enemies. 

-Anti-kinetic armor: As we know, Battery's kinetic armor protects her from bullet fire, briefly, but not from shots to the head, or explosions. I purpose an item which does the opposite: Protects someone from explosions, but not from bullet fire. 

And lastly: 

-Shield: One of the things that we thankfully don't see in multiplayer anymore is the riot shield which protects one from bullet fire from behind when worn, and from frontal fire when equipped. If this guy's specialist weapon is to spawn in a rocket shield like we see in zombies, that COULD be a vailable thing to see, but I'd hate it. Such a cheep move wearing those things. I'd actually prefer it better if he just got the boost-forward ability we see in campaign. 

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How long do you think it is until we get this next specialist? I'm eagerly anticipating it haha

EDIT: Reading your ideas, I feel as though the "big boom" is sort of covered via the Gravity Spikes. That range is crazy! I see what you mean, however.

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Oh good. I was afraid this post would be forgotten forever. 

There really is NO way to tell which DLC it will be added in on, however, MY guess would be DLC 3. Why? Because DLC 3 has a history of being pretty lack-luster in BO1 and BO2, as well as advanced warfare. They'll do like they did in BO2, but instead of the M2 raygun, they'll give us the 10th specialist. 

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