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Moar of Shadows of Evil.


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I changed this thread name from "More Zombie Maps Inside" to Moar of SoE to align with my other "Moar..." threads.


[Updated for change of Gobblegum Machine availability. Always having access to GGs is a huge boon for Survival map builds. Some maps may state 'possible GGm location', that now means that a GGm WILL be there].


[The ?Box now always starts in the First Area of WF or Canal Districts, or in the Perk area of FL. Originally, it would spawn at any of the 6 nonSubway locations. Maps like Juggerton/Homeboy that say 'possible Box Location" will now definitely not have a ?Box, unless it has been moved since start, which is unlikely in those builds].


Summary: This thread is about breaking the Shadows of Evil map into smaller or convoluted survival maps, as well as helping players understand the layout. It is a fortress of text, be warned.


If stats matter to you, you can always play Local; Local will not save to Leaderboards. Local has all Weapon Attachments and Classic GG unlocked, but no Mega GG. 



This first post is survival map and difficult map layouts that can be created, and variants. (Posts 4, 5, 8, and 9 contain more maps. Post 4 also has other games. Some maps tell the basics of how to build a version of it, while other maps are built specifically for you, so you won't have to think them up.


The second post is how to create your own map, as well as exactly what is in each district, so that you can better understand the existing "Shadows of Evil" map as well as the survival maps that you create.


The third post is to help newbies without them getting lost in my wall of text. Whether you're rusty from lack of playing, or you are new to zombies, check the third post. It's not the most comprehensive starter that you could view, but it should get you some familiarity with running this map.





I've been listening to the community, watching vids, learning the curves, coming up with challenges, and having fun. You know, the usual new zombie game stuff. Then, i noticed the genius of SoE: Survival maps built in.


What i hear from the community: "SoE is too easy", or "there is too much busywork again", or "i simply don't have time for another long game".

Well, old 83457 has heard you and help is on the way with these new BO3 zombie maps already available on your console!


(Maps separated by #########).

(Note that the symbol '$' means 'points' in many of these examples).

(Fuse Doors, and Fuse Area refer to the area [or $doors] between the Tram Station and the Perk Cola areas of each district, where the Fuses for the Civil Protector are located).


Maps may be 1, or possibly both, of these Map Types;


>Map type: Old's Cool (OC Maps) = Shorter Survival maps for limited play time and limited busywork. Has that WaW feel. There may be multiple builds or gameplay options in OC Maps, some may be adaptable to Full Power by using Tram to get rituals and stuff done and then returning to the OC Map area.


>Map type: Pro Map = Full Power map with restricted openings to increase difficulty or add pizzazz. These are specifically built, usually with no options.


The term Full Power means that all items in the map are available and allowed (PaP, Sword, Apothicon Servant, et cetera).


Both Map types are interspersed between each other, there is no set order. Generally, look for 'OC Map' or 'Pro Map' to distinguish between the two.



CP SWITCH (calls CP to location if 3 Fuses are placed in Blue Subway Fuse Box)


















For the Pros, the 'too easy' crowd; Solo works, but this is for you 3 or 4 man teams that need some challenge added: (Also see "83457's Labyrinth Redux" below for a pro map).


Pro Map: TranZit II: "Go to El". (As in El train, or Elevated train). 

Rules: plays mostly like regular SoE, with these exceptions:

Only 1 rift can be open, must be in district with juggernog.

Only 1 $1250 door can be open, must be by juggernog upstairs.

This forces Train use and minimizes map movement, hinders moving around with conga lines. No Civil Protector (Fuses aren't accessible). 3 different map configurations. 


Harder Variant: "Engineer's Choice"; 

You must listen to the Engineer after opening the Easy Street door, whatever District he names, you can not open the ($1250) door of that district as your choice of single ($1250) door. Note that the wall map will show where the Train went as well. Also, he calls the Footlight District by the name 'Theater District'. If you listen closely, first he says where he is going, then he gets there and says '"now boarding for (the other 2 districts)".

In addition, you can not open a Rift to the Subway in that District, nor in the District that you open your lone ($1250) door. So, the train will start in one district, your Rift in another, and your ($1250) door in the third. That's manly SoE zombies.


*******Old's Cool*******


Old's Cool Mode: These are for the other two groups, 'less busywork', and/or 'shorter games'.


Old's Cool rules and variants: All subject to your whim.


[Strict is for faster, NDU/Zombie Verrückt type games. You are not obligated to play by these rules]. 


Strict Old's Cool Rules:


>No Solo Quick Revive; There was none of those free lives in Solo WaW.


>Perks: Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double Tap 2, Quick Revive (Mp).

Solo, instead of QR, use Stamin-Up or Mule Kick to preserve Old's Cool feel. [Perk restrictions are frequently ignored in many builds].


>No PaP, no Swords, no Civil Protector in Strict Versions.


>Apothicon Servant can be allowed, but skip it if you want to keep games short. Search pods for guns and Power Ups instead.


>GobbleGum allowed. Adjust GG power to desired levels.


Old's Cool Options and rule breaking;


Replacing QR in Solo with Stamin-Up is easy as SU is in every map that can be made once you open the first 500 point Door, and it isn't a game breaker. 


Mule Kick instead of QR gives that '3 gun glitch' WaW feel.


If you have no shield, or no Juggernog, Widow's Wine could be a replacement. But otherwise avoid Widow's Wine for OC Maps, except for occasionally giving a favorite OC Map a 'new perk' feel.


Without Juggernog in a map, allow Solo QRs if desired.


Ban all Perks for that Nacht Der Untoten vibe. Don't power it on if you don't want it in the map. 


PaP: if the OC Map can be adapted for PaP, consider avoiding Alternate Ammo types to keep Old's Cool Der Riese vibe. Or use Thunder Wall and Dead Wire for a strong, but not too strong kick. Turned for a group camp game maybe.


Bowie: Allow it, if possible, if desired.


In the following maps, i may talk about using things that i banned in Strict, above. This is because you will play how you want and adjust rules as you want, so I'll mention some stuff, contrary to what I've banned. It's also necessary in order to communicate different ideas. I also tweek things here and there so you may notice some changes. 

Anyway, those of you who actually read this will probably find something to enjoy. Have fun!


For the upcoming Old's Cool Maps, you may need 1 of these 3 Tram Variants:


Variant 1: Train can't be called or used. If it's there, you can buy the Bootlegger.


Variant 2: Train can be called to location (for Bootlegger Wallbuy), but not ridden.


Variant 3: Train can be called and used, but no ($1250) doors in those areas can be bought (see below). Or for 1 time use for shield, AS Workbench, Trip Mines.


Old's Cool Maps: 1-4 players.


OC Map 1; "Strasse [strah-sa] Der Untoten" (Street of the Undead): 


Rules: Only the Easy Street $500 Door can be purchased as far as $ Doors are concerned (Nero's Landing can be opened).


Gobblegum: Classic, or Mega, adjust power to taste.


In this map you will get QR (if allowed), Stamin-Up, and GG. You have a few wallbuys and possibly pod weapons.




You have Junction and Nero's place, and that's your whole map. Solo games last half an hour or so. Margwa's are a challenge.


OC Map 1.1; "Easy Street Extension": As OC Map 1 above, but you may purchase one additional door for $1000. Giving access to a perk (j, sc, or dt2), an SMG, and possibly another GG location, and possible box location. This will extend the game time to an hour or so.


OC Map 1.2 "Easy Street Extension Plus [Subway]": For additional ease, or for more players, you may open the Rift on this map, for 2 more perks, and a GGm and Box Location, as well as an additional smg).


OC Map 1.3 "Easy Street Extension Plus and Loop": As OCM1.2, also open Junction/Subway Door (to create Shangri-Loop).


Worthy Build↓[√] OC Map 1.31;

"83457's Usual (Easy Street Extension Augmented [Full District] Plus [Subway] and Loop [2 Subway openings])": I play this frequently when time is constrained, so i can get right into the action.

Open: Junction, any Doors in the District that has the Juggernog machine, that District's Rift to Subway, Subway Door to Junction, ritual areas (if desired) of Nero's Landing and opened District.


Quick Revive usually banned, leaving Widow's Wine to be my late-game savior, Stamin-Up, Juggernog, and a 3rd gun slot with Mule Kick.

This gives a few decent wallbuys, pod guns (+ possible fire sale), GGs, 4 perks (5, with QR, if allowed).


I avoid shield, Trip Mine, and BK usually, to keep game about surviving and time efficiency, but sometimes i have the time or desire to get them and extend the game. If Waterfront is open, i always get BK, for that old school feel.


OC Map 2; "Der Verrückt Riese" (the crazy giant):


Like Map 1, but Waterfront can be opened completely to access BK. No other areas.

Subway rift door cannot be opened.

Train Variant 1 (No Train).


This adds the BK, the wonder weapon, possibly the Bootlegger Wallbuy, as well as a random perk machine. (J, SC, or DT2), and a possible temporary box location.

(Disclaimer: If you don't get Juggernog, feel free to open the $1000 Door to it, drop the steps, but don't open that further. The idea is cramped map, Juggernog and Bowie Knife. See variants below). 


OC Map 2.1; "I'm the Juggernog's Bitch": Fully open whichever district has Juggernog. No Subway allowed. Train variant 3 used for BK.


OC Map 2.2; "Where I Belong"; Pick a district before game, only that one can be opened fully. No subway. Train variant 3. 


OC Map 2.2a; "Where am I?"; Randomly pick district to open before the game. No Subway. Train variant 3.


In OCM 2.2 and 2.2a, If Juggernog isn't available, you may purchase 1 $1250 Door, from Tram through Fuse area, to access it


(See post 2 for Random Dungeon Generator if you like random). 


