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You can only hold 1 worm at a time, per player in coop.


So 2 players will need to take a worm each to the PAP room and place them before being able to return and pick up the other 2.

You will need to complete each ritual before being able to access the PAP room however.

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On 11/19/2015, 8:23:16, lennieman15 said:

do anyone knows how it could be that if i do SOE for 2 player that we can both pick up one of the worms from the rituals.

that way we can't acces the pack and punch room.

someone here that can help me?

That's some terrible grammar, but i speak gibberish so I think i know what you may be saying.


First, you must do each ritual. When all 4 are done, go to the pap room and when you walk up to the wall, it will go away, revealing the pap room (all 5 symbols will be lit).


Then, each of you can drop a worm in the appropriate places, and then go back for the other 2 worms as you can only carry 1 each. 


Once all 4 worms are in place, set the key-ball on the altar and kite the critters until done. Watch out for triple-eyes!


Then you can pap.


Edit: i swear there was no response when i responded, sorry chopper! I'm apparently blind.

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