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I decided that by making this list of tips and a starter guide, hopefully some decent players will emerge.

>>>Heads up, this is quite lengthy but could really help you, even if you think you're god's gift to Zombies<<<

So a quick introduction... Zombies is EASILY the best thing about COD. 
But it's not without its share of noobs and I'm forever stuck in games carrying people, not the worst thing but it gets frustrating when you're looking to hit the high rounds.. because let's face it rounds 1-10 are slow as Fuck (BUT THESE EARLY ROUNDS ARE CRUCIAL IN SETTING YOURSELF UP) and it doesn't get truly challenging till 20/25+ so to keep having to restart because your team has rage quit out takes up valuable time in the endless pursuit of surviving further than you have before.

Right so here goes. 

General rules to know before you start.

1 - Don't waste ammo. You will regret it later.
2 - Don't take your knife for granted in the early rounds.
3 - Let zombies into the map before you kill them. They don't drop magic outside the map.
4 - Communication is key. Possibly the most important rule here and if playing online..turn your fucking headset on. Arsehole.
5 - Fuck the Ray Gun. Don't whore the mystery box for the ray gun. It's not as good as you think and it WILL get you killed in the high rounds.
6 - Don't get the bomb at the start of a round and especially in early rounds. You only get 400 points and unless you're a 4 Year old, you can handle the early round zombies without hassle. Man up.
7 - Don't be a fucking dick, call Max Ammo and if you can, throw a couple of monkey bombs when one appears and give people a chance to reload before getting it. That's why rule 4 is crucial. 
8 - The figure of 8. Zombies are easily grouped into a cluster. So by running in a figure of 8 pattern you can herd all your zombies into a nice little train with you leading them. Then at sensible moments turn and fire at will. But don't stand still and don't fire for too long. Just repeat the figure of 8 and watch your points stack up.
9 - Don't go blindly running to get magic like a child seeing presents under a Christmas tree, It's not going to disappear straight away. You've normally got time to maneuver your herd and get it once it's safer.
10 - Don't sacrifice jugger-nog for a  lucky dip on the mystery box. Get it as soon as possible. It doubles the amount of hits you can take from 2 to 4.
11 - Fucking EMP grenades. Just don't. And people who throw them at the box when you go to use it or near perk-a-cola machines. I actually hope you die of AIDs.
12 - Revive where suitable, especially if you're the last man standing. Throw a Monkey bomb, run to the other side of the map and pull the zombies away from your buddy. 
13 - If you go down without the Tombstone perk. Move out of that corner you went down in or your savior is likely to go down saving your ass. Also if you're that dickhead who is downed in lava, move out of there or you can kiss a revival goodbye.
14 - SAVE A FUCKING CRAWLER! It's imperative in the later rounds, it gives you and your team a chance to do many things like; doing up barriers, hitting the mystery box, pack-a-punching your weapons, collecting yourself for the next wave, piss breaks... Again COMMUNICATION.
15 - Don't be that guy that gets instakill when there's like 4 zombies left. Kill the Zombies and grab it when the next round starts. This goes back to the flashy magic thing that some people just can't fucking handle and simply must sacrifice everything to get the shiny. Be patient young padawan. 
16 - The only valid excuse for running like a crack whore for magic... in the later rounds, if everyone is set and there's like 4 zombies left and a bomb. Get that shit. Run like Forrest Gump if its flashing especially if you have double points going. Everyone will get 400/800 points for basically nothing.
17 - Don't run into someone's zombie train unannounced. You'll split up their herd and likely down both of you. Let them know you're heading their way so they can take evasive action and keep you both alive. 
18 - Start firing split seconds before you've taken aim. It's the difference between life and death. 
19 - Concentrated burst firing, unless you've got the RPD, but even then you'll get better vision and do more damage and conserve that precious ammo.
20 - When stabbing a zombie on fire, pull back on the controller as you hit them because thee flaming ones explode and you don't need the unnecessary damage. Obviously this doesn't apply if you have Galva-knuckles.
21 - If you're going to rage quit the second things don't go your way. This is not the game for you. Fuck off and go buy candy crush and waste your own time.
22 - Instakill and double points early on is your best friend just stab everything! And you'll get 260 pints for each zombie. If you feel like you're going to get overwhelmed, quickly pull out your pistol and fire off a round each into some of them to clear your path. 

I think that covers most of the important shit now to getting you to those high rounds....
This guide is focused more as I said on SURVIVAL MODE on the TOWN map of Black Ops 2 but generally speaking most of it can apply toll other modes and maps.

Okay so...