OC Map 3; "Shadow No Numa":




Subway banned [or limited to one Rift that requires a Tram ride, if you love those perks, or that area, or the box goes there].


Train Variant 3 Required.


Only one $1250 door can be purchased in the entire map. Any other non-beast doors can be opened.


This gives all perks except W'sW and Mule Kick (unless Subway allowed).

Rocket Shield is available.

Apothicon Servant is available.

BK Available. 

Only a slim chance of no more ?Box (Subway location inaccessible).


No PaP. 

No Swords (if Subway banned).

No Civil Protector.


OC Map 3.1; "Chasing Juggernog"; as above, only the 1 $1250 door by Juggernog can be opened.


OC Map 3.2; "Catch the Train"; you must open only the ($1250) door in the District where the Train first resides. Wall Map in junction shows Train location.


Or open the district with your favorite gun or kite spot, but by picking the others, you get more practice in the lesser known areas.


Full Power Version; PaP: Need it? Then simply open the subway, but consider restricting it to a District that requires a Tram ride.


OC Map 4; "Tramzportation":



No Subway.

Train/Tram required.

You may only purchase 1 ($1000) door.


This, like "Shadow No Numa", allows most perks, box locations, the shield, the wonder weapon, but with a greater reliance on the Train to get perks, certain guns, box locations, kiting areas. Revives can be nearly impossible unless you stay together.


PaP Version: if you add PaP, you must only open 1 rift and it cannot be by Juggernogg, it must require a train ride from Juggernog. Subway to Junction Door closed.

Add Subway, no PaP: As above, but with PaP banned.


Pro Map: "83457's Labrynth Redux": (Remade due to game ending glitched death barrier).

Hard map with normal SoE gameplay with Door and Stair restrictions only. Use most items as usual, i mostly only describe the map opening.


Shield built in Footlight.

Open each Ritual location.

Do not Beast-drop any Perk steps.


Easy Street: open $500 Door.


Junction: Open $1000 Door to Footlight, open $1000 Door to Canal. (Do not open Waterfront $1000 Door. Do not open Subway-Junction Beast-Door).


Footlight: Open both $1250 Doors, $1000 Barrier by Shield Workbench. Beast open Rift Door to Subway. Open Rift. (Do not drop steps).


Canal: From Tram area, open the $1250 Door to Fuse and Perk areas. (Do not open the $1250 Doors by Ruby Rabbit. Do not open the $1000 Barriers. Do not open Rift).


Waterfront: Open the $1250 Door to Fuse and Perk areas, open both $1000 Barriers. Open Rift. (Do not open the Pod-steps $1250 Doors).


Subway: Only Rifts to Waterfront and Footlight open. (Door to Junction closed). PaP open when able.


This makes for long games, forced Tram use and dangerous Perk paths. Some difficulty getting to downed players.

Easy Canal training, Waterfront 'pit' (see below) for fast spawns or team Trap camp, Ruby Rabbit fast spawns. Junction easy training.

For a torturous Solo game, or an interesting team game.


Beast for revives often.


Pro Map; "The Pit (at Waterfront)":


Waterfront: Do not open the $1000 Junction Door. Do not open the $1250 Doors with the lone Pod between them which connect the first area with the Tram/Boxing Gym area. Take Tram to Waterfront, drop down from the $1000 Barrier from the Fuse area into the area with the Rift.


You can't open any more doors.


How you want to set up before that is up to you.


[Or you can go (Old's Cool) with nothing but what the pit offers and hope for a ?Box to be there, if you are brave or skilled enough].


[Full Power: Alternately, play SoE normally (PaP and Swords), come here, but open the Rift to Subway too, and fight here for fast loads to save WW ammo].


OC Map 5: Homeboy: (See 4th Post in this thread for fleshed out Old's Cool Homeboy Survival map build called "Juggerton").


In Homeboy, you pick a District (favorite run spot, perk, gun, or random), then go there by train.


You can't open the Rift, the $1000 Junction Door, nor ride the Tram after you arrive. 'Anywhere But Here!' GG is banned. Anything else is fair game. At your discretion, allow early set up, or ban it and only use what that District offers.


Good for a short game under Old's Cool Rules.


Give these a try, they really do play like different maps and breathe more life into Shadows of Evil while getting more fighting in, in less time, and with less busywork or alternately making it much harder and longer.  


Also this will strengthen your training skills in different areas, if applied in that manner.


Let me know if you've liked some of these maps and ideas as I'd love to hear it.


As always, happy gaming!




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*******Build Your Own Maps*******

This post is a labor of love, it is for me, feeding my own obsessive nature, for those few who enjoy making their own maps, (whether survival or more tedious maps), for people looking to level up specific guns, and lastly for those who simply wish to understand the map layout better. Welcome to this wall of text. Enjoy. (I have no idea why this post is slowly becoming italicized). -83457


[Gobblegum machines are always active now, but at the time when i wrote this, only 2 at a time would be, so keep that in mind.

The new way makes small maps more fun with more GGs].


There are two main sections of this post, denoted by '☆' and a third; ○■□● Random Dungeon Generator added at the end.


☆ Start your journey of personal map production with...


Things to Consider Before Crafting a Map;


Time: Are you looking for a short game, or are you trying to make the map tediously difficult and long? Opening 1-3 doors keeps games in the ½ hour to 3 hour range (solo), depending on your skill. But, using the train as the only way to get 2 districts open, while hiding the only open Rift in one of those back-opened districts with Shield in the other, can add serious time to your game.


Fumigator/Pods/Wonder Weapon: on small survival maps, the pods are essentially your ?Box. This is where you will probably get the strongest gun if you don't end up with a Box Location. As long as your map contains access to a Workbench, you can build the Apothicon Servant. You could ban use of pods (no fumigator allowed), or ban the AS. I won't discuss pod locations here as they should be known or easily findable.


Beast Mode: The purple/blue-fire things are obvious, i won't be pointing out their locations [1 or more at each area]. But consider how you want to use them. Do you want any rifts open? Do you want to power the district perk machines, but not their steps, making perks tedious to get from the tram area? You could take the tram to a closed district, open the fuse area stairs, Beast the perk machine, steps, rift, and then ban train use for a run through the district from the rifts (if you don't drop the stairs by  the perk, the perk is at a dangerous dead end as well). Think these through, as you have options for difficult games, or easy games. you can ban Beast use altogether for faster games, or use Beast in specific ways like to open the perk area, but not the rift if you ban the Subway. Note that Beast can be used for revives, or just to escape being trapped in survival maps.


Rifts: [Portal connecting each District to Subway]. These are a big factor to your map design as they can simply add a room; (Subway, 2 perks, GGm, box location, smg), or make the map a loop; (easier to revive a player, or to run trains Shangri-la style), or a quick way around a larger map; (as is now in SoE). If enough of the map is used, these give access to Swords, as well as PaP.

For short games, ban Subway, or just ban PaP/Swords (some map builds simply won't allow access to them). I won't usually discuss Apothicon Servant, Sword and/or PaP item locations here. They have their own how-to threads/videos.


PaP (upgrade): Without PaP, your survival maps have an early WaW feel, with PaP, you could avoid alternate ammo, so that you get a WaW Der Riese vibe. Otherwise, you could always allow Alternate Ammo, or restrict certain Ammo Types.


Perks: Use them all, or play with the old school 4. Remember, you don't even have to power them on if you want to avoid any temptation.


?Box (BL=Box Location): On some small maps, you may or may not get a box location (or more). This will affect the possibility of longer games, depending on what wall weapons are accessible in your map as well as what the box offers before leaving, possibly forever. You could ban the box, and even restrict opening the area that it is in, for construction restrictions. Currently (July 2016), it starts in FL's Perk Area, or WF' or Canal's First Areas


GobbleGum (GG) and GobbleGum Machines (GGm): Consider what GG that you want. For survival maps, you may not want to waste Megas, but feel free to use them. Immolation Liquidation will increase the chances of better guns, bringing a box location 3x, when you may have otherwise had none. Ephemeral Enhancement could give that needed boost for Margwa kills (and is otherwise crap). Wall Power, Perkaholic, and other strong GG could easily change your survival maps up from one game to the next.


Train/Tram: Ban it for shorter games, force it's use for longer games.


Train/Tram Options:


Option 1. No Tram allowed. One can buy the Bootlegger if the Tram is in your map area.


Option 2. Tram may be called. One cannot ride the Tram. The Bootlegger may be bought.


Option 3. Limited Use. For building Apothicon Servant, Civil Protector, or Shield. For Bowie Knife, Trip Mines, ?Box or a specific gun. For getting certain perks. Or for a mandatory map change every so often.


Option 4. Full normal use.


☆ Phew! With all those things considered, we get to advance to the all important topic of... 


Areas and Items Available:


>Subway: (Up to 3 Rifts to/from Districts, Beast Door to Junction). Widow's Wine (4000), Mule Kick (4000), Pod, Vesper (1250), GGm (500+), BL (950), Statue, [Trap (1000), when PaP Ritual Room is open].


[Subway is needed for Sword or PaP, but in survival maps, it can be just another area for an extra player, smg, pod, or a couple more perk options. Open as desired, but leaving it out or minimizing it's use helps distinguish your survival map from SoE]. 


>Easy Street: Always spawn here at start of game. Quick Revive (1500mp/500s), Pod, RK5 (500), Shieva (500), Beast Door and Power-Up (I-K, MA, or x2).


[Not much good as it's own map as the 'Start Room Challenge' often ends with the Margwa spawn].


