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Has this craziness happened to anyone other than me?

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I was playing solo with one zombie left. I just grabbed my sword and was headed to canals perk machine. As I turned to run up the stairs towards the perk machine, I heard a weird noise followed by a laugh. But that's not the worse part, I was instantly killed. No hits or red screen. I had quick revive and it didn't give me a chance to use it. I know it wasn't my connection. Please help figure out what it was, I am going crazy. It almost felt like I ran out of time, the way the sound was followed by the laugh. Anyways, please help me.




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I have been hearing of this randomly from xbone players. Didn't seem to be happening on 360. Often involves having the sword, but the locations are random.

Note also, that they just fixed the spot right there, by the steps, by the perk machine, where you used to be able to get up on the rail and whatnot, so maybe their fix has caused a worse glitch (as some of the zombie updates do).

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Nope. I was only on round seven. I believe it has to do with the update and the spot they fixed on the stairs in the canals.


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Didn't want to make a new topic, so here's my Trollarched moment:

Last night, round 23, first ovum step in canal, i head by the cthulu statue and headshot some, then make my way over to the CP switch. Margwa is on the arch bridge, he stops, slams the ground over there, then i die. I had shield, jugger+3 perks, and clearly was not hit nor near the Margwa as he slammed the bridge.

Okay, first death, get up, get perks. Dying to glitches is at least 75% of zombie deaths since waw. Snafu.

Round 31: I'm all set, but i have this ABH! GG in my possession and i want to try for Alchemical Antithesis, as i was running 'classic' only (the term classic makes zero sense). So i use the GG, it teleports me to Lady Celeste's in canal. Me no likey, so i use it again as the zombies are pouring in. The gum gets eaten, then 3 seconds go by, then 5, then i drop dead. Perfect health, no zombies hit me at all, just dead from a GG. Oh Trollarch. Snafu.

QR starts to pick me up, but the Tin Man had a heart so he revives me and saves my QR.

I try to ditch down the steps during that little grace period after revive, and i get mashed, but through all of the red screen, i see that I'm still fisting the squid, so I'm alive: Tin Man shot me free. So i round the corner by VMP and get tapped on the shoulder by a zombie... and I'm now spectating.

What? No QR revive, no Tin Man revive, no bleeding out. Just spectating.

Okay, wait for Tin Man to flop for game over. Meanwhile, i hit Y for third person spectating which did nothing at the time since this was solo.

Game ends, i get up and am watching myself in third person, only now I'm Floyd in death where i was 'J fn V' for 31 rounds. So I run up the vmp steps and jump through the side of the building so Floyd is superimposed against the outside of the building and then it switched views during the end game song.

Trollarch, you freaking derplords.

After 2+ years of Extinction, i had forgotten what a mess Trollarch's game's are.



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Your post makes little to no sense to me whatsoever. Your use of abbreviation is exhausting, and the end paragraph is almost uneligable. And why the need to brag about glitches being responsible for 75%of your deaths? 

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1 hour ago, S3anm3 said:

Your post makes little to no sense to me whatsoever. Your use of abbreviation is exhausting, and the end paragraph is almost uneligable. And why the need to brag about glitches being responsible for 75%of your deaths? 


Sorry it was too hard for you.

I wasn't bragging about 75%: bitching is more like it. It's not 'i cannot die unless the game glitches'. No. I'm quite capable of being dead in zombies. I'm simply stating the fact that most zombie deaths, for anyone, are when the game errs, glitches, gets buggy, call it what you want. 

I forget that not everyone knows the game as well as I, so I will explain the terms:

GG = Gobblegum.

'J fn V' is Jackie Vincent. One of the player characters. Floyd is a different player character. I was playing as Jackie.

Tin Man (and his heart) are the Civil Protector Robot (and a Wizard of Oz joke).

CP switch is Civil Protector switch.

ABH! Is the GobbleGum 'Anywhere But Here!', which teleports you (up to twice) to a random location that you've previously been to.

QR is the quick revive perk.

I forgot SNAFU, but everyone knows that one! (Situation Normal: All Fucked Up).


Dumbed down version:

Round 23, dead to a glitch. Just bitching.

Then, round 31: i use the 'anywhere but here!' Gobblegum, which puts me in an unsafe location.

So i use it again, it glitches and downs me. I'm not bragging, I'm complaining. Perfect health, juggernog and more, then I'm downed from a Gobblegum glitch.

My Quick Revive perk begins to revive me. Then the Civil Protector takes over reviving, which lets me keep my Quick Revive (it just works that way occasionally, but not always).

Then, i get downed (legitimately) on the steps by the VMP wallbuy (which is a sub machine gun in this game).

Only I'm not down, but dead and spectating the empty spot where i should be being revived.

When the game ends (because the robot times out), I'm up and running around for a few seconds, third person, as Floyd, despite being Jackie the entire game. Then i jumped through the wall and was outside of the building as the scene cut away.

I tried to keep it amusing, but now the story is sucked dry. :) Oh well, happy gaming!

No wonder i abbreviate, that's a lot of minutia to write out! :)

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