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A Few Things I've Noticed

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1. The paintings inside of the corridor where Samantha's room is located change each time you play. Don't know if anybody noticed that, but it's happened to me twice already.

2. Players can only hold one of each Bow upgrade until you do... something with it?

3. Upon grabbing a bow upgrade, a tile starts glowing purple (with a similar effect to the Bow pieces) on the ground in the circular room a little bit past Mule Kick. Don't know what to do there.

4. Upon running across all of the tiles on the walls in the underground area, a "ka-ching" barrier repair sound effect is heard. I'm yet to discover what this actually does.

These are just a few interesting things about the map I've noticed so far. 

You guys find anything worth noting?

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I noticed at Round 15 or something, you get a Dogs round then didn't seem to be a round in itself - rather something between rounds, and it starts with a countdown by someone with a blue hue around the map. Maybe it is something to do with the launch of the rocket - it could happen at that point?

Also, the lightning strikes around the map remind me of Call of the Dead. I feel like that map is gonna be in the distance somewhere (maybe visible in Theatre Mode?).

Clearly there is some massive link to Moon, with the background talk in different rounds. Probably gonna be fun to see what it is!

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44 minutes ago, WCRobinson said:

Also, the lightning strikes around the map remind me of Call of the Dead. I feel like that map is gonna be in the distance somewhere (maybe visible in Theatre Mode?).

Call of the Dead is near Siberia, Russia. Not Austria. 

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