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Griffon Castle my analysis and theories/

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So far I've been able to cook up multiple reasons as to why the name Griffon's Castle is being used


Theory 1

In this timeline it can be assumed that Griffon station never existed due to it not appearing on the Moon. Now if Griffon Castle is indeed this dimension's version of Griffon Station then we must also assume that the MPD might be buried underground somewhere. The MPD is the main reason as to why richtofen decided to build the station on the Moon in the first place. Another aspect of this station that we must look at is the Missiles. Could these be the earth version of the moon missiles? As far as my deductions go I believe each map takes place in yet another time stream. SOE is one timestream, The giant is a second time stream, and Der Eisendrach is a third timestream. My reasoning for this is the scrap of paper we found earlier depicts multiple earths, many of which have been destroyed. But in particular it points to 4 different earths with coordinates to our new locations. 




Theory 2


Griffon Castle is another location used as a base for people like schuster and Groph. People who deserted group 935 in order to follow richtofen. As we all know, the these deserters built Griffon station on the moon in complete secrecy. There are only 2 known Teleporters that take you to the Moon. The first being in Der Riese and the second being at groom lake. When building Griffon station I am 100% Sure that It would have been too dangerous for any of the deserters to bring in all the equipment through the Der Riese teleporters. Too many people watching as well as Richtofen making sure Maxis Never found out that the Teleporter could transport people or that it was fully functional. Maxis only ever learned of the walnut being successful until he himself was teleported to griffon station. However, The deserters would have also never have been allowed to use the American Teleporter for 2 reasons. The first is the fact that The American's didn't have that technology until After WWII. It was also impossible for a group of German's to gain access to American technology even if it did exist. The American's would never have let them. So Griffon Castle could be the Secret location where all the equipment was transported to griffon station. However this only applies for the original timeline. In our current predicament 


Theory 3 


If we are to assume that we are following an alternate history in the same stream as The Giant then something seems very OFF. Griffon Station is not on the Moon. However Richtofen is STILL at the phase of his plan where he betrays the Maxis and attempts to kill them. So somewhere out there, the MPD has just been opened and that location is NOT the moon. There are hints that there is some sort of excavation going on under Der Eisendrach. Blundell himself states that there are massive deposits of 115 in this location. How else to obtain it than by digging deeper? Which gives me a hint. In this timeline what if the MTD actually did not go to the Moon and Shangri-la but rather took Maxis into the dark tunnels under the castle? And then Stranded this version of Samantha in some unknown location? Now, Maxis might be in the MPD However he cannot locate samantha yet. However how would Maxis have so much knowledge of past events if he is just this world's version of Maxis? Well, considering our crew are currently regaining memories from their other selves then it is possible Maxis has been able to mend minds with other versions of himself. Or, Outworld Maxis has taken control of this maxis's mind. 


Theory 4

I believe the Iron Dragon is in Griffon Castle. Some of you will get what it means and I'm surprised no one has mentioned it or noticed it before but We Must Awaken the Test Subjects. Awakening the Iron Dragon. The Iron Dragon is Nikolai. Just like The Iron Wolf is Reznov. 

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And yet one point stays aware: Griffin station=Griffin Castle. Lets see if we see Shuster and Groph again. Nice idea with Iron Dragon being nikolai, it'd be cool if all the DLC names were like that, with the first being Nikolai, then the other 3, the last map being "The butcher" (Richtofen) 


That being said.. Here's something I noticed about this map: It takes place during the advent of the recently discovered 115. 

If that's the case, then wouldn't Origins take place.. After this map? 

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