>Junction: ($500 Door from Easy Street). Stamin-Up, L-CAR-9 (750), KRM-262 (750), GGm, 3 Pods.


Nero's Landing: (With Junction open, use Beast to drop the Steps to Easy Street). KRM-262.


[Playing Junction/Easy Street/Nero's Landing makes for ½ hour games, depending on skill, GG, Pod-given guns. You could ban Nero's Landing, making Easy Street dangerous to run down. Margwa often end games].


District General Layout: Each district has 4 basic areas, opened by doors or Beast. [The specific items of each District are listed after this general description].


First area ($1000 door from junction): SMG, Pod (except Waterfront), GGm, BL (except Footlight), Civil Protector (2000 contributable), Trap (1000), Beast Door and Rift.


Tram/Ritual area ($1250 Door from First or Perk Area): Assault Rifle, Beast opened/Ritual area, Pod, Workbench (except Footlight).


Perk area ($1250 Door from Tram area, or Beast-opened Stairs from First area): Perk Machine, smg (except Waterfront), Pod (except Footlight), Rocket Shield part, (BL in Footlight).


Fuse area ($1250 Door from Tram or Perk area): Fuse, assault rifle wallbuy, (Waterfront Pod), (Footlight Workbench).


[Note that opening from the Tram also opens the Perk area, making it 3 areas instead of 4 this way].


[How you open each district will greatly affect gameplay. Not opening the steps makes getting perks harder. Opening the drop-down spots in Canals ruins the zombie training area, while opening them in Footlight  or Waterfront (2 there) can make for smoother map flow].


[Make simple 2 Door Games: open Junction, open a $1000 Door to Juggernog (open the steps) and you have a simple survival map with Juggernog. Add the Rift to Subway for a bit more, maybe loop it through the Subway/Junction Door. Plays for an hour or two.

3 Door Games: Open to Tram. This gives a perk (Juggernog, SC, or DT2). You can then take the Tram for BK or Trip Mines. You could open the door by the perk for a different map than if you opened from First area to Tram area. Suit to taste. Another 3 Door game could be Junction plus 2 ($1000) Doors, netting you another perk while keeping the map small].


Specific Items Per District: .


>Footlight: First area: Statue, Vesper (1250), GGm, Pod, Trap. Tram area: KN-44 (1400), GGm, Pod. Perk area: Perk, Kuda (1250), BL, Middle Shield Part. Fuse area: HVK-30 (1600), Workbench, Fuse.


>Waterfront: First area: Kuda (1250), GGm, BL. Tram area: HVK-30 (1600), GGm, BK (3000), Trip Mines (1000), Workbench, Pod. Perk area: Perk, Pod, Statue, Left Shield Part. Fuse area: M8A7 (1500), BL, Fuse. Between the first area and Tram area $1250 doors is a little space with a lone Pod (Pod-steps doors).


>Canal: First area: Kuda (1250), GGm, BL, Trap, Pod. Tram area: M8A7 (1500), GGm, Workbench, Pod, Statue. Perk area: Perk, VMP (1300), Pod, Right Shield Part. Fuse area: KN-44 (1400), Fuse.


☆ That's a lot of words! But now you're ready to generate Maps within SoE, or reference maps items at a glance.


○■□● Random Dungeon Generator: This is to generate map parameters as you play.

(You could have the map parameters sussed out on paper before you play, but i don't recommend it, as it steals the wonder of the moment away).


>>>Basic idea: Flip a Coin (or Roll a Die) for each $-Door, B-Door, Steps, and 1 for Tram if you get to a station (for the first time).

Don't flip coins for anything else as it gets monotonous.


If Coin (Die) = Heads (Odds) then: Yes, open [or drop steps].


If Coin (Die) = Tails (Evens) then: No, do not open [or do not drop steps].


Start Here: Open Junction ($500) Door, locate the District with Juggernog, open the ($1000) Door when able (no coin flip).


Then, Flip a Coin: Results = *


* = Heads, drop the Perk area Steps.


* = Tails, you cannot drop the steps, but you are now allowed to open both ($1250) Doors in that District (without a Coin Flip).


Using this method, no matter what, you have Juggernog available. How easy it is to get is up to the Coin Flip.


Once that has been determined, each other Door, ritual area, steps, beast Door, requires a Coin Flip to determine if you open it (and the first time that you reach a Tram Station).


Thoughts on Generating:


PaP: Realistically, this shouldn't be expected. You may allow all ritual sites to be open, and allow Tram use to increase your chances.

Ritual items never require a Coin Flip to beast-free or pick up.


Shield: May or may not be available. That's why i recommend Juggernog at start, to give the map a chance.


Fisty, the Squid Gun: it may end up available, but will a Workbench be?


Rift: if a Rift Beast Door comes up Yes (it's busted open), then that Rift itself gets opened to Subway as well. No second Coin Flip required.


Tram: The first time that an area with a Station opens, Flip for Tram once only. You either have full use, or none (bootlegger purchase allowed).


Beyond that, if it's in your random map, it's fair game.


Happy Gaming!


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Shameless Bump for new players, rusty veterans, gun leveling, or just getting to 30 without hassle, so that you are on the leaderboards.

This post:

1. You need zombie/map experience: Get your zombie legs (back) under you.

2. You keep dying while trying to conquer rituals and swords. So your best game is like round 12. You just want to post higher on the leaderboards than your friend's kid sister.

3. You want to level guns.

4. You can't commit to a long game but want to solo for a bit. No reason for all the busywork. (This was previously covered, but this map will also work for this: go until you have to stop).

This is mainly solo, but no reason it can't be adapted for more.


Gun Trainor/Novice Map:

Open the $500 Door to Junction. Use beast to open the steps in Easy Street. The needed Grapple Spot is just above the Junction Door that you opened. Beast is activated by X [square] at any Purple Fire. Zap the electric box by Stamin Up (Perk that allows longer run time) and Quick Revive. Don't bother with the ritual part as it will just tempt you to do what we are trying to avoid.

Junction is an easy training spot. Run circles and reverses between the Junction Door, and the L-CAR-9 Tablebuy. When gathered, head over by the GobbleGum Machine (GGm) and turn and headshot them. If you get forced to head towards Stamin-Up, simply stay left to the phone booth, turn around and stay left as you run back out. The C-shape design of Junction means they will all be to one side as you head in or out of that area. Junction is your main run area unless you choose another. It is really easy to get to and get started moving through rounds.

When you have the points, get Juggernog. At each district's $1000 Door is a broken, smoking perk bottle that shows which perk is in that district. These 3 perks cycle between the districts before each game, but don't change during a game: Speed Cola (green smoke-fast reloads), juggernog (red smoke-extra health), Double Tap II (white smoke-fire 20% faster and each bullet becomes 2). The other perks do not change locations. At start/Easy Street is Quick Revive (Revive players quicker or, solo it revives you, if you bought it, and can be purchased 3 times per game. Perkaholic and other GG will count towards these uses).

Getting Juggernog: after determining which District has Juggernog, open the corresponding $1000 Door, activate Beast Purple Fire in that area, grapple up to the higher level where you will activate Juggernog, and the steps that lead up to it. If this isn't known, or obvious, just watch a video.

While getting Juggernog, use Beast to open a fire covered Door, on the ground level (find this before activating Beast so you know where you are going- it won't be flaming as a human, but will be an obvious Beast Door like the one at Start). When done as Beast, come to this Door, hold x/square to 'open the rift', which is a teleporter to the Subway area. Which is also easy to run and the teleporters connect all the Districts (and a Beast opened Door to Junction).

Get the gun you want if Gun Leveling (i assume these players know where to find the gun they are after. If not, look at post 2 for Wallbuy locations and ?Box location possibilities. Look up for the light for the ?Box {mystery box it's usually called} which gives random guns for $950 per spin).

You are now just gunning until the Mawgra (3 headed monster) shows up, usually on Round 8.

Shoot his 3 heads to kill him. 

Mawgra spots: Running him around Subway works well, but might be tight and scary for novice players.

Opening the $1000 Door and the ground level $1250 Door of Footlight takes you to a large oval where it is very easy to fight him and the horde.

My usual is to open the first $1000 Door of Canal District and lead him up there, then head back down the canal, in the water, to Junction, loop him in the wide area of Junction, and then head back to canal if he's still alive. Just turn and shoot, turn and move/reload, turn and shoot, et cetera.

If you eventually have a Rift to Subway open in Footlight and any other district's Rift (or the Beast-opened Door between Subway and Junction) open, then you can go to Subway (anyway but Footlight) with Mawgra following and then leave via the Footlight Rift and head right; the Mawgra will teleport to the area under the perk machine in Footlight and be ahead of the zombies, giving you a clear shot. Once a head is distroyed, he will run, which puts him basically ahead of the zombies and easier to kill (once he is running, I'll usually do the Canal run from here)

Other than the occasional Mawgra chasing you, you just run circles to Round 30+ in a relatively short time. No Swords or PaP needed.


As you play, you will be tempted to open other areas and get other perks, and build the Rocket Shield. That's all fine as it doesn't eat much time and will help you survive, especially the shield (See post 2 for part locations, gun locations).

If you are unfamiliar, each district has SMGs in the first areas, and ARs in the farthest. Vesper (Footlight, Subway), and VMP (Canal Perk area) are usually considered the best wall SMGs. KN-44 (Footlight Tram/Ritual area, Canal Fuse area), HVK-30 (Footlight Fuse area, Waterfront Tram/Ritual area) are probably your best wall ARs. Opinions may vary.


Now, while you are getting up on the leaderboards, you are also learning and improving your map skills slowly, without trying to do all the rituals, sword bits, and EE. Soon enough, you will develop the skills and map knowledge so that Swords and PaP are easy.


