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Question about filling the egg

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Has someone tried to Fill the egg with keepers soul?

In solo there spawn 12 (at least) keepers 4 in the rift and 8 when u Pick up the items

There are also min. 3 Different ways ro fill it




- the Raps dont have a soul (tried) but i never tried a margwa 


So 4 ways? Anyone tried? 

I will try it on the weekend but i hope someone can give a answer so i dont waist much time 



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The parasites do not count, unless this was just changed. Margwa hasn't counted yet.

I've never tried keepers, but you do get 12, exactly enough for one statue. I'm doubtful, but supportive of you trying it. Please let us know. Heck, maybe you only need the 2 keepers from the same district as the statue.

I'll keep this in mind, but i haven't tried it.

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Put all 12 in one egg - nothing changed... maybe Only it's a "easy" way to Fill one of the egg

Going in the rift First as beast to open all 

NeXT i try to put the keepers to the Statue their neXT to.... but where do i put the keepers which spawn at Neros? Amy idea.

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I was taking them to the altar and killing them. 5 groups, 5 altars.

Traps, red circles, AS them, xm53 them...

Who knows?

I did get a strange 'completion' sound from killing keepers at the black lace altar, while doing the rituals. 

This game; lots of questions, few answers.


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