~ Round 1 ~ Don't waste those precious points on a gun from the wall! There are very few zombies in the early rounds and if you follow this technique you'll maximize your points to ammo ratio. So in round one. Wait for the zombies to actually come into the map. Two shots to the chest and a stab. 10 points for each shot and 130 for the stab kill. You save on ammo and a kill via knife gets you 30 more than a headshot and 60 more than emptying bullets into their chest. May seem trivial but don't take those early round points for granted. Make sure you let the zombies into the map before doing this as they won't drop magic outside the map. 
~ Round 2 ~ Same rules as round one. Although now it will take 3 shots and a stab to pick the fuckers off. By the end of this round you're probably low on ammo depending how many people you played with. But you should have a couple thousand points. Yay!  Your next step is to go to the burning building that jugger-nog is located and open the door. (The person with the most points should do this) it will cost you 750 but in that room on the wall to the left as you go through the door is your new best friend. The MP5. This gun packs a serious punch and is possibly the most valuable wall gun around. It also costs 1000 to buy. So if you're the one opening the door. Make sure you can afford it. And it only costs 500 to get more ammo when you run low. Don't ever take this gun for granted.  You can happily use it up to round 12/14 just collecting points and perks as you go. And if you pack-a-punch it then you can keep this gun till about round 20 before it stops making g a massive debt on your herd. And if you're in a tight spot later (once you've moved on to other weapons) with no ammo in your guns and no sign of a Max Ammo you can always run upstairs and buy it off the wall. Much safer than trying to go for the box. Which would be suicidal if you're the last man standing. 
~ Round 3 ~ Your aim this round should be to build up enough points to buy jugger-nog. It's 2500 but the most important perk-a-cola. Notice how you've only opened one door? Good. Try and keep it that way as long as you can. Use the figure of eight technique in wide spaces. Don't get yourself into a corner, herd your zombies up and pick them off. If you feel you need to open a door for more breathing room. Open the Bar. 
~ Rounds 4-9 ~ Follow the rules listed above and build up your points and collect the perks you want. These early rounds are slow and easy enough to prepare you for what's coming later on. I should mention now if you do hit the mystery box in the early rounds. Just take whatever gun it gives you. Even if it's not what you wanted. (Exception being the EMP grenade. Fuck that shit) and use that gun to make the points you spent back getting it. At the end of the round go change it if you want. But I must stress rule number ten. Don't sacrifice perks to go lucky dipping in the box.  You've got your MP5. Life is good. Deciding what perks to get next is a simple affair. Do what suits you best. But I would highly recommend getting The Tombstone perk second,followed by Stamin-up then Speed-cola. And making sure you never go below 2000 points. Reason is obvious, you save loads of money not having to buy perks again you just use the 2000 once you respawn to buy Tombstone again followed by running through your Tombstone to get your guns and other perks back. There's a simple way to get all 6 perks on this map. But as there's a million videos on YouTube I'm not going to explain it here.
~ Rounds 10-20 ~ Just follow the rules and you should be fine. But I should mention now before I forget. If you find yourself the last man standing. Don't panic. There's a very simple solution to your troubles. Yes if everyone is tombstoned then the pressure is on but there is a simple technique that will get you through.  It's the figure of 8 on a grand scale. You can use this only after the bar and burning building is open (You and your buddies can use this technique whenever but if there's 4 it doesn't work. Too crowded.  Works best with one or two people.)  So basically you're pals are down and tombstoned. "Oh Fuck it's all on me!" Don't piss your and go crying to mummy. Just run up into the burning building. Be careful on the stairs. Never reload while going up them and always sprint up the right hand side of the stairs. Get yourself to the ledge that you drop down from. Grab some ammo from the wall for your MP5 on the way if there's time and turn around so you are right on the edge facing inwards. Concentrated blast fire zombies until they get too close then pull back on the controller so you drop down (never jump off) turning around as you drop. Hit the ground running and make your way to the bar. Obviously going around the lava and not through it. Don't stop to shoot anything. Just find a gap and sprint. Your teammates hearts will be racing as bad as yours during this part as their continued zombie slaying depends on you (no pressure) while running into the bar through the main entrance, throw a grenade at either the outside wall of the bar on your right. Or when you get near the stars aim one for under the window. Did I say stop!? Hell no bitch! Get your ass up those stairs, sticking to the left side and if there's time, start to barricade the window upstairs while facing the entrance to that room to pick off zombies.  Realistically you've maybe got time to do one or two planks before you need to get to that ledge and follow the same principle as in the burning building. Fuck this is intense right!? Once you have to drop down use the same technique and turn as you drop and hit the ground running. Vision going blurry? That's because you forgot to breathe...inhale, exhale, repeat. Obviously jump the cracks in the ground because you don't want the flame damage.  Don't try and be clever this is about survival, you're not the only one holding their breath and when you do some sketchy shit everyone has a mini heart attack. Head back up to the burning building. Notice the course you're running resembles a figure of 8? I know mind-blowing right? Keep repeating this technique until all the zombies are gone and your heart can go back to residing in your chest if only for a few seconds before the next round start. Remember grenades make crawlers so try and keep one at least. Your buddies should understand you probably need to get a new gun or something. Plus by doing barriers up you give them a chance to get their shit together before zombies get through and Fuck them up. If you survived that nothing can stop you.  

~ Rounds 21+ ~ Dude/dudette. You've got this far, there's nothing stopping you now. Just try and beat your high score and happy slaying my friends. 

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All my friends who are good in CoDZ don't like the raygun either, but I don't understand that.

I admit, you don't earn many points of it, and you can get self damage.

But if you are carefull and pack a punch it, I think its a very nice weapon on high rounds.

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4 hours ago, anonymous said:

But if you are carefull and pack a punch it, I think its a very nice weapon on high rounds.

If by high you mean like 25, yes. But creating crawlers is kind of worthless, and when killing a zombie takes like 10 shots, it just gets in the way and is dangerous after it loses its ability to clear the way.


alao this isn't really story discussion at all, you could put this in the map discussion section and it would probably fit in better.

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2 hours ago, shirtlesservice said:

If by high you mean like 25, yes. But creating crawlers is kind of worthless, and when killing a zombie takes like 10 shots, it just gets in the way and is dangerous after it loses its ability to clear the way.


alao this isn't really story discussion at all, you could put this in the map discussion section and it would probably fit in better.

I couldn't agree more about the ray gun. I stand by crawlers in higher rounds every couple of waves though.  

Sorry it may seem stupid but how do I move it?

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