Beginner rituals: once you are ready to conquer rituals, they are easy on any round (especially solo). If you have a friend, let them babysit. Otherwise: let the zombie follow you into the ritual area. Carefully set the part down, do a small loop, set the Summoning Key down. Then, just walk them around in circles until it is done. It is that simple. Don't shoot unless absolutely necessary.

Swords Eggs simple: gather the zombies where it feels safe. Carefully, slowly, walk them to the statue so they don't start respawning. The Apothicon Servant will get the 12 kills needed with ease. Below round 25, the Trip Mines will work very well, otherwise, just headshot the train. Be sure to set the egg down first, and pick it up when done. The Rifts, leaving the Subway make this method simple: train in subway until all have loaded in, walk through Rift to desired District. (In Subway: Waterfront Rift above steps, Canal Rift by Widow's Wine, Footlight Rift by Blue Civil Protector Fuse Box).

These don't explain the full ritual nor sword upgrade, but point out the parts that can be much easier than most new players make them out to be.

Good luck and Happy Gaming!



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More survival maps: Now with additional Game Modes too!


GobbleGum machines are now available in all areas. Previously they only spawned in Footlight and Junction at start. If GG isn't mentioned, assume it's fair game.


Anytime that the SoE map is broken into several smaller maps, seperated by Tram, you could rule that you must move to a different District/map every time that a Margwa Spawns (not including Sword upgrades), to force the multimap theme.


Old's Cool (OC Map 5) Homeboy Variant: OCM5.1 "Juggerton" builds. Short lived survival maps if you don't have much time (Time varies, depending on map).


[Current updates: GGm are now always active. The ?Box spawns at the district BL nearest Junction. So now only basic Footlight Juggerton can get an active BL].


Find the District with Juggernog. Open a different District to the Tram, ride it to the Juggernog District (Juggerton). Open the Fuse $1250 Door to the Perk area, but not the other $1250 Door. You may open the ritual area. On the way, you may only open Junction ($500) Door, 2 District Doors ($1000, and $1250), and use 1 ($500) Tram ride to Juggerton, no other purchases allowed until in Juggerton. You can not leave.


You may purchase one gun from Junction/Easy Street, to guarantee survival until you get to Juggerton.


Juggerton Canal: Hard. Fast loads, small map with dead ends.  Margwa tests your mettle. Juggernog, Bootlegger, KN-44, M8A7, VMP, 2 Pods, BL, GGm. May get AS if lucky.


Juggerton Waterfront: Medium. Several tight training spots. Margwa can be handled carefully. Juggernog, Bootlegger, M8A7, HVK-30, Trip Mine, Bowie Knife, 2 Pods, BL, GGm. May get AS if lucky. You can open the $1000 Barrier above the Purple Fire Dias, but not the other Barrier above the BL/CP switch/GGm. Keeping the boxing gym closed makes running in front of it more feasible at the cost of no BK.


Juggerton Footlight: Easy. Easy training, easy Margwa control. Juggernog, Bootlegger, HVK-30, KN-44, Kuda, 1 Pod, 2 BL, GGm. May get AS if lucky. You can open the $1000 Barrier by the Workbench.



+ + +

OCM5.1X Juggerton Extended:


"Juggerton Extended": Beast-drop the steps of the Perk area as well. The other $1250 Door must remain closed.


Canal JX: Adds a larger training area, good for Mawgra. Kuda, BL, Trap, Pod, GGm.


Waterfront JX: Adds small area, camp by trap option with other players. Kuda, BL, Trap, GGm.


Footlight JX: Adds small area, camp by trap option with other players. Vesper, GGm, Trap, Pod.



OCM5.1XP "Juggerton Extended Plus": (Juggerton Plus rules and) Open Rift to Subway; Adds training area, Vesper, BL, Pod, GGm, Mule Kick, Widow's Wine.

+ + +

Spice it up (Juggerton):


Shield: Grab the shield part on your way in, and the one in Juggerton, eventually leave just to get the last piece and return. Adds very little travel time, but keeps you alive longer. Workbench in each Juggerton map.


Civil Protector too: If playing Extended Plus, grab the Fuses with the Shield parts. Some travel time, longer play time. Fuse Box in Subway.


Apothicon Servant: The last part, if not in Juggerton, will likely be in an area that you opened previously (this changed slightly). Search after you get Xenomatter. Build in another District if using shield.


Alternate Perk/Pick an area/ Box Location: Choose a different survival perk, open the location of your choice, or skip perks and go where the Box Location starts*, like an NDU map. That's some manly, and short, survival maps.


*[?Box available in JX and JXP builds, but under current updates, it is possible in Basic Juggerton only in Footlight].


Perked version: Find/pick Juggerton map build (it doesn't have to have Juggernog). Buy SU, Perk in District opened to Tram (Presumably Juggernog if it isn't in the chosen play district), buy perks in Juggerton Extended Plus.

No QR to keep it Old's Cool.

Bowie Knife/Trip Mines: Allow it (them) to be bought on the way in to your map, or leave temporarily to get it (them). [TM and BK are available in JX and JXP in Waterfront normally].


From Post 1: OC Map 5 Homeboy (original build): Open both $1250 Doors in Juggerton ($1000 Junction Door still closed). Safer, but less of an old school feel of cramped areas and dangerous hallways. May open Barriers.

Alternately, open both $1250 Doors, but don't drop steps.


Full Power (Homeboy/Juggerton): Ditch Old's Cool and get everything that you want, but only play the bulk of your game in Juggerton. Leave via Tram with 3 or less zombies allowed.


OCMap 5.2 "Double Trouble Juggerton": (Juggerton gets Quarantined).



Strict Old's Cool. 

All Perks allowed except Solo Quick Revive.



Open District With Juggernog, except the Rift. You must reach the Tram. Grab Shield part. 


Do not open the Junction door to either other district.


Once you go to either other district via Tram you can not return to the original Juggernog district. You may use Tram between the two allowed districts.


Open the Fuse Areas and drop the Perk steps in the other districts. One district may have an open Rift.


Shield and Apothicon Servant available. 


Old's Cool Build: OC Map 3: "Shadow No Numa" build with specific allowances and restrictions spelled out)→


(Announcer voice)

"What if there was no Der Riese, with it's punch-packing apparatus, Hadesmongrels redux, and Stabitha? We now amble into an alternate timeline of zombies that never met Der Riese". 


Old's Cool Map 3.3; "WaWbagger, the Infinitely Prolonged".


Rules: Strict Old's Cool (Posts 1 and 8).


No Subway. 

No Ritual areas opened.


GobbleGum allowed.

Pods allowed.

Shield allowed.

Apothicon Servant optional *(see below).

Tram restricted *(see below).



Open each $Door in Junction. Drop the steps in each first area of each District.

Canal: Open the $1250 Door by Ruby Rabbit. Build Shield there. Call the Tram (but normally can't ride it).

Do not open other doors.


*Optional Apothicon Servant, Trip Mine, and assault rifle wallbuys Tram ride: Once you have acquired the AS parts, you may leave during 1 round, taking the Tram to both other Districts. There you may construct the AS, purchase Trip Mines, and/or purchase HVK-30 or KN-44 assault rifles. Return that round, if able. Then Tram is banned.


Optional: Allow Stamin-Up. (Since there is no QR in solo Old's Cool Mode, this is how i play it).


Optional Solo: Allow Quick Revive for theoretically longer games.


Optional: Open Nero's Landing for just a little more room.


Optional: Open Subway, all Rifts and Junction/Subway Door to enlarge map. Option to allow Mule Kick and/or Widow's Wine. (Best for 4 player).


Optional: Shangri-Loop: Open 2 Rifts, or 1 Rift and the Subway/Junction Door for Shangri-la style looping. Option to allow Mule Kick and/or Widow's Wine. (For solo or 2 player).


Available Wallbuys:

RK5, Shieva, KRM-262, Vesper, Kuda, VMP, M8A7, Bootlegger, with optional HVK-30, KN-44, and Trip Mine.


This old school WaW build has no BK, PaP machine, nor Dogs, and only the O4 Perks usually.


GobbleGum, (+ optionally Stamin-Up) are your 'New Perk(s)'. Possibly get Perkaholic for all perks and a bonus life, Wall Power would be a strong pull, as well as a simple Immolation Liquidation.


You may get an active Box Location* or more, otherwise Pods and wallbuys are your choices, with Shield literally covering your back. Fire Sale may be in a Pod or GGm.

*[As of this edit, the ?Box will always spawn in the first area of either WF or Canal Districts, or in the Perk area of FL District. Originally, it spawned anywhere except Subway. So now you should always have an active BL in this map].


Margwa are the big threat, with Parasites and Elementals filling the role in this timeline that Dogs would have, if there had been a Der Riese.


The Wonder gun is, of course, Fisty the Squid Gun, requiring a Tram ride to construct.


Note that I chose the Canal for Shield, as it is easy to access for all players, but also, opening that area by Ruby Rabbit adds such little extra area, but also adds a decent little kiting spot, while maintaining the basic integrity of the smaller map.


Note that, after Tram ride, ABH! may take you out of the map. If so, return as promptly as is reasonable. Or rule that you are stuck there and cannot return, for a little change of pace, or simply ban ABH!.


[See Post 8; OCM3.4, and OCM3.5 for WF and FL builds].


[I've really enjoyed the feel of this map. It doesn't feel restricted, with AS and Shield available. Having no PaP or BK, while knocking back some old familiar drinks, waxes some serious nostalgia. It also moves through rounds at a fast pace with no busywork, and now that GG machines are always active they have become an integral part of the fun]. 


Pro Map Du Jour:


Bosium Builds: Large dual map design with Tram use for longer games. Full power; PaP, Swords, and all. Only the map Doors are restricted as below.



How to build your own: Only 1 ($1000) Door in Junction can be bought. Open that District as desired, except for the Rift. In that open District, take the Tram to both other Districts, open their Rifts and any Doors.

Do not open the Rift to the District that you opened from Junction. Do not open the Subway Beast Door to Junction.


This makes 2 maps, separated by a Tram ride.


For extreme difficulty, never buy the lower ($1250) Doors in any district, just the Fuse area Doors.

Tweek openings to taste.

It's best balanced if you open Footlight, or Canal District first.


83457's Bosium Build: Full power. Restricted Doors only.


Pro Map: "Canalemma": (there is nothing vulgar about analemma).




Full Power. Build the Shield in Waterfront. 




▪First half;

Easy Street: Open Junction ($500) Door.

Junction: Open Footlight ($1000) Door. Do not open Door to Subway. Do not open the other 2 ($1000) Doors.

Footlight: Open both ($1250) Doors, ($1000) Barrier. Do not drop the Perk Steps, do not open the Rift here.

Take Tram to...▪


•Second half;

Waterfront: Open ($1250) Fuse area Door to Perk, drop Perk Steps, open Rift, open both ($1000) Barriers. Do not open ($1250) Pod Steps Doors near Rift.

Take Tram to...

Canal: Open ($1250) Fuse area Door to Perk, drop Perk Steps, open Rift to Subway (this now connects to Waterfront). Do not open ($1000) Barrier. Do not open RR 1250 Doors•


The First Half gives you a decent map with kiting in Black Lace, outside of Black Lace, Junction, and a Trap laden path between.

The Second Half has access to kiting in Subway, PaP, Canal, and tight Waterfront spots. 3 Traps once PaP is open.


This convoluted map will have Tram use, but only between halves, so it isn't excessive.



Other Games and Ideas:


Game Mode:

"Shadows of Grief, All":

Pseudo-grief Team idea:

Best with 4, adaptable for 2 player. (3 single player team variant below). Should be relatively short games.


Pick teams, balance as best as you can, if able.


Banned List: •Beast is banned. GobbleGum is banned. Box is banned. Bootlegger is banned. Trip Mine is banned. The Tram cannot be used.•


Each team chooses a district. The best arenas are probably Footlight and Canal, but all are legal choices. Teams must choose a different map each game to cycle the maps and keep it fair. (Cycle Footlight, to Waterfront, to Canal, to Footlight, et cetera). If there is contention on who starts where, use this method: Team 1 is Green, Team 2 is Red, first game each Team starts in the District with that colored 'Broken Perk Bottle' seen in Junction, then cycle the games after that.



A player buys the Junction ($500) Door, then that player does Chang's for $500, so each player has $500.

All players fight in this area until each team has a player with $1000. As soon as this occurs, each team immediately opens their respective Districts and then can not leave them. If you personally hit $1000, but the other team's players haven't, you cannot kill zombies until they have a player with $1000. °See Quick Start Option below.


All $Doors (+Barriers), Gun Wallbuys, Pods are fair game if not banned above.

First team with all players dead at the same time loses the game.


3 Player Version: "Soul Survivor".


Same Ban list as above.


First Game: P1 is Yellow, P2 is Green, P3 is Red. Match your (1 man) Team to your Perk color in Junction. That is your District. After the first game, cycle Districts between games (FL to WF, WF to C, C to FL). One player buys Junction ($500) Door, gets $500 from Chang's.

Each player earns $500 more, then waits for others. Revive others if needed. This is just set-up.


Game on: with each player at $1000ish, open your districts and never leave them. °See Quick Start Option below.


Winning: Last man standing wins. Note that you may go down, but get respawned if both other players survive. If this occurs, you can still win. You will spawn in the wrong District and must immediately head to your own (no greifing). You will be disadvantaged, but you can also still win, so there is reason to play.


[3P Alternate Win Condition: if you go down, you're disqualified. Once 2 players have gone down, the last player wins. Disqualified players must stay in their districts if they respawn. 

(I don't like this Win-con, because dead players have no way to win/ reason to keep playing if they respawn)].


→°Quick Start Option (for both Team and 3 Player games above): At start, after $500 Door + Chang's, complete round 1 fairly and then the game is on at the start of round 2.

Players may buy Easy Street/Junction weapons and play in Junction as well as their own District. Junction Pods are off limits to all. You can't play in the other teams districts. This allows some mild griefing and starts the fun immediately.


Racing Game Mode:

"Escape the Tomb":



Short Racing game for 2-4 players. 2-3 players race individually against each other, or 2 teams of 2 players race each other. First Player/Team to use/call Tram wins.

Each Player/Team gets a District. Team 1 (Yellow Team) starts in DT2 District, Team 2 (Green Team) starts in SC District, Team 3 (Red Team) starts in J District. Then, cycle districts between games (see above games for district cycles).


Beast banned.


Round 1: Set up; One Player buys the $500 Junction Door, then hits Chang for $500, so everyone is equal. Each player must buy the Shieva ($500)*. Then share the 6 start zombies as evenly as possible;

(2p= kill 3z each.

3p= kill 2z each.

Teams: kill 3 zombies per team, split 2 and 1).

Round 2: The race is on. Get yourself or your team to the Tram first. It's only $2750, making for quick games.

(The zombie load patterns may be inconsistent and unfair, not tested). Feedback appreciated.


*Any Junction/Easy Street Gun Wallbuy will suffice, but it must be agreed upon before that game and each player must buy the same gun. Change them up between games for variety.


2 Team, 4 Player, Weapon Specialists: Before game, decide on 2 Guns; 1 ($500) Wallbuy: Shieva or RK5, and 1 ($750) Wallbuy: L-CAR-9 or KRM-262. Then 1 player on each team buys $500 Gun that was agreed upon, then the other player on that team (kills 2 of the 3 team zombies of round 1) buys the $750 gun that was agreed upon. Then the $500 gun players simultaneously kill the 2 remaining zombies, then the race is on.


Gun Variant Option: Gun Choice Open; All Players on a team must buy a Gun from Junction/Easy Street before their ($1000) District Door can be opened. All Wallbuys in that area are fair game. $500 for Shieva, RK5, or $750 for KRM-262, L-CAR-9. No set gun per player nor team.


Pro Game: "Nature Provides".


Nature Provides plays just like regular SoE, but with these restrictions:

The Mystery Box and all Gun Wallbuys are banned (See 3+4P exception below). The GGs " Wall Power" (pointless) and "immolation Liquidation" are Banned.


"Defend your Pod-given right to bear arms"!

"May Pods have mercy on your soul".


1+2 Player: There should be enough Pods for 2 players. Zombie cloning at start should be easy enough and can be used to get each Player a Bowie Knife while they wait for Pods to mature. Trip Mines help with revives and Egg Statues.


3+4 player: All Junction/Easy Street Gun Wallbuys are unrestricted. Bowie Knife and Trip Mines allowed.

Realistically, 3-4 Pods per player is a harsh reality, so I've allowed early guns to carry you until Pods mature. Also, zombie cloning and early Bowie Knives are less realistic with 3-4 players.


Thoughts: With 3+4 Players, this is a team effort in the earlier rounds. You must share intelligently as the Pods don't always split evenly, nor give weapons. If you've got a decent Pod Gun, pass the rest of your share of Pods to another in need.

Either weakest link, or best saviour, should take the Apothicon Servant, judge wisely (or all Players take it at once on 360).


If a Pod gives Fire Sale, you may hit the box only during the Fire Sale. This will reduce 3+4 player difficulty and add a fun winfall to 1+2 player.


This is perfectly doable one game, impossible the next. 


Game Mode: "GobbleGame".


Map build:

As desired.



>PaP and Perk purchases are banned.


>GobbleGum: Perkaholic and Wall Power are mandatory. 


The idea behind GobbleGame is to use Perkaholic, Wall Power, and 3 other GG of your choice to survive.


Sword, Shield, and all depend on your map design options, but are allowed, if available in your build.


Optional: Allow Juggernog solo, or Quick Revive with other players, for a better chance of survival until Perkaholic, especially after a down.


And here you thought that i was done.


If you've read this far, I hope that you have enjoyed it, and as always, happy gaming!


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Earlier posts are getting too crowded, so i made another. Much has been added to previous posts, may be fun to read even if you don't play my odd maps and games.


Nacht Der Untoten style: Build Your Own NDU.


Rules: No Beast. You may open 3 Doors maximum and they must lead to the box. If the box moves and you have no 'Door credit' left, you can not get to it and must use pods and wallbuys only.


Note that, if the box spawns at the perk area of Footlight, or the Fuse area of Waterfront, you can not reach it and must rely on pods and wallbuys (or allow 1 time Beast for FL Steps, or 4th door opened for WF, only in this instance).


Note that, if the Tram has been reached, you may ride it to other districts, for wallbuys, including Trip Mine, and possible box locations in Footlight and Canal.


Maps will vary.

Short, manly games.


Old's Cool Map: "Unmazing's Grace".


This map reflects a path that I sometimes run, cemented into it's own map, with a camp and move strategy.


Strict Old's Cool mode (see post 1) with specific openings.


Open Junction $500 Door.

Open Canal and Footlight $1000 Doors, and drop the steps. 

Open Canal and Footlight Rifts.

Open Subway-Junction Beast Door.


