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Experienced player w-Mic needs team

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I'm an experienced zombies player, have a mic, know the SoE map well (EE/swords/pack ect...) all I want is a solid 4p team of mic'ed up players, either for high round or to complete the EE. 

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Hey folk, if you follow the link up top to "Home" you'll see players looking today for players.

If you scroll down from there to the forums, you'll see "looking for group" forum for this.

Please search there and not in this particular forum. You will find players there much quicker.

Thanks, and happy gaming!

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Use the "LFG" tab on the top when looking for players.  In case you didn't know, LFG stands for Looking For Group.  Just a tip for the future.  Feel free to add me on xbone, GT in my signature below.

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