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Something pretty big you might have missed


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So I was getting my Z camos on The Giant just now and was on my way back from L-CAR 9 wallspot to catwalk, guess what I saw. 




The good old 935 logo? No, look again. Yep, they changed it. The hand is not a lightning anymore, it looks more akin to a mushroom cloud leg. Many of you might just throw this off as a "But it's just a Black ops 3 remake, they just put the 3 in there". But I assure you, 3arch knows their shit (altho they love trolling too, but lets not talk about that right now) and they would not change something like this if they already had a good one without a reason. 


Same wall in WaW and Bo1 respectively




Just to prove my point, here is the old one from Black ops 1, has the lightnings alright.




What do we get from this? We are definitely mixing the universe up real good. I'm eagerly waiting for the comeback of Group 601. 3arch plz.


Also, does that look kinda familiar somehow?




(and just so you know, I know Black ops 1 loading screen has only two pillars, but I put that in expense of the the comic book style)




EDIT: Fun little fact following the moment I realized this, L-CAR 9 PaP'd is called Flux Collider 935

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I do really wonder if they're going to have a storyline explanation as to why it's changed, but the original lightning was the SS runes, and it appears they have taken the final step towards annihilation of the Nazi association with zombies (no pun was originally intended - lol). 

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8 hours ago, Amantha77 said:

One can have dreams can't they :( Please. Altho you are right

I'm entirely with you. Personally, I wish they hadn't gone all politically correct, but if they must...at least have a damn good excuse for it. We around here are way too into little details to let something like that fly and be cool. 

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