[You may open Waterfront and it's steps, only if Juggernog is in Waterfront, otherwise Waterfront is banned. If you open Waterfront, then Footlight is banned. In this case, open the Rift in Waterfront in lieu of Footlight].


Perks allowed, if available: Juggernog, Stamin-Up, Speed Cola, Widow's Wine, Double Tap 2, Mule Kick.


Traps in Footlight, and Canal active (possibly Waterfront, with Juggernog).


GobbleGum available. 


This map lacks PaP, B Knife, Apothicon Servant, Shield. May or may not have box locations, box may leave. 


Basic strategy: Walk straight into Canal to the second arch (street light 360) just past the Fancy Grind. Stand your ground there, facing Junction. When backed up the stairs by the Molly's Cream Cakes cart, head into the water of the canal, through the Rift, across the Subway, through the Rift to Footlight, then back to Canal, and stand your ground again.


Repeat as needed, fight and use traps as you move.

(Note that this path could be used in any game mode where the areas are available).


Optional: allow Quick Revive solo.

Optional: open $1250 Canal Door for Shield. Allow all 3 district perk areas open for perks and Shield parts.

Optional: open workbench area of choice to construct Apothicon Servant. Or combine with Shield option above, and take the Tram to construct the Apothicon Servant.

Optional: play SoE normally, but run this path for camp and move strategy.


Old's Cool ideas (and possibly for other maps).


To further shorten games, one could ban the mystery box. Only allow wall guns (and pods?).

In some small Old's Cool builds, you could specifically avoid opening an area that contains the box. Use this as a construction restriction.


Box Only: with this option, only guns purchased from the box are allowed. Wallbuys and pods would be banned.


Random only: Mystery Box and Pod Guns are the only options.


Game Mode: "How to Conduct Yourself". (Loosely based off of the 'Train Challenge' of the challenge thread).

Plays like normal SoE with these exceptions: after Round 5, you may only kill zombies on the Tram, and the upstairs of the Tram stations. You may only use the Bloodhound and Bootlegger. You can buy any perk except Mule Kick, any GG except Perkaholic. You may PaP. You may build and use Shield. Apothicon Servant is banned. You may use the Tram.

Good luck with Margwa...


Old's Cool build: Quarantine.

Use Old's Cool restrictions of choice, suit to taste (From post 1).

Basic idea: pick a district to be quarantined. You could choose any district, or you could decide that the district with Speed Cola is Quarantined (it's an easy choice since it tends to get passed over) or pick one at random before the game, whatever makes you happy with your choice.

That chosen district is quarantined and must remain completely sealed. You may not go there by Tram either.

2 full districts, junction (Nero's), and Subway are available. Most perks available. AS available. All but 2 Box Locations are available.

No shield, no pap, no CP.


OS Map 4: "Tramzportation" build, only with Full Power (No Old's Cool restrictions). Only the 'Tramzportation' restrictive opening of only 1 ($1000) Door is in effect, as well as other Door/Step restrictions.


Pro Map: "Y Be Mad".


Beast activate the Perk area Steps in each district.


Open all Beast Doors to Rifts, activate Rifts.

Open Beast Door Subway-Junction.

Open all Ritual Locations and PaP.

Open only these $Doors: Easy Street-Junction ($500), Junction-Footlight ($1000), each ($1250) Door between Perks and Tram of each District.


So the Junction Doors of Waterfront and Canal are closed.

The ($1250) Doors of each district remain closed, except the Fuse area ($1250) Doors, between Perk and Tram.

The ($1000) Barriers all remain closed.


That's it. Subway Rifts take you to the near side of districts, Tram takes you to the far side of the Districts, and you can take the dangerous foot route across any District through the Perk area.

Use care training with other players.

This is just a higher difficulty SoE for those who enjoy suffering.

°°°(Like Post 8 "El Diablo", but with all Rifts open. Easier).


Happy Gaming!

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14 minutes ago, mmm chocolate said:

kudos to anyone who reads all of that.

Haha! So true. But some folk love reading and ideas. Did you make it through the walls of text?

Even 3 pages deep in this forum, the view count kept going up. But that might just be the click-bait title and 'map' tag.

I also wish that it was better organized, but I'm not, so how could it be?

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More map fun: Revisiting Post #1.


The Pit (Revisited): in post 1, I discussed playing in The Pit in Waterfront. It can also be done in Canal, and now in Footlight (360 glitched death barriers removed).


What you bring to The Pit is up to you, you could go Full Power, or Old's Cool modes.


Footlight Pit: Do not open Junction/Footlight 1000 point door. Do not drop steps. Enter from the Tram, open the Fuse area 1250 door only. Drop down from the perk area to the Egg Statue area.


Canal Pit: Do not open Junction/Canal 1000 point door. Do not drop steps. Enter from Tram, open the Fuse area 1250 door, open 1000 barrier, drop down.


Extended Pits: open rift to extend Pit Map to include Subway room.


Accessed Pit: open Rift in whichever Pit, connect all Rifts, play normally, just mainly running the Pit.



From Post 1:


This is Tranzit ll: "Go to El" melded with it's variant and some ideas from other post 1 maps into...


♤♡♢♧ Pro Map: "El Diablo"


Full Power (PaP, Swords, Shield, AS, CP, GG), Pro (hard) Map, with restricted step/door openings only. Builds depend on Juggernog spawn location (check location asap), and your choice of what to do with the other 2 Districts.


Each district uses 1 of these 3 (or 4) options; 1. Access to Tram from Junction, 2. Access to only open Rift to PaP, or 3. Access to Juggernog (2 districts have Juggernog Alternate Option).


District Opening Options:



FL to Tram: Open 1000 point Junction door, drops steps, open 1250 point Fuse door. (Do not open Rift, nor 1250 door by Civil Protector switch).


FL to Rift: Enter FL by Tram, open 1250 point Fuse door, drop steps open Rift. (Do not open 1000 barrier, nor 1250 door by CP switch).


FL to Juggernog: If Jugg starts here, enter from Tram, open 1250 point Fuse door, drop steps. (Do not open 1000 point barrier, 1250 door by CP switch, nor Rift).



WF to Tram: Open Junction/WF 1000 point door, drop steps, open 1250 point Fuse door. (Do not open either 1000 point barrier, 1250 point lone pod door, nor Rift).


WF to Rift: Enter by Tram, open 1250 point Fuse door, drop steps, open Rift. (Do not open either 1000 point barrier, nor either 1250 point door surrounding the pod on the steps).


WF to Juggernog: Enter by Tram, open 1250 point Fuse door, drop steps. (Do not open Junction/WF 1000 point door, either 1000 point barrier, 1250 point podsteps doors, nor Rift).


WF to Juggernog Alternate: Open Junction/WF 1000 point door. (Then, enter WF by Tram). Open Fuse 1250 point door. (Do not open the podsteps 1250 point doors, either 1000 point barrier, nor the Rift. Do not drop steps).



Canal to Tram: Open Junction/Canal 1000 point door, drop steps, open Fuse 1250 point door. (Do not open 1000 point barriers, 1250 point Ruby Rabbit doors, nor Rift).


Canal to Rift: From Tram, open 1250 point Fuse door, drop steps, open Rift. (Do not open 1000 point barriers, do not open Junction/Canal 1000 point door, do not open Ruby Rabbit 1250 point doors).


Canal to Juggernog: From Tram, open Fuse 1250 door, drop steps. (Do not open 1000 point Junction/Canal door, 1000 point barriers, 1250 point RR doors, nor Rift).


Canal to Juggernog Alternate: Open Junction/Canal 1000 point door. Take Tram to RR, open 1250 point Fuse door. (Do not open 1000 point barrier, 1250 point RR doors, nor Rift. Do not drop steps).


>>>Junction: Opened from Easy Street, open to Tram district dictated by above. (Subway/Junction Beast-Door remains closed. The other 2 1000 point district doors remain closed, [exempting Juggernog Alternate]).


Summary of play: {Start here}.


1. Open Easy Street 500 point door.


2. Locate Juggernog bottle in Junction; That district will require a Tram ride to open, and will be opened as '(District) to Juggernog' above.


3. Decide which of the other 2 districts will have the only open Rift to Subway/PaP, then open that district as '(District) to Rift' above. It will also require a Tram ride to get there.


4. Open the remaining district as '(District) to Tram' above.


[You must open the 'District to Tram first', if that's not obvious enough, then open the other districts in either order.

In effect, one district has Juggernog and requires a Tram ride, one district has the only Rift to Subway/PaP and requires a Tram ride, and the last district can access the Tram from Junction through that district's Fuse Area. Finished map is 3 small maps separated by Tram].


This gives you 6 hard Full Power map builds to torture yourself and friends (8 maps with Juggernog alternates).


Like Tranzit, revives can be nonpossible, but the CP can be called. 


This will add some difficulty to your solo or MP games if you need some more challenge. 


Shield in Footlight for most difficulty. 


Old's Cool Mode:


° Strict Old's Cool Rules: 


No PaP. No Swords. No Civil Protector. No solo Quick Revive.


Perks: Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double Tap 2, Quick Revive (Solo variable).>>>


[Apothicon Servant optional. Skip it for shorter games].


From Post 1 (OC Map 3; Shadow No Numa) and Post 4 (OCM 3.3; WaWbagger...).


☆☆☆OC Map 3.4; "Knife Life".


Like "WaWbagger, the Infinitely Prolonged", except 1250 point Pod-step doors in Waterfront are open (instead of Canal RR doors), The Anvil is open, and the Rift in Footlight open.


Rules: Strict Old's Cool (°above).


No Ritual areas opened (except The Anvil)

Stamin-Up banned.

Widow's Wine Banned.

Mule Kick Banned.


