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2 players; Richtofen

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Ok, so, being that my internet sucks, I've been playing split screen with my little sister and my friends for the past month. And there's one aspect of every game of the giant that never fails. 

Player one is always a random character, and player two is ALWAYS richtofen. 

I THINK this has something to do with audio quotes, as the beginning of the game likely has only richtofen and others quotes programed in. However, it COULD mean that you need richtofen to do something arround the map with two players, as it did on MOON, although I find this to be somewhat unlikely.

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On Mob of the Dead, someone always had to be Weasel. This was because of the easter egg. But, Richtofen always had to be the second player on Origins too, not an easter egg thing.


Also there are quotes between characters that aren't anything to do with Richtofen, they can talk among themselves too but Richtofen always needs to be there on co-op to drive the narrative.

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