GobbleGum allowed.

Pods allowed.

Shield allowed.

Trip Mines allowed.

Bowie Knife allowed (and Anvil).

Apothicon Servant optional *(see below).

Tram restricted *(see below).



Open each $Door in Junction. Drop the steps in each first area of each District.

Waterfront: Open the $1250 Door by Pod-steps. Build Shield there. Call the Tram (but normally can't ride it).

Open The Anvil (WF Ritual Room).

Open Footlight Rift.

Do not open other doors.


*Optional Apothicon Servant and assault rifle wallbuys Tram ride: Once you have acquired the AS parts, you may leave during 1 round, taking the Tram to both other Districts. There you may construct the AS, and/or purchase M8A7 or KN-44 assault rifles. Return that round, if able. Then Tram is banned.


Optional: Allow Stamin-Up (since there is no QR in solo, this is how i play it).

[Stamin-Up is in every possible SoE Survival map except "Easy Street", where you spawn at start].


Optional Solo: Allow Quick Revive for theoretically longer games.


Optional: Allow Mule Kick.


Optional: Allow Widow's Wine.


Optional: Open Nero's Landing for just a little more room.


Available Wallbuys:

RK5, Shieva, KRM-262, Vesper, Kuda, VMP, HVK-30, Bootlegger, Trip Mine, Bowie Knife, with optional M8A7, and KN-44.


Like WaWbagger, this feels old school, but this map is a little different, adding 2 more perk options (mk, w'sw), Bowie Knife, Trip Mines, and adding rooms off of Footlight (Subway) and Waterfront (The Anvil) to manage the horde. So whether you go down Canal, Footlight, or Waterfront, you'll have room to maneuver.

Old school WaW feel if you just buy the O4 perks.


Medium length games with no busywork, just jump in and play.


☆☆☆OC Map 3.5; "Footlight Lightfoot"

(OCM3 "Shadow No Numa" specific build).


Like Old's Cool Map 3.3; "WaWbagger, the Infinitely Prolonged", but with the 1250 point door by Perk in Footlight open (instead of Canal RR doors), and Rifts in Waterfront and Footlight open.


Rules: Strict Old's Cool  (°above).


No Ritual areas opened.

Stamin-Up banned.

Mule Kick banned.

Widow's Wine banned.


GobbleGum allowed.

Pods allowed.

Shield allowed.

Apothicon Servant optional *(see below).

Tram restricted *(see below).



Open each $Door in Junction. Drop the steps in each first area of each District.

Footlight: Open the $1250 Door by Kuda (above Perk).

Build Shield there.

Call the Tram (but normally can't ride it).

Open Waterfront Rift to Subway.

Open Footlight Rift to Subway.

Do not open other doors.


*Optional Apothicon Servant, Trip Mine, and assault rifle wallbuys Tram ride: Once you have acquired the AS parts, you may leave during 1 round, taking the Tram to both other Districts. There you may construct the AS, purchase Trip Mines, and/or purchase HVK-30 or M8A7 assault rifles. Return that round, if able. Then Tram is banned.


Optional: Allow Stamin-Up (since there is no QR in solo, this is how i play it).


Optional Solo: Allow Quick Revive for theoretically longer games.


Optional: Allow Mule Kick.


Optional: Allow Widow's Wine. 


Optional: Open Nero's Landing for just a little more room.


Available Wallbuys:

RK5, Shieva, KRM-262, Vesper, Kuda, VMP, KN-44, Bootlegger, with optional HVK-30, M8A7, and Trip Mine.


This map has a nice racetrack in Footlight, a link between FL and WF via Subway, and the usual Canal run available. It offers optional perks Mule Kick for Camping, Stamin-Up for running, or Widow's Wine for added safety. Otherwise, buy the old school O4 perks and relive WaW with new guns and enemies.


Medium length games with no busywork, just jump in and play. 


OC Maps 3.4 and 3.5 Difficult Variant: "Shield Me, Please";


You can not build the shield until you have the Apothicon Servant built, then you (solo or team) must go to Canal Tram Station via the Tram (first ride allowed), Build Shield.You may now use Tram. You must all ride the Tram together.


Quick Revive is a good friend.


OC Maps 3.4, 3.5, and 3.3 (Post 4) end game option:


Once the map is opened as allowed, each time that a Margwa spawns, together you must ride the Tram to a different District, and stay until the next Margwa /repeat. You can't open doors.


Pro Map: "Gates of Hell".

[Hard and fun].


This unique map is a clusterfuck of small maps with a need for ABH!


(Announcer voice)

"The deeper into Hell you go,  the more powerful you become, but only Magic can get you out".




Full Power. 'Anywhere But Here!' GobbleGum must be included in each player's pack. Specific Doors and Step only. 


[Without breaking map restrictions, do what you can with each Beast. When you first Beast-open each Gate to Hell (Beast Rift Doors in FL and WF), you might not want to drop down and open the Rift right away, but you will need to drop eventually, for Ritual parts, Swords, PaP, and maybe a Perk or two. Then ABH! is the only way back out].




[Open all ritual areas for PaP].


>Open Junction (500). [Do not open Beast Door from Subway. Do not open Waterfront nor Footlight Doors].


>Open Canal (1000). Drop Steps. Open Fuse (1250) Doors. Call Tram. [Do not open RR (1250) Doors. Do not open Rift].


>Tram to Footlight. Open Fuse (1250) Doors. Open Rift. [Do not open Door (1250) by Civil Protector Switch. Do not Beast-drop Steps. You may open the (1000) Barrier].


>Tram to Waterfront. Open Fuse (1250) Doors. Open (1000) Barrier over Box Location. Open Rift. [Do not open the Pod-steps (1250) Doors. Do not Beast-drop Steps. You may open the other (1000) Barrier over Beast-fire]. 


[Once you drop down and open a Rift, only 'ABH!' GG gets you out. Solo, you can open one or the other and then come back for the other Rift, in MP you can open both easier]. 



This is a strange, restrictive map build. It's Die Rise without the Die, because here you have a training room while you wait to get ABH!, unlike the elevators. Passing through map sections requires coordination between teammates.


Canal becomes like 2 small maps.

The Tram/Ritual areas of FL and WF become small maps, and from either of them, you can drop down to Hell (Subway, and first areas of FL and WF), and only 'Anywhere But Here!' GG will set you free.


You could always build a "Hell" map with any 2 district Rift areas as 'lobes' of the Hell map, then play just that area only and Ban 'Anywhere But Here!' instead of mandating it. It could work as an endgame, or as an Old's Cool Map. If you had Quick Revive when you entered Hell, these maps would only offer Mule Kick (Vesper, Kuda, and/or VMP) and Widow's Wine when you revived. 


Pro Map: "Gates of Hell" 1 Rift variant:


"Gateway to the underworld" builds; (3 options; Canal Gate, Footlight Gate, Waterfront Gate).


Rules: Full Power. Anywhere But Here! GG is mandatory. 


Only one Rift allowed open.




[All Ritual Areas open].


>Rift District: In the only district that will have the open Rift, (from Tram) open only the 1250 point Fuse Door, and the 1000 point Barriers. (Do not Drop Steps. Do not open 1000 point Junction Door. Do not Open Subway-Junction Beast-Door). This will be the "Gateway to the Underworld".


Open the other 2 Districts as desired.


From Post 4 "Double Trouble Juggerton" build: OC Map build (Pro Map build is available: all items accessible). (Connect Canal to Subway via Rift for Bosium Build design: 2 maps instead of 3). (For Pro Map, open all Ritual areas).


OC Map (or Pro Map): "The Cat's Meow".


>Easy Street; Open Junction 500 point Door.


Nero's: Drop Steps.


>Junction: Open Waterfront 1000 point Door only (no subway door either).


>Waterfront: Drop Steps, open 1250 Fuse Door. Open The Anvil (only if BK desired). You may open 1000 point Barriers. (Do not open pod-steps Door, do not open Rift).


>Tram to Footlight: Open 1250 point Fuse Door. Open Rift to Subway. Open 1000 point Barrier. (Do not open the 1250 point Door by the Civil Protector Switch. Do not open Black Lace).


>Tram to Canal: Open 1250 point Fuse Door. Drop Steps. (Do not open 1250 point Ruby Rabbit Doors. Do not open 1000 point Barriers. Do not open Rift).


This becomes 3 maps;


Junction/Nero/Waterfront: Mostly run Junction, with Margwa path/Trap down Waterfront, and Nero's for a little more room. 


Footlight has the main loop, and the Subway to run, like 2 small maps in one. Trap/camp option. 


Canal has the workbench area looping spot, and raceway to run Margwas, or use trap. It's 2 small maps in one also.


OC Map allow: Shield, Trip Mines, Apothicon Sword (not Reborn), all ?Box weapons, Wallbuys, Pods.

Apothicon Servant optional (it should be avoided for Old's Cool Mode as it is too powerful).


Pro Map: "The Junction Function"; [This map is designed to use the steps in Junction for a change, while minimizing Junction flow overall by keeping Doors shut]. Fairly hard.




Full Power map with restricted Door and Rift openings.




[All Ritual Areas opened].


>Easy Street: Open Junction 500 point Door.


>Junction: Open Canal 1000 point Door. Open Subway-Junction Beast Door, when able. (Do not open Waterfront 1000 point Door. Do not open Footlight 1000 point Door).


>Walk into Canal: Drop Steps. Open 1250 point Fuse Door. (Do not open 1000 point Barriers. Do not open Ruby Rabbit 1250 point Doors. Do not open Rift).


>Tram to Waterfront: Open 1250 point Fuse Doors. Drop Steps. You may open 1000 point Barriers. Open Rift. (Do not open 1250 point Pod-steps Doors).


>Tram to Footlight: Open 1250 point Fuse Doors. You may open 1000 point Barrier. Open Rift. (Do not open 1250 point Door by Civil Protector Switch).


>Subway: Rifts to WF and FL open, Beast-Door to Junction Open. [PaP Area eventually open].


The finished map is 3 main sections, connected by Tram, or Rifts/Steps to/from Subway.


Junction connects to Canal, and to Subway via Steps (Beast-Door). But has less zombie paths with 2 Districts closed. Easy training. 


Canal has the Fancy Grind camp spot for the <35 rounds, with the raceway to run Margwas, and it also has the Workbench pooling spot for running circles for the latter game.


Waterfront has the irregular training in and around The Anvil. Rift access on one end, Tram on the other. 


Footlight has the Black Lace oval and camp by Trap option. Rift access on one end, Tram on the other.


Subway has the usual training, and is open to WF and FL via Rifts, and Junction via the Steps. 


OC Map or Pro Map: "Architectural Accomplishment".


[This next map has some of my favorite openings: Canal with it's camp and train strategy on one side, and RR circling spot on the other. Subway proper is undisturbed with access only from Waterfront and Junction on the landing above, with no players materializing into your train from Canal or Footlight. It has the long run over Waterfront with it's sweeping views, and lower path to Subway. The Footlight oval is closed off by a door. Running a loop through WF to Rift, and back up the Junction Steps is a nice change. In MP games, each player can have a dedicated kiting spot undisturbed].


Rules: Old's Cool or Full Power.


Map: [For Full Power, open all ritual areas. For Old's Cool, open only Nero's for map flow (open Anvil if BK desired)].


>Waterfront: Open Junction/WF 1000 point Door. Drop Steps. Open 1250 point Fuse Door. Open Rift. (Do not open 1000 point Barriers. Do not open 1250 point Pod-steps Doors).


>Subway: Only the WF Rift and Junction Door open. (Do not open FL nor Canal Rifts). [PaP open in Full Power Mode].


>Footlight: Open Junction/FL 1000 point Door. Drop Steps. Open 1250 point Door by Kuda (above Perk). Open 1000 point Barrier. (Do not open CP Switch 1250 point Door. Do not open Rift).


>Canal: Open Junction/Canal 1000 point Door. Drop Steps. Open Fuse 1250 point Doors. (Do not open 1000 point Barriers. Do not open Rift).


Happy gaming! 

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Clarity of play. Typos. Additions.
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See Quick Start OC Map below (☆☆☆).


I thought that I was done. Again. 


The design of SoE allows for literally thousands of slightly different survival map variations. I could never even think of each incarnation as there is simply too many variables and build options, but I really tried to touch on a bunch of builds; from small Old's Cool maps to convoluted Pro maps, showcasing the genius of SoE's design.

In the past week alone, I've filled another post to the brim with map builds, and added to previous posts.


Then I thought that I was done. Again.


But here I am with a very special build.


The exact reason that I made this thread was to bring some quick play map options to the marathon map that is SoE. Pro maps were just an extra feature to flesh out the thread.


So, I've saved the best for last, perhaps. The fastest map ever in zombies. Forgive the preamble, but I'm just too verbose for my own good.





What if Treyarch made a survival map for quick games in BO3; a map that had Power on, 5 Perk options, 2+ large kiting areas, a shotgun, rifle, and a couple of smg wallbuys, with a 40-round(?) trap, all ready to play on round 1?


What if it had 4 zombie types, random digs for Power Ups or guns, and GobbleGum?


What if you might be able to trade Juggernog for a box location and a different perk? Or maybe get a box and Juggernog?


And what if that map had 6 builds that were possible?


What if...?


But that would never happen, would it? 



☆☆☆ OC Map build: "The Fastest Zombies in the West".


There are 6 variations (3 maps, each with Loop option), the map is complete and playable on round 1, for fast action Old's Cool games. 


[I've come full circle, these are essentially Post 1 Map: "Easy Street Extension" maps, with Subway added and Loop option. (Easy Street Extension Plus" and "ESEP + Loop)].




Strict Old's Cool (Posts 1 and 8). [You don't have to check the OC Rules as the map design won't allow anything illegal except Perks, which are allowed in this build].


All Perks available within the map parameters are allowed.




Options: [Pick 1 Junction-District 1000 point Door to open (Choose either the Juggernog, Speed Cola, or Double Tap Perk District, or pick the District with ?Box). Then, decide if you want to open the Junction/Subway steps to complete a loop or not].


[Solo, 3-Beast description follows. This description will work well enough for 3 and 4 players also].


[For 2, 3, or 4 players, have P1 open the Junction 500 point Door. 

P2 hits Chang's for +500, then opens the District for 1000].


[For 2+ Players: P1 can Beast (District Perk, Steps, and) Rift Door while P2 may be able to hold X immediately after to open the Rift to allow Beast through to Subway. How effective this is depends on the District. You may need the second round to power everything with 2 players].


>Open Junction 500 point Door (hit Chang's for +500). Use Beast on Quick Revive, Loading Dock (room with Power Up), and Nero's Steps.


(Stab 5 zombies for points).


>From Junction, open the chosen District's 1000 point Door. Use Beast to drop Steps, power Perk Machine, and open the Rift to Subway.


>Enter Rift to Subway: Use Beast to power Mule Kick, Widow's Wine, open Door to Junction, power Stamin-up. (If you want the Junction/Subway Door closed, either power Stamin-Up up on Beast 1 if you can, or else Beast it on on round 2).


[That's it, the busywork is usually done on round 1. Just play; You, perks, zombies, guns, and a trap].


Perks: Mule Kick, Stamin-Up, Widow's Wine, Quick Revive, and your choice of Juggernog, Speed Cola, or Double Tap 2. (You can go Jugg+QR, one or the other, or semi-NDU style with neither).


Guns: RK5, Shieva, L-CAR-9, KRM-262, and Vesper as the default wallbuys in each version, with FL (Vesper, Kuda), WF (Kuda), or Canal (VMP, Kuda) options. May have ?Box Location. Pods may give guns.


FL and WF offer a Trap path, and Canal offers the Fancy Grind Arches camp spot, and the canal raceway with Trap to train in. There is training in Junction and Subway, with a loop option available.


No Sword, no Shield, no PaP, no Apothicon Servant, no busywork.


Box will likely leave if you have one (though it may go to Subway and be accessible).


GobbleGum can be simple Classic effects, crappy Megas, or game changers like Wall Power, Perkaholic, Immolation Liquidation, or just basic Power Up drops to feel old school. Adjust to taste.


OC Map: "83457's Fast Map Extension"



Strict Old's Cool Mode.

All accessible Perks allowed.


Map build:

Choose 2 Districts [I choose Juggernog and DT2 Districts usually]. Open those Districts and their Rifts, making a loop. .


[Stamin-Up, Juggernog, Double Tap 2, Mule Kick are my usual Perks for that old school feel]. 


Utilize training spots, or run loop with Traps.


Regarding Traps; These are almost completely pointless in SoE, as there is no need to use them with all of the power available. They used to work through round 42, now they don't even last that long. However, they are actually useful in Old's Cool Mode, so here's a couple of OC Maps dedicated to Trap use.


OC Maps: Trap Maps:



Strict Old's Cool.

Apothicon Servant Banned.

All Perks allowed.

[Best with Double Tap 2 or Juggernog available in the small builds. Also consider the Box location in your choice of District to use].


Trap Map builds: 


1. Waterfront; From "Fastest Maps..." above, or "Easy Street Extension Plus" (Post 1);


Open WF 1000 point door from Junction, Drop Steps, Open Rift, activate perks.


Description: Gather in Junction, run through trap, gather in Subway, run through trap as needed. 5 Perks available. Possible Box.


2. Footlight; "Der Verrückt Riese 2.2" Build option (Post 1);


Open Footlight 1000 point door from Junction, drop steps, open 1250 CP Switch Door. (Optionally open Rift, or use Tram for additional perks).


Description: Gather in Junction, or by Black Lace, run through trap as needed. Up to 7 perks with Tram and Subway options. Possible Box.


3. Canals; Canals, by itself, is a Trap Map. You just need to get there, so here are a couple of builds:


3a. Canal "Easy Street Extension Plus" build (Post 1), or "Fastest Map" build.


Open Canals 1000 point door from Junction, drop steps, open Rift (for perks and U-turn options). 5 perk options. Possible Box.


Description: Run Junction to Canal and back through trap, or just run Canals through trap, or use Junction and Subway to make a U-turn and head back through the trap. 5 perks. 


3b. Canal "Homeboy Plus" build (Post 1, 4);


Take Tram to Canal, Open 1250 RR doors. Open Fuse area to Perk area. Open Rift.


Description: Grab perks on way, plus 3 choices in map build. Gather at workbench, gather in Subway, run through trap. Possible Shield option. Possible Box, or Box on way option.


4. Subway/PaP Trap: could be "Hell" map, or "Gate to the underworld" [w/Canal for 2 trap map] map, or just play in Subway/PaP with any map build.


For this, you need to do the 4 rituals and open the PaP wall. Do not do the PaP ritual (or Restrict PaP; no alternate ammo). It's a little bit of set up work, but the trap is well placed, and you have a PaP option.



No Sword.

Build shield.

Restricted PaP allowed on Round 20 (No alternate ammo)].


Description: Gather by PaP altar, run through trap, gather in Subway, run through trap.


(Again with the italics and missing edits?)


I'm done. Again. I think. 

Edited by 83457
Clarity